First Cable Car In Pokhara Starts Operating In February 17

First Cable Car In Pokhara Starts Operating In February 17

The  Annapurna cable car that connects Phewa lake and Sarang Kot is going to be finally in operation in after years. The construction of this cable car started in 2017 and is now finally completed. It will be in operation after 5 years. It is one of the first cable services in Pokhara. It was supposed to start operating in the new year but got delayed due to technical problems. But since everything is coming back to normal it will start its service from February 18.

Annapurna Cable Car

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Phewa lake and Sarang Kot are the most famous tourist attractions in Pokhara. So by connecting these two places it is one of the best things that could ever happen. It will increase more tourists in the places. Normally it takes 30 minutes to travel on vehicle from Phewa lake to Sarang Kot but with a cable car, you can get there in 8 minutes. It is an easier, faster, and more convenient means of transportation.

People can enjoy the beautiful scenery of lakes, mountains, and the green forest of pokharas at the same time while traveling. With this cable car, you can enjoy the Phewa lake, Himalayan views of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Manaslu, and also the view of the Pokhara city in a short period of time. Different restaurants, gardens, and parks are built there for you to enjoy. 

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First Cable Car In Pokhara Starts Operating In February 17

You can travel by cable car by paying 700 per person for a local tourist and 800 for tourists from SAARC countries. Other foreign tourists are supposed to pay 9$ per person. There is a special discount for students and elderly people up to 25%. It can give service to more than 1500 people in an hour. There are 18 gondolas right now but it can be increased up to 36 later on. 17 of them are for the people and one is for the luggage of people.


First Cable Car In Pokhara Starts Operating In February 17

Annapurna cable car will contribute to tourism in Pokhara. Phewa lake and Sarang Kot are the famous tourist attraction of Nepal. This cable car will make it more convenient for tourists to visit these places easily. So are you going to visit Annapurna cable car?

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