Business Ideas that you can start with just 1 Lakh Rupees

Business Ideas that you can start with just 1 Lakh Rupees

Let’s admit it; some of us don’t want to be in a 9 to 5 job or don’t enjoy working for people. Maybe owning something of our own is what we want to do. But looking for investors can be a hassle, and not all of us have enough money for something big. So, here we have brought 7 business ideas you can start with under 1lakh rupees:

1. E-Commerce Store

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With the world getting digitised, people have preferred E-commerce sites over shopping malls. Every sector has got digitised with finance, banking, food & beverage and even shops. You can start by selling something small like Books, that how amazon had started. Then you can add products and upscale the business.

2. Food Stall

In Nepal, the Food Stall business is getting popular. You would have to use the significant investment in getting a stall and personalise it according to your needs. It could cost some workforce to renovate and decorate the stall, and setting up equipment could be easy. Then Voila, your food stall is ready for business. If you can stand out and bring your A-game out, then you could reach massive heights and expand into a restaurant or expand the branches.

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3. Event Management

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Event Management business has been popping in Nepal. In the present context, Event management business has a huge scope in Nepal with many people hosting events and parties for different occasions. You could start this business with probably very less money by renting the equipment and coming with great ideas that can be profitable. In the long run you could get your equipments and fancy office, but let’s save that for later.

4. Delivery Services

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Delivery Service is a business you could provide with very less investment if you already own a means of transport. Or if you don’t worry, you could hire people to deliver for you. But first, you need to focus on your branding and build a strong website and social media handles as the world has digitised to a much larger extent.

5. Organic Fruits/ Vegetable Shop

People have been inclined towards organic and natural stuff. The demand for organic products are much higher, and with the ongoing pandemic, the health concerns among people are also huge. To start an Organic Fruit/Vegetable Shop, you can rent a store and start selling there. Also, what I would suggest you do for this business is to open a website and also sell online, which will give you more sales in a comparatively small period.

Business Ideas that you can start with just 1 Lakh Rupees

6. Real Estate Agency

A Real-Estate business is common in Nepal. There are many real-estate brokers compared to the agencies available. The number of brokers to the ratio of agencies available will make this business scalable. The need for real-estate among people shall also always be there If you’re someone with knowledge about real-estate and you feel you have what it takes to be among the best, then you should start an agency. For an agency, you need little investment and start with renting an office and hiring some brokers and then start it from there.

Real Estate

7. Home-Based Bakery

Suppose you’re someone who loves baking or has someone who can bake properly. Then you could start a home-based bakery business. Here you need minimal investment to kick-start your business. You could start a business doing something you love, but make sure you focus on the branding part too. Then just start taking orders and work as a home-based baker. After this business turns profitable, you could turn this into a bakery shop and upscale your business.

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