Best Places for Long Ride Nearby Kathmandu

Best Places for Long Ride Nearby Kathmandu

There has never been a greater combination than man and motorcycle. Nothing beats the experience of cruising through the roads on your favorite two-wheeled companion. In recent years, there has been a huge surge of people wishing to travel and to give meaning to the word ‘Adventure’. Through this blog, we hope to provide you information about places which you call your next travel destination.

1. Kathmandu to Pokhara

Best Places for Long Ride Nearby Kathmandu

Kathmandu to Pokhara is the vintage and renowned riding route in Nepal. The road takes you along the Prithivi highway and covers 200 km. The journey is a combination of serpentine roads and small settlements that dot the lonely roads. This highway provides amazing views of the roaring Trishuli river and the Marshyangdi river. On a clear day, you can even observe the frosty mountains.

However, certain parts of the highway have potholes and some parts are uneven so take caution.

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2. Kathmandu to Chitwan

Best Places for Long Ride Nearby Kathmandu

Yet another ride that lets you appreciate the beauty of hilly Nepal is the Kathmandu to Chitwan ride. Initially, you will cruise in the Prithivi highway and upon arriving at Mugling, you will steer left and join the Narayanghat-Mugling highway. The road is hands down the best road in all of Nepal. This marvelous ride gradually leads you from the hills to the warm Terai plains.

Once you arrive in Chitwan, you will be shocked as to how quickly the ride ended and you’d want to do it all over again.

3. Kathmandu to Tatopani

Tatopani lies near the border of China and it is home to the famous hot springs. Also, it is our destination in Kathmandu to Tatopani ride. The ride follows the Araniko highway that later conjoins the Kathmandu-Kodari highway. The road provides the traveler with a complete package that comprises of paved roads, unpaved roads, cascading waterfalls, and rocky terrain.

Best Places for Long Ride Nearby Kathmandu

In this 115 km journey, you will get to witness quaint settlements and hydropower plants. Navigate through the treacherous road to finally arrive at Tatopani. Here, you can relax with a chilled beer while letting stress leave your body.

4. Kathmandu to Sindhuli

Best Places for Long Ride Nearby Kathmandu

If you want to comprehend what riding in the hills truly feels like, then you should opt for the Kathmandu to Sindhuli ride. This ride takes place in the famous B.P. highway which is renowned for its hairpin curves and state of the art roads. There isn’t any dull moment in this 134 km journey. Breeze along with the picturesque fields, gushing streams, and enjoy the musical hum of your motorbike.

5. Kathmandu to Dolakha

Best Places for Long Ride Nearby Kathmandu

While the above-mentioned rides took place in well-paved roads, the Kathmandu to Dolakha ride, on the contrary, is something else entirely. The ride is initially well-paved but the final stretch of 60 km, is the demarcation line between a good rider and the best one. The road is ongoing construction and is very bumpy.

You’ll have to battle scorching heat, dust clouds, and slight traffic to reach Dolakha. Only the brave can survive this ordeal in a motorbike. The destination is Dolakha where the mighty Lord Bhimsen resides. If you feel the need to level up your riding skills, then this is the place to be.  

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