Change Your WiFi Password In 5 Reliable Steps!

Change Your WiFi Password In 5 Reliable Steps!

Relationships are like Wifi –  strong when connected weak if locked in passwords.

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But what if the relationship is broken and you want to change the password of your heart’s wifi? Well from what people have experienced, it is really hard to move on from people once you love them deeply. Regardless of how much you try, then you won’t be able to change the password of your heart’s wifi for them. But you can however change the password of your wifi rather easily.

In day and age, there are only a few people who don’t know what Wifi is. Wifi. Whether it is through your own wifi or someone else’s, a lot of you probably are reading this through one. However, do you really know what Wifi is? Because if you want to change your WiFi password, it is a good idea to have some basic concept of wifi so that you can secure it better.

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What Is WiFi?

Tips on "How to Change your WiFi password"!

In the simplest of terms, WiFi is a network that allows your devices to go online without the need for wires. This allows you to access the internet from anywhere as long as it is within the range of the WiFi field. 

This not only frees you from the bind of having to stay at one place to access the internet but also allows multiple devices to connect to one single Router from anywhere within the WiFi range. 

While these features are the best selling points of Wifi, it also brings out a weakness of WiFi- anyone can access your WiFi and increase your data consumption as long as they are within the range. However, people who developed the WiFi already knew that this would be an issue so they also enabled the WiFi networks to have a password. 

Why Should You Have A Password On WiFi?

Tips on "How to Change your WiFi password"!

Having a password in your WiFi network prevents random people from accessing it. But that being said, you can choose to make your WiFi an open Network. It’s not like everyone has a password on their wifi. Organizations like Cafe and Temples have open wifi networks as well. 

Now one thing with this is that unless you choose to, wifi generally comes with a preset password. This is good and all but one small issue with this is that the preset passwords are usually something like 


Which is basically a random string of letters and numbers. They are hard to remember and since our devices often lose data which includes your WiFi Password, it is better to change your WiFi password into something that you can remember.

How Do You Change Your WiFi Password?

Tips on "How to Change your WiFi password"!

Now before you change your WiFi password be sure to select a good one. Since the range of your WiFi often goes a bit beyond what you desire, as long as it can be discovered, there will be many people trying to access your WiFi network. 

Be sure to not make your WiFi password an obvious one – like your name or simple pin numbers or even the name of someone close to you. The chances are, some of your neighbors likely know these things and can use them to access your WiFi network. With this being cleared, let’s move on to the Process of Changing Your WiFi password Now.

Step 1: Access Your IP Address

Your IP address is a unique string of characters that is used to identify your computer in a Network through Internet Protocol. While this is usually for a lot of computers, you should check your router as it may differ. This number is usually given at the side or bottom of your router or you may be given this separately.

Open a web browser and insert your IP address into it. 

Step 2: Log into your router

Once you enter the IP address, you will be shown a Log in Screen. There you will have to enter your USer name and Password. While the default Username is “admin” and password is “userAdmin”, oftentimes the Internet Service Provider gives you your own Username and Password to access your IP address.

Step 3: Locate Wireless Security Option

This option is usually located on the top or left side of the page. In case you don’t find “Wireless Security” it will be named as “Wireless”.

Step 4: Insert Your Password

Tips on "How to Change your WiFi password"!

After you click that option, you will be shown a lot of options. Ignore them and find the “WiFi Password (security Key)” option. Once you find that, enter the password you want your WiFi to have.

The best passwords are long and are a mix of letters and numbers along with some characters as well. But these are rather hard to remember. In this case, just keep a password that is an uncommon one with a few characters. The password still needs to be of a certain length to be accepted though.

Step 5: Save your password

Once you have typed your password click on the “Save” button.

When you complete all of these steps, the password will be changed. Now on this page, you will see options like WiFi Network Name as well. If you want to change your WiFi name, you can do so. While this is not a compulsory option, it will make your WiFi unique and easy to remember, This is helpful if there are WiFi’s that have similar names to your default Network name around you. 

Before We Go,

Tips on "How to Change your WiFi password"!

The point of this article is “Have a password that is easy to remember for you and hard for others” and “Know how to change the password”. 

The process is a simple one as all you need to do is know the IP address and its Username along with Password. Once you know this, all you have to do is log in and change the password. 

Hope that this was helpful for you. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us known them in the comments down below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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