Dhido Delight – 5 Ultimate Culinary Guide

Dhido Delight – 5 Ultimate Culinary Guide

Dhido, A dish that has been in the hearts of our country for a long- long time. The food item signifies a full stomach of a meal. The farming where the crops were cultivated and where it plowed the field to cultivate more of it. It all has a history that brought Dhido to the people, through the long and winding time. 

Now, the modern Dhido has been a culinary revolution. People cook this food, for the nutrients that they need and for that taste of history. 

Dhido final result

How to cook Dhido? 

We are proud that it carried its legacy all the way to the modern world. People eat Dhido as a luxury for a different taste to their normality. Dhido took the history of classical meals to the lifestyle. Just easy to get and make it a good meal.

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Cooking dhido is a simple process of boiling water with Flour and stirring it for the whole process. Simply, the heavy pot of water and a packet of flour does the magic.

Ingredients Required for Dhido

Dhido Ingredients
  • 300 ml water
  • 100 gm of Flour. You can choose Buckwheat(Phaphar), Millet (Kodo), or Corn (Makai). Corn Flour is best for modern cuisine.
  • 20ml ghee or butter
  • ½ tablespoon of Salt (If you want it).
Dhido cooking process

Total Time: 30 minutes

Step 1 Pot and Ghee

Dhido cooking

Put a pot on the Gas stove. Melt some ghee and layer it all around the pan to avoid sticking of Dhido. 

Step 2 Boil the Water

Dhido Delight - 5 Ultimate Culinary Guide

Pour a liter of water and a pinch of Flour with salt. Cover the Pot and let the water boil properly.

Step 3 Flour and Stir

dhido at its best

After the water boils to its max, add 2 Spatula of flour and stir.
A key point of success: You should not stop stirring the MIxture until it is cooked, for the best-needed texture.

Step 4 Thick at its best

Dhido nake thick

After it takes some thickness, add some more of the flour and repeat the process again. Keep up with it until the Dhido is cooked thick. It takes about 20 minutes.

Step 5 Covered and then Served

Dhido Delight - 5 Ultimate Culinary Guide

Then cover the pan for at least 5 minutes to give it the heat that it needs to cook.

After it is cooked. It is best to serve it while it hot. Don’t let it settle down.

Before You End This Article

Served with Dhido

The served Dhido is presented with a Curry, Meat, and some vegetables. Quality and presentation help with the hunger.

Now, to the art of eating: Eat it, while it is hot. Make a ball of it with your hand and dip it into your favored side dish and tip it inside your mouth.

Rest, just savor the taste as you dive into the wonderland.

Youtube: Cooking Video

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