I Lost My Nepali Citizenship, How Do I Make A New One?

I Lost My Nepali Citizenship, How Do I Make A New One?

Well, it is not like we can know where we put our citizenship all the time, and losing citizenship is not something new or rare at all. It can be said that the rate of people losing their citizenship has decreased a lot ever since the digital age came.

One of the main reasons being that we don’t have to take our original citizenship a lot. As we all know, most of the formal procedures can be done with just a photocopy of citizenship. In this digital age, all one has to do is, scan the original citizenship, and make a soft copy. Keeping that soft copy with you all the time is easy and all you have to do is to print that and you can have a new photocopy of citizenship whenever you want.

Despite this people still lose their citizenship and it can’t be helped. Well, we have a few tips for you on how to make a new one. Just follow these tips step by step:

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Step 1: File a Complaint.


With every major identity card, the first thing you do after losing it is to file a complaint to the police. This is more to lessen the crime rate which is caused by Identity fraud. As your citizenship is literally the central part of all the documents, anyone with good enough skills can easily make you go broke. They can commit crimes in your name. They can do virtually anything related to you so file a complaint. This will block all of your transactions both in real life and on the electronic mediums. You still will be able to do hand to cash transactions but that will be all that you can do. This is inconvenient but still better than being framed for something you did not do. Or worse, losing all of your money and property. 

Step 2: Contact Your Local Governmental Body

After you have filed a complaint you have to go to your VDCor any Municipality head office to fill a form for the lost citizenship. You have to take the receipt that you get after filing a complaint of the lost citizenship there as well. The form will cost Rs. 100. Fill your information and then proceed to gather the documents that are required to reissue your citizenship. The VDC/Municipality head will write a letter to the District Head Office verifying your claim of lost citizenship.

Step 3: Gather the Documents. 


Since the lost item is your citizenship, the base documents are less. All you have to gather is the photocopy of your original citizenship and the recommendation letter. If you do not have a photocopy of your original citizenship or if it is badly damaged you will have to collect more documents. The documents you will need in this case are your PAN card, license if you have any, your birth certificate and 4 passport-sized photos, and 4 auto-sized photos.

Step 4: Go to the District Administration Office

Now after you have all the documents that are needed, head to the District Administration Office. There go to the reception and show both your complaint file as well as your recommendation letter. You will be asked to go to a counter and stand in a line. After that, the person in charge will ask you for the recommendation letter as well as the complaint filed. You will be asked to wait for a while till he verifies the content which will take a few moments. Once both the complaint file and recommendation letter has been verified, you will be asked to wait for a while.


This is similar to how you make your original citizenship and you will follow the same procedure. The only difference is that you won’t necessarily need your parents as long as you are old enough. The person then will make final verifications and make you sign as well as give your fingerprint as well. Then he will stick your photos and give it an official stamp.

The whole process takes around half a day but is sure to make the whole day free because there can be a long queue. 

Step 5: Unfreeze and Update Your Accounts

Unlike the loss of your card which only freezes your account temporarily and will be unfrozen once you notify the respective organizations, you will have to refill the forms in any financial organizations manually to update your citizenship number and unfreeze them. Now, this can take a while so be sure to prioritize which ones to unfreeze first. 

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