10 Best Wedding Gift Ideas: Surprisingly Simple!

10 Best Wedding Gift Ideas: Surprisingly Simple!

Admit it or not, coming up with the best wedding gift ideas is one of the hardest things to do in two cases.

  • When you know the receiver.
  • When you do not know the receiver.

You are very close to the person and you really want to gift them something special but you have run out of ideas. Everything has been already done, right? What to do?

Now, the second question. You do not know the receiver that intimately. So,

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What if s/he doesn’t like my gift?
What if someone has already given the gift I am about to give?

These are some of the frequent worries that we have when it comes to giving gifts. Now while the bride and groom are happily engaged in their wedding, preparing to have a major change in their life, we – the people who attend their wedding become a bit panicked. What are the best wedding gifts for the couple? This is especially the case for Nepal where the attendees are expected to bring some form of gift to the wedding or gift the couple in one way or another.

There is no rule that states that “Those who don’t gift them cannot enter the celebration” but still, it is expected from us. A must-be-fulfilled social norm. Furthermore, if you are someone who is closed to the bride or the groom, you would obviously want to give them a good wedding gift – but the question is, What to gift them?

If you are in this dilemma, then you have come to the right place. Here we have 10 wedding gift ideas for the couple that might just ease your worries.

1) Automobiles

10 Best Gift Ideas for the Wedding: Surprisingly Simple!

This wedding gift is not meant for those who have a tight budget or acquaintances – this gift is meant to be given by those who are close with the couple and can afford to buy an automobile. If you don’t know what an automobile is, they are just transport vehicles- you know, cars and scooters. 

As we said, automobiles are an expensive wedding gift ideas – but a good one since the couple will need a mode of transport because everybody does.

2) Furniture

10 Best Gift Ideas for the Wedding: Surprisingly Simple!

Are they expensive- Yes! But are furniture among the best wedding gift ideas for a couple? Absolutely. 

And the reason is simpler than you think. Once the bride moves in with the groom, there are sure to be some renovations. The previous furniture was there for his single lifestyle after all. So some of the furriners might need to be changed include cupboard, the table and chair and most of all – the bed. A lot of the guys have a single bed that won’t fit in two grown adults after all.

Needless to say, this gift is given by those who are close to the couple or know them well. The good news is that if you are low on budget, you can give furniture as a group gift. 

3) Electronic Appliances

10 Best Gift Ideas for the Wedding: Surprisingly Simple!

This is one of those wedding gift ideas that cannot go wrong – and they cannot have too many of these things. The main reason is the cause, electronic appliances don’t last forever and get damaged over time. So even if the couple has an extra iron or a speaker, they can just store it for later use.

This is a functional wedding gift ideas that is best for anyone as most of the electronic appliances don’t cost much and can be gifted by anyone – even if they don’t know the couple all that well. 

4) Kitchen Utensils

10 Best Gift Ideas for the Wedding: Surprisingly Simple!

Some of you may be wondering – are they valid wedding gift ideas? Yes, they are. With the addition of one family member, the couple will need additional utensils. Even if they already have all the utensils that they need, as with the electronics, these things break with constant use. While the wedding couple may not need it right away, they can just store it and use it when needed.

For those who are confused about what Kitchen Utensils are – they are handheld tools that are used for the preparations of food – like spoons, forks, knives, tongs, and spatulas.

5) Crockery

10 Best Gift Ideas for the Wedding: Surprisingly Simple!

A lot of you may not know what crockery means. If you are among these people, the simple definition of crockery is – items such as plates, bowel, and cups that are made from china clay.

This is one of the best wedding gift ideas. The couples will need this much more than any appliances or utensils- mainly because crockeries are used for eating. Even if they have a full set, having an extra few won’t do them any hard. On top of that, these items are beautiful to look at and are rather fragile. So yes, giving the wedding couple a cup set or a set of beautifully decorated china bowel is indeed a good idea.

The good thing about crockery is that you can find them in any supermarket and they are rather budget-friendly. 

6) Flower Bouquet

10 Best Gift Ideas for the Wedding: Surprisingly Simple!

Who doesn’t love a flower bouquet? They look nice, they smell nice and most of all, they are a symbol of trust, peace, acceptance, and love. Flower bouquets are great wedding gift ideas for they are simple and easily convey your wishes to the bride and groom.

While they are not as functional nor as lasting as the rest of the entries here, they do a better job of sending the wedding couple your sincere than the rest. Besides, if the couple takes care of the flowers enough, it can last a significant amount of time.

Another reason why a flower bouquet is a great wedding gift ideas is that they are cheaper than a lot of the entries. Furthermore, you can customize this bouquet as you want to depend on your budget and needs. 

7) Cash

10 Best Gift Ideas for the Wedding: Surprisingly Simple!

Cash is one of the most underrated wedding gift ideas and a bit hypocritically so. The reason why we say that cash is hypocritically underrated is that it is one of the most used wedding gifts in Nepal. When all else fails. People tend to give cash as a gift at weddings.

It is a bit cringy to gift a marrying couple money but it is a valid one. At the end of the day, this money will be a valuable asset to the couple. Besides, you are not the only one who will be giving this gift.

On a side note, cash is a great wedding gift ideas if you really appreciate the couple/family and want to contribute to them a significant amount while staying anonymous. Just put some money in a few envelopes and give them to the couple without mentioning your name on them. 

8) Gadgets

10 Best Gift Ideas for the Wedding: Surprisingly Simple!

While this is still technically electronics, the use, and intent of gadgets are completely different from the rest. Gadgets are small and advanced mechanical or electronic tools that are meant to do complicated tasks efficiently. So things like vacuum and mixer grinder are not included in this category.

The devices that are included are fairly advanced with the most common example being a laptop and a smartphone. While both the bride and groom may have their own personnel gadgets, it is impossible for them to have everything they need. If they already have a laptop and a smartphone, why not give them a smartwatch or a fit bit?

It’s personalized, smart, and is a good gift idea for a wedding. At the same time, be wary of the budget as well for these smart small machines can easily burn a hole in your pocket.

9) Decors

10 Best Gift Ideas for the Wedding: Surprisingly Simple!

Unless the bride and groom are from some push families, the chances are they won’t have many decors. After all, decors are not the most important part of the house and most of them don’t serve much function other than increasing the aesthetic of a place.

Sure aesthetics are important, but functionality is much more important than just aesthetics. But regardless people still enjoy receiving decors as a gift. You don’t need to gift the bride and groom a sculpture as decor, a simple table lamp or a cute cushion will do.

If you have enough budget, you can indeed gift the wedding couple a statue but for most of us, it is still a good gift idea for a wedding. 

10) Honeymoon tickets

10 Best Gift Ideas for the Wedding: Surprisingly Simple!

If you are someone who is really close with the wedding couple and have enough budget, this is one of the best wedding gift. After the wedding, the couple would naturally want to go on a honeymoon trip, enjoying the sceneries and getting to know each other better.

It’s a break from the tiring wedding and besides, since most of the marriages in Nepal are arranged, the couples will need and want to spend some time together alone. For this, a honeymoon ticket is the best gift they can get.

This can be a bit heavy on the budget though so be wary of the prices while gifting a honeymoon ticket.


10 Best Gift Ideas for the Wedding: Surprisingly Simple!

These are 10 of the best wedding gift. Needless to say, this is not the list of all the gifting ideas. If we are creative enough we can always find something new and interesting. But regardless, these gifting ideas that we have mentioned here are some of the most functional and accessible in Nepal.

Hope you found this helpful. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know them down in the comments section. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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