Booster Dose For Covid-19 In Nepal

Booster Dose For Covid-19 In Nepal

A booster dose is the third dose given to the person after taking the first two doses of the vaccine. The main point of this vaccine is to give you extra protection. It’s not that the first two doses of the vaccine are not working properly. The vaccine is working properly, it is giving you the protection you need. but you might be thinking why do you need the booster dose when the vaccines are working perfectly. So now let’s answer your question.

Why Booster dose is needed?

A booster dose is mainly targeted towards the people who have weak immunity systems and who are likely to get covid-19 easily. It is necessary to receive a booster dose for immunocompromised people because the first two vaccines aren’t working as it works in normal, healthy people.

Who can get the covid-19 booster dose?

frontline workers getting booster dose

Since the covid-19 cases have been increasing in Nepal with its new variant government of Nepal has started providing booster dose from January 16 to the frontline workers and all the senior citizens above 60.

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Frontline workers include all the doctors, nurses, Parademics, lab technicians, hospital staff, and ambulance drivers as they are at the most risk to get covid-19. Senior citizens are likely to get covid-19 as their immunity is weak they are prioritized to get a third dose. Other people who will get third doses are cancer patients, those who have done organ transplants, people suffering from HIV, AND those who are living in medicines as they are most likely to get covid-19 because of their weak immunity power.

Booster Dose For Covid-19 In Nepal

The third dose will also be provided to journalists, bureaucrats, lawmakers, people serving diplomatic missions, financial institutions, prisoners, elderly people at old age homes, and refugees who were vaccinated in the first phase of the immunization campaign.

When to get your booster dose?

To get your booster dose you have to make sure you have gotten both doses of vaccination. And then only after you can get a booster dose after 3 months of your second dose.


Booster Dose For Covid-19 In Nepal

Since covid-19 cases are emerging day by day in Nepal and its new variants you have to make sure you always wash your hands, always keep your sanitizer with you, wear your masks everywhere you go, don’t go out unless it is necessary, be in well- ventilated places, and try not to make gatherings in a crowded place. If you aren’t make sure you are vaccinated as soon as possible so that it will keep you safe as much as possible. Let’s be safe from covid-19 together. Stay at home and stay safe! Hope this blog was helpful to you. Have a good day!

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