How to Block someone On Facebook – Simple Tips!

How to Block someone On Facebook – Simple Tips!

“If I’m not a Facebook for more than 2 days … call the police”

This random quote posted by some random dude on Facebook shows just how integrated these social media have been in our daily lives. There is a valid reason a to why this happened as well. 

It helps us to connect with our friends and family. This is just scratching the surface if we are talking about the benefits of Facebook as along with this it also helps us to find groups that fit our interests. But that being said, it also opens us to the dangers of the internet – and likewise the sleuth of people using it. A lot of them are nice but there are some that we don’t want to connect with.

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In this case, the first thing that we do is avoid them. But just because we want to avoid them doesn’t mean they want us to avoid them. They can be peeping family members, voyeur neighbors, friends we don’t want to associate with, an ex-relationship, or just some creepy dude on the internet who is bothering you. What do you do in this case? You Block them.

But How do you block someone on Facebook?

Well before you know how to block someone on Facebook, let’s know the why’s.

Why would you want to block someone on Facebook?

How to Block someone On Facebook - Simple Tips!

We have already hinted as to why would you want to block someone on Facebook – to avoid them. But that being said, why would you want to avoid them? Well the people whom we would want to block can be categorized into 4 types

The bad relations

These are those people on Facebook whom you know but don’t have a good relationship with. It can be your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, a friend that you had a fall out with, a family you don’t really like, or just some random internet friend you don’t really like to talk with. You know these people through one way or another and you don’t like them.

Maybe they offend you or are just rude to people or maybe they just don’t vibe with you. Regardless of the reason why you have bad relations with these people, if you don’t want them to find and interact with you, you block someone on Facebook. 

The Surveillance Camera

How to Block someone On Facebook - Simple Tips!

There is a meme that says “neighbors in Nepal are better than security cameras”. That is oversimplifying things but it does have some grounds. A lot of us, just like to hover around on Facebook watching how people grow and what they share. 

Depending on circumstances, there are people – mostly our distant family members and neighbors who watch our Facebook just to find some sauce for them to discuss, especially about our posts and relationships

“Hey did you see that “the son of Odin” is in a relationship with someone?”
“Yea and he is just 23. Back in our days, we were afraid to even talk about our feelings”
“Yea let’s tell his mom about it”

Or something like this. We don’t really like this or want this to happen. So to prevent this, we block someone on Facebook – someone like these people.

The Stalkers and Creeps

How to Block someone On Facebook - Simple Tips!

As you already know, there are a lot of creepy people – especially on the internet. Since they are hiding behind a wall of computers, even those who we think are normal average joes can become creeps once they get the protection of the internet. 

We may not notice them at first but given enough time, these people will show up in your friend lists over time. Along with this, some people just are creepy. They share creepy things, they talk creepily and whenever you interact with them on Facebook, they give you the hibijeebies.

On top of these, there are the online stalkers – those who don’t talk, don’t like but watch your every social move. They may be harmless people who are just too shy to start a conversation with you but may also be people who want to harm you. 

You block someone like these people on Facebook. It’s not the safest option nor the best option for your mental health if you block someone on Facebook who doesn’t fit your taste.

Chainmail Forewarders

How to Block someone On Facebook - Simple Tips!

These are admittedly the people who do the least amount of harm to you and cause the least amount of discomfort to you. But man they can be annoying. If you still don’t know who we are referring to – it’s the excessive chainmail forwarders. 

They don’t mean any harm nor can cause any harm – all they do is share chainmail every 30 seconds and fill up your inbox with nothing but the weird and freaky chainmail. You won’t encounter these people if you are just into news and other serious businesses but now and then they can be found in their natural habitat – the satire and conspiracy theory groups.

Although these people mean no harm, they can cause you to miss out on the posts of your friends and even some of the news. They can be entertaining at times but when your wall gets filled with posts you don’t really want to see there will be no other option but to block someone on Facebook. 

How do you block someone on Facebook?

How to Block someone On Facebook - Simple Tips!

Now that you know what type of people are normally blocked on Facebook, let’s get to know “how do you block someone on Facebook?”. The process is really simple and easy to remember. We do however have to clear a small misunderstanding that most people have. You don’t have to be friends with someone to block them. As long as you can find their profile, they can be blocked. 

You see sometimes unfriending someone is not enough to be safe from their influence – especially if both of you share common groups. So let’s see the steps for blocking them.

  • Find the person you want to block
  • Open their profile
  • Click on Option Button on the upper right corner of the profile ( the one with … Button)
  • Click on the block button
  • Click on the confirm button

You will be notified that the said person won’t be able to:

  • See your posts on your timeline
  • Tag you
  • Invite you to events or groups
  • Message you
  • Add you as a friend
  • If you’re friends, blocking …. will also unfriend him.
  • If you just want to limit what you share with …. or see less of him on Facebook, you can take a break from him instead.

It’s that easy to get rid of someone on Facebook – at least for the majority of the parts. See the thing is, if someone wants to check up on you, they can easily make another account to keep tabs on you.

Before we go,

How to Block someone On Facebook - Simple Tips!

Sometimes people don’t want to associate with us even if we have done nothing wrong. Maybe you proposed someone who is in a relationship or a friend’s family doesn’t like you and made him/her block. The reasons may vary and there are a lot of loopholes in there. The point is, blocking someone on Facebook is not the most secure option to get rid of someone even if it is a good one.

That being said, for most cases, it is a rather good solution and as long as the person is not a total creep, they will understand your intention. 

So How many people do you have on your blocked list? 

Hope this was helpful for you and as always, thank you for reading till the end. Do let us know your response in the comments down below.

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