How Do you Delete Your Instagram Account?

How Do you Delete Your Instagram Account?

Have you ever contemplated disappearing from all social media and just being a social hermit for a few days?

It is likely that you have felt like deleting your social media accounts and going offline if you have ever thought this way. As you consider this, you might consider deleting your Instagram and Facebook accounts and stepping away from social media. But that hat would be taking things too far and it would be unwise. 

Because eventually, you might want to come back, and if you have deleted your Instagram and Facebook account, creating a new account and starting over will be a hassle. Now, my personal question- While you might want to leave Facebook forever, why Instagram? Nobody can see what you post or do without your permission

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It’s even possible to be invisible if you just heart stuff and do nothing else. 

Why even bother deleting your Instagram account? Nevertheless, if you still feel the urge, why not disable your account? It’s temporary and you will get your much-needed break.

How Do you Delete Your Instagram Account?

How to Disable your Instagram Account?

Even though disabling and deleting your Instagram account may seem similar, they are actually quite different. Disabling your account means it will be temporarily suspended while deleting it means it will be permanently removed. So, for those of you who are looking for a short break, this would be a good option. 

To disable your Instagram account all you have to do is

  • Open Instagram from a desktop or Laptop
  • Go to your profile
  • Click on Edit Profile
  • Click on “Temporarily Disable my Account”

At this point, you will be asked to select your reason for disabling your account. 

  • Select your reason
  • Enter your Instagram password
  • Select Temporarily Disable Account

Click here to delete your Instagram account temporarily.

Once this is completed, you will be able to deactivate Instagram. It will not appear on anyone’s search bar until you activate it back.

How Do you Delete Your Instagram Account?

Note that Instagram accounts can only be disabled once a week, and it is not possible to do this from the app. You will need to disable it through your browser login. 

How do you delete your Instagram Account?

Even though disabling an Instagram account is an option, what if we want to delete it permanently instead? It might hold memories we no longer wish to recall or contain people we do not wish to be associated with. No matter why you decide to delete your Instagram account, here are the steps you must take:

  • Open your Instagram from a browser 
  • Go to your profile
  • Click on Edit Profile
  • Click on “Temporarily Disable my Account”

It is at this point where the difference between permanently deleting your account and temporarily deleting it comes into play.

  • Replace the “temporary” at the end with “permanent” in the URL section
  • Select your reasons for deleting your Instagram account
  • Click on Delete

Click here to delete your Instagram account permanently.

By doing this, you will be logged out of Instagram and returned to the home screen.

How Do you Delete Your Instagram Account?

Note that once you delete your account if one day you decide to start using it again you will have to begin from scratch.

However, after all these discussions a question arises.

Why would you delete your Instagram account?

There is no simple answer to this question. There are a number of reasons why people delete their Instagram accounts. There will be some who find it difficult to deal with their followers or others who will be troubled by memories associated with their account. Many people do this simply to gain attention or to delete their accounts and start over. 

Here are a few reasons that pop up more often than others when we ask this question

Creeps and Pervs

As you might expect, the majority of people who use this reason to stop using Instagram and delete it are women. Although males occasionally attract such stalkers, the chances are small on average.

The internet is full of creepy people. In a similar way to how we discussed finding weird people on Facebook, there are also creeps and perverts on Instagram. Stalkers stalk people and send them random messages with indecent images or vulgar words. 

Ex relationships

When we say ex relationships we don’t just mean romantic relationships, but every broken one. It can be a broken friendship, a broken family, or a broken brotherhood.
When this happens a lot of people including Me and You delete Instagram Account.

One or two of them may not matter much but when your Instagram is filled with images and videos from those broken relationships, Instagram becomes nothing but a prison of Nostalgia and broken memories that gives you more pain than pleasure. 

Loss of interest 

This is not necessarily a reason to quit Instagram, but when the same images appear in the news feed and it gets boring, people tend to discard it. 

What do you do if you grow bored of seeing the same images over and over again on Instagram? There is a good chance you’ll get bored seeing the same thing on Instagram unless you follow a bunch of people close to you. 

Lack of time

Although, for some, this may be a temporary change, for others it sometimes remains permanent. As a result, many people wind up deleting their Instagram accounts. 

Instagram is a great way to catch up with your favorite people and stay up to date with your preferred celebrities. But it is difficult to have time to check social media like Instagram when you are busy with something else, such as a job and family. 

Among the most common reasons for deleting an Instagram account, these four can usually be mentioned. In that regard, every individual has their own reasons for quitting Instagram.

How Do you Delete Your Instagram Account?


People delete their Instagram accounts for all kinds of reasons, some of them quite dark. For instance, they delete Instagram in an effort to avoid creeps and nostalgic memories of the dark past. I would like to say, however, that everything has its good and bad sides, and that social media should be viewed as something to be enjoyed. You can choose to use them extensively or not at all nobody’s opinion except your own matters.

Hope you found this helpful. If you have any suggestions, do let us know in the comments down below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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