Last time, we did an article on Best free online acting courses. If you are more of an intermediate in acting and don’t have empty pockets, then there are a plethora of other options you are explore. This article is for aspiring actors who wish to hone their acting skills. They courses can help you perform professionally. Most of these are masterclasses offered by established actors so credibility shouldn’t be an issue! But they do cost money so keep that in mind.

Masterclass with Natalie Portman


We all know Natalie Portman, the famous Hollywood actor with a couple oscars on her resume. In this masterclass, Natalie will teach you how to handle feelings of vulnerability and self-consciousness. These are essential to truly shine in the film industry. She will use her own blockbusters Black Swan and Jackie to better inform you about the nuances of performing.

The lessons in this course will also cover working on set, performing on camera, working with directors, playing a real character/historical figure, improvisation, working with the set, props, and camera, green screen acting, advice for actors, active empathy, and much more. This course is suitable for all levels and is quite comprehensive in nature.

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 Udemy: Acting 101 for Adults 


Next on our list is a Udemy course that will give you a great overview of the entire acting process. It includes familiarizing yourself with the acting industry and marketing yourself. Udemy offers free acting courses too but this one is a paid version which costs $9.99.

The 17 lectures in this course will cover topics such as your acting toolbox, audition preparation and so on. It also teaches preparing a monologue, casting, and what to do once you get an acting job. There are also some lessons for kids.

Once completed, you will also be given a certificate to put into your CV. That is certainly a plus point!

Acting classes on skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning site full of resources for learners. You can find over 27,000 courses and subscription fee is pretty cheap too. Acting classes on skillshare can be a great way to learn for any skill levels.


There are trained teachers’ and acting coaches who offer pre-planned courses. These feature topics such as character development, performing tips, and styles for film and TV. You will also be coached on best approaches to audition for roles and how to work with directors to get excellent results.

Students who use this site will also find helpful courses prepared by professional teachers and coaches that explain how to go about memorizing their lines when delivering a performance. Also, there are courses that teach students how to capture short video clips for an online audition for TV, theatre or a film.

MasterClass- Helen Mirren


This is another masterclass that will help you shine through your acting.

The acting lessons last for about 12 minutes each. Helen Mirren shares tips about her experience in theatre productions and how it propelled her to seek more roles.

Helen Mirren also shares tips to help her students choose their roles, how to understand the acting scripts, and the best approach to finding your character. She also focuses on Shakespeare, discussing dialogues in popular Shakespeare plays and explaining how the actors blended with their characters.

 Stage Milk Drama School 


Stage Milk drama school is an online learning site to learn acting. Its courses will prepare you for the stage and push you towards being a better actor. Although delivered online, it has a distinctive and intimate quality to it.

The course is divided into eight weeks on the following topics: discovery week, voice, movement, Shakespeare, plays, script work, screen, and landing roles.

This one of the best online acting classes beacause you won’t have just one teacher. Instead, you’ll be taught by a variety of experts who each specialize in a specific aspect of how to act. This means you will have seperate coaches for voice, script reading, theatre, and so on.


Since there are two masterclasses on this list, you can access both of them with a monthly subscription of just 15$. Skillshare also costs 15$ per month and Udemy is 10$. Hence, most of the classes on this list are very affordable, even to common Nepalis. If you don’t know how to pay for these, check our article here (it should be up soon). Happy learning!