5 free tips on becoming a Vegetarian

5 free tips on becoming a Vegetarian

It’s been three years since I made the decision to become a vegetarian. From all the changes in habits that I consciously took for myself, this is unquestionably one of my biggest and most successful transitions so far. The short-term benefits, for instance, the improvised energy levels and mental intelligibility kept me motivated to continue what I took over. Besides that, my knowledge of the long-term benefits which I got from massive research, be it articles or books, also assisted me to hold onto my commitment.

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Overall, I consider this major switch in my life to be the most victorious and beneficial achievement today. As of now, I never get a craving for wanting to eat meat or any kinds of foods consisting of meat. Considering the things I have mentioned, eliminating the whole range of foods from your diet might sound a bit daunting to a carnivore. Thereby, I will point out the key habits I undertook that worked for me. 

1. Determination to be a vegetarian

The first and foremost tip I suggest is to have a strong determination to accept as well as manage the change. If you want to become a vegetarian then having robust willpower is a must. Without this, you will not be able to continue further. Determination works as fuel for moving forward. Just like a car needs diesel to operate, our mind needs fuel (determination) to keep up the work.

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5 free tips on becoming a Vegetarian

This particular trick is the key to my successful transformation to a vegetarian life. I had whatever it took to be a non-meat eater and I was ready to encounter any hurdles that could come my way. This is the exact mindset that you should carry within yourself. It is applicable not only in this case but also in any major changes in life that you wish to carry. 

2. Find Solid Reasons to be a Vegetarian

You need to have a reason, a cause to be meatless. Speaking for myself, I had hardships with an eating disorder. I am sure there is no need to tell what an eating disorder is. We are all familiar with it. I basically needed a bodily and mental cleanse. Having been struck with so many things together and buried with it, I suddenly felt that I should probably change myself now. So, from that day on I never regretted that decision and I am asserting the benefits from it till now. I am sure I will rejoice each and every moment in days to come. 

5 free tips on becoming a Vegetarian

Thus, what I am trying to say is that I had this brawny purpose. What’s yours in order to make it a reality? With the right set of reasons for your decisions, comes a powerful drive. 

3. Choice is Yours 

Either you choose to be a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, the choice is yours. Men such as Ben Franklin, Leonardo DaVinci, and former Mr. Olympia Bill Pearl were vegetarians. Your identity reflects the way you eat, what you eat and how you eat. Your specific dietary choice is similar to the type of shoes you wear or the kind of job you have. It means that your diet choice is as basic as other commodities you select for your needs. 

5 free tips on becoming a Vegetarian

If you choose to be a meat-eater and maintain a healthy lifestyle then that’s perfect. Moreover, if you want to become a veggie and be in good health then that’s an ideal decision too. There is a famous Nepali proverb; “My life my choice” which is true at its best. Ultimately, the choice is yours what you want to put into your body and accept its significance and consequence along with it. 

4. Be ready for the contingencies 

Sustaining a vegetarian diet is complex on its own when it comes to eating out. Having fewer food choices compared to non-vegetarian dishes is quite frustrating which can make your dietary choices more restrictive. The most comfortable zone where you have full control over your food choices is at your home. There you can prepare whatever you like and eat in your own authentic self. 

5 free tips on becoming a Vegetarian

There have been few situations where I had to starve myself from hunger because there were not any vegetarian substitutes available. The maximal amount of time you will be facing this so, be ready for it. As it is scientifically proven that “Mindset is Everything”. The first step to do this is to again have a mentality that even in the bad break you will persevere.

5. Start slow 

What do I mean by starting slow? I mean that by having deliberate moves to transform into a vegetarian, you will have steady progress which will not affect your body negatively. I have seen in many cases that people will suddenly stop eating meat and cease their bodies from having meat. As an effect, their body will experience an instant deficiency in nutrition levels resulting in drawbacks on physical and mental aspects as a whole. 


In my suitcase, I first stopped eating red meat then I left all the meat items and was only sustaining on fish and egg diet. Eventually, after some months I totally shifted to a purely vegetarian lifestyle, quitting every possible thing I could. From then on I realized stepping up the ladder slowly and gently to become a vegetarian helped me a lot. That being the case I suggest all of you or whoever reading this to follow this same easy, convenient, tortoise-like steps.


On an ending note, I would like to say that nothing is impossible unless you have the desire to accomplish what you want to achieve and be in your life. This diversion in your life of wanting to be a vegetarian is quite an attempt from which you will get to learn so many things.

Thereupon, If you have that endeavor, determination, purpose, and intention to do it and to make it possible, my last words for you would be, “Go for It”.

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