Best Guide To IELTS Reading 2021

Best Guide To IELTS Reading 2021

IELTS reading is one of the important modules of IELTS. Be it general training or academic IELTS, both comprise of three divisions.

This is to say that General Training has three sections whereas academic IELTS consists of three passages and they contain 40 questions of 1 mark each.
These passages are generally arranged in ascending order of difficulty. The total time allocated for the reading section will be of 1 hour making it strict 20 minutes for each paragraph.

Note: Unlike listening or speaking, the reading test is different for GT and academic IELTS. The passages and questions will be different for both.

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List of IELTS reading question types

  • Sentence completion
  • Summary completion
  • Table completion
  • Flow- chart completion
  • Yes/No/Not Given- True/False/Not Given
  • Match the headings
  • List the headings
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Diagram completion
  • Short Question Answers/ Classifications

Useful tips to improve your IELTS reading score

Before saying anything, you should consider developing the habit of intensive IELTS reading if you want to do really well in it.

  • As it is recommended, work on your SCANNING and SKIMMING skill.
  • Try to infer the summary of entire paragraph rather than going for its word to word literal meaning.
  • Work on your lexical resources. i.e to develop your vocabulary.
  • Develop your reading tempo.
IELTS Reading

  • Make yourself acquainted with different types of reading questions.
  • Practice your difficult question types thoroughly.
  • Follow all the instructions carefully.
  • Be crucial with your timing. Don’t spend more than 2 minutes for 1 question.
  • Don’t panic and create the silly mistakes.
  • As we know reading as the intense skill, imrpove the reading skill to find out the nuances of it because students are more likely to fall on the silly traps.
  • Be sincere with your spelling and grammatical accuracies.
  • Lastly, as there are no negative markings as such, don’t leave any questions unattended.

”A reader lives thousand lives before he dies”

– George R. R. Martin


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