DIY Rakhi – 3 Simple and Easy Hacks!

DIY Rakhi – 3 Simple and Easy Hacks!

“Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.”

– Vietnamese Proverb

Yes, brothers and sisters are indeed as close as hands and feet. While some of them may be annoying and some of them may be total nonsense, we have to admit that they are the closest thing to us after our parents. 

With Raksha Bandhan coming closer, we have a question for all the sisters out there – What Type of Rakhi are you going to give to your brother? 

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Now a lot of you may not have enough finance to buy a fancy rakhi or buy one at all. We understand the budget is tight around this time of the year, especially with the pandemic. But don’t worry as we have a solution for you. Why not give them a handmade Rakhi – Or in the modern language a DIY rakhi?

It will not only save your money but also show your love towards your brother as well. Besides, Raksha Bandhan is not about money, it’s about feelings between brothers and sisters.

So for that, we have 3 simple methods to make an attractive DIY rakhi!

Method 1: DIY Rakhi with Wool

DIY Rakhi - 3 Simple and Easy Hacks!

This is probably one of the simplest methods to make a rakhi out there. All you need are some wool and a few minutes of time. It’s simple, cheap, attractive, and quick to make. All you need are a few strands of wool and some beads.

Materials required

  • Red Wool: 20 CM
  • Yellow Wool: 20 CM
  • Beads: 8 – 10 Pieces
  • Scissors: 1

How to make

Total Time: 10 minutes

– Twist the wools around your fingers for 20 rounds
– Pull it out and tie it at the center
– Cut the ends of Bow
– Spread and Press to form a Flower
– Tie some Beads at the end

Additionally, you can also add some beads near the center if you want to make this rakhi look cooler as well.

Method 2: Handmade Rakhi with Felt

DIY Rakhi - 3 Simple and Easy Hacks!

For those who don’t know what felt is, it is a type of fabric that is commonly used to make clothes and tents. Additionally, a shiny version of felt is also used in gift wrappings as well. You can get a whole roll of them rather cheaply. All you need to do for this DIY rakhi is grab some felt, and stick your design on top of it.

Materials required

  • Your Design (can be made on paper or an oragami): 1 Piece
  • Felt: 10 CM
  • Scissors: 1 Piece
  • Glue: As needed
  • Needle and Thread (optional)

How to make

Total Time: 33 minutes

– Assemble the felt
– Secure Your Design on the center using a glue
You can use sew the design if it is made from clothes or other non-paper materials

So as you can see this DIY Rakhi is even simpler to make. The only issue with this is that felt can be a bit hard to get sometimes.

Method 3: DIY Rakhi Using a Bangle and Threads

DIY Rakhi - 3 Simple and Easy Hacks!

If you want to do some more and make a proper Rakhi, then this is the method for you. While this method is a bit tedious and needs some patience, this is perfect for those who are interested in sewing and handicrafts. You would need to wrap the threads in the bangle and flatten it carefully before decorating them in this method of making a DIY rakhi.

Materials Required

  • Thread: 50 CM
  • Bangle: 1 Piece
  • Ribbon(Optional): 5 CM
  • Buttons and Beads (for Decoration) : As needed

How to make

Total Time: 20 minutes

– Take a thread
– Tie it with the bangle
– Start wrapping it till the thread covers one-quarter of the bangle
– Tie it at the center
– At the border of the bangle cut all the loop of threads
– Flatten it on both sides
– Paste a Ribbon or a thread from the back of Rakhi
– Decorate it with beads a

As you can see this method is a bit more complex than the ones before but it does look a bit more professional as well. You will need some patience to make this DIY rakhi but at the end of the day, it will be worth it.


DIY Rakhi - 3 Simple and Easy Hacks!

In the end, it doesn’t matter which method you use for your DIY rakhi. It is all about the availability of resources and your will to make one. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is after all, about the feeling of love and security between brothers and sisters – not about what type of Rakhi they use.

Hope you found this helpful. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know then down in the comments. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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