Best 4 BCIS Colleges Of Nepal And Some FAQ’s About BCIS

Best 4 BCIS Colleges Of Nepal And Some FAQ’s About BCIS

“I only want to write. And there’s no college for that except life.”

― Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle

But what if you want to learn about computers? Well, Then you either will have to self-learn from all that you can gather or use the internet and learn from people who went to colleges. 

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Instead of doing this, it is better to pick a good college and learn from there. Is this being said what are the curriculums and colleges where you can learn about Computer information? 

Oh, you mean the ones like BCIS colleges?

In this curriculum, you will not only learn about Information Technology but also about business management as well. So one can say that this is a perfect fusion of Management and Computer Science. This curriculum does stand for Bachelors of Computer Information Systems after all and there can be no system without proper management. While this is being said, the core of this curriculum is still computer systems, but you will learn what type of system is best for the company along with it as well.

But What is BCIS?

BCIS Colleges In Nepal

BCIS is a four-year bachelor’s program that integrates information technology with Business Management. This integration is a much-needed one for the emerging business that rely on computer technology. 

This program develops the students to analyze, design, and apply management systems and software as per the needs of the businesses. This program strongly emphasizes practical and theoretical knowledge that is supported by a strong foundation in both areas of technology and management. But to learn BCIS, you need to be eligible first. Not everyone can handle both IT and Business.

Academic Eligibility

If you want to learn BCIS in a college you need to have some qualifications. Here when we say qualifications, we mean academic qualification. Regardless of how qualified you are personally, to get into a BCIS college, you must have a good academic background. The academic eligibility required for BCIS are:

– One should be of Science Faculty in High School or relevant curriculums

– One should have scored a minimum of 50% aggregate in their intermediate (+ 2 or equivalent curriculums)

If you have these qualifications, you will be eligible to learn BCIS in Universities. If you do not have these qualifications, however, you can still learn a lot from the internet. You can find many online teaching curriculums that teach you everything you need to learn in this curriculum. 

However, it should be noted that this way of learning will entirely depend on your skills.

Now that we know what BCIS is and the academic qualifications required to join this curriculum let’s know how the curriculum progressed throughout the semesters.

Curriculum Structure in BCIS

As with every curriculum, BCIS also follows certain courses that progress with each semester. Each semester lasts for 6 months during which a student must complete:

Curriculum of BCIS
  • 120 credit hours of course
  • 6 courses (18 credit hours) in analytical tool
  • 3 courses (9 credit hours) in support areas that provide a student with a strong foundation in communication skills
  • 9 courses (27 credit hours) in basic areas of management that helps the student to understand and appreciate the diversity and relationships between different functional areas of information technology and management
  • 17 courses (51 credit hours) in computer and IT related areas
  • An internship that totals to 6 credit which provides the student with an opportunity to gain real-life experience
  • 3 courses (9 credit hours0 in elective areas to help a student develop functional expertise

The courses available are shown in the table below

ENG 101 English MTH 103 Mathematics PSY 101 General Psychology ECO 101 Introductory Microeconomics MGT 111 Principles of Management CMP 161 Programming Language 
IIENG 102 English IIMTH 104 Mathematics II ECO 201 Introductory Macroeconomics CMP 162 Digital Systems CMP 163 Object-Oriented Language (Java) 
IIISTT 101 Business Statistics CMP 264 Numerical Methods CMP 261 System Analysis and Design SOC 101 Fundamental of Sociology CMP 263 Computer Architecture and Microprocessor 
IVSTT 201 Data Analysis and Modeling ACC 121 Financial Accounting I CMP 262 Database Management System MGT 211 Fundamental of Organizational Behavior CMP 265 Internet Technology (Web Programming) PRJ 291 Minor Project I 
VFIN 131 Essential of Finance CMP 266 Operating System CMP 267 Data Communication and Networks CMP 268 Mobile Computing (Programming) MGT 314 Management of Human Resources 
VILAW 291 Legal Aspects of Business and Technology MGT 311 Fundamentals of Operations Management CMP 361 Electronic Commerce (Programming) CMP 362 Computer Graphics and Image Processing MKT 241 Principles of Marketing PRJ 392 Minor Project II 
VIIRCH 311 Business Research Methods CMP 363 Information System Security CMP 364 IT Project Management INT 393 Internship – Elective I
VIIIMGT 412 Strategic Management CMP 365 Digital Economy PRJ 493 Major Project – Elective II 

Now that you know the courses within the curriculum of BCIS. it’s finally time to look at the top 4 BCIS colleges in Nepal. 

Top BCIS Colleges in Nepal

Now that we know what this curriculum is and what it consists of, it’s time to choose the BCIS college to study in. Although this is a good curriculum to follow, there are only a handful of colleges that teach this curriculum. Among them, we have picked 4 of the well-known ones.

Side note* These colleges are not in any specific order

1. Apex College

BCIS Colleges Of Nepal Apex College

Apex College is a well-known BCIS college in Nepal that offers different curriculums like BCIS, BBA, and BBA-BI. This college emphasizes personal integrity and innovation along with research and networking. This being said they also highly value potential individuals as well who have got what it takes to take the lead. 

This way of approaching the students creates a friendly competition among them which in turn increases their will to learn and take charge, thereby increasing the quality of education that they get as a whole. 

Along with this Apex, the college has a team of highly qualified teachers and instructors who are more than willing to teach beyond the books.

You can contact them at:

Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu
01-4467922, 4478841
 [email protected]
 Official Site for college

2. Boston International College

Boston International College BCIS

It is an academic institution affiliated with Pokhara University that offers a wide range of programs. Along with BCIS, it also offers curriculums such as BBA and BBA- BI. It follows a research-based participative approach that allows professionals to meet and interact with the students. As you may have guessed, this allows its students to learn directly from the experts in sessions. This not only allows the students to learn from the best but also learn the “to do’s” and “not to do’s” from their life experiences.

Along with this, it has internationally recognized faculty members with modern infrastructures which provide the best learning environment for its students.

You can contact them at:
056-526203, 531362
[email protected]

3. Crimson College of Technology

Best 4 BCIS Colleges Of Nepal And Some FAQ's About BCIS

Crimson College of Technology is distinguished as an “ A-grade college in employment” in its region. This is due to its ability to teach their student adequately to be the person that can handle anything that their field throws at them and get their job done – which makes them desirable to potential employers. 

Started in 200AD by a group of dedicated academics that belonged to different backgrounds, CCT (Crimson College of Technology) is not just a BCIS college. You can choose from a wide range of curriculums including BBA, BCA, B. PHARM, and B.Sc. Media Lab Technology (BMLT). 

With facilities such as Seminar Hall, Library and plenty of space for sports and games, you don’t just grow as a student here, but rather as a person. 

For further information, you can contact them at:
Devanagar, Butwal, Rupandehi, Nepal
00977-71-410479 / 71-410380
[email protected]
[email protected]

4. Nobel College

Best 4 BCIS Colleges Of Nepal And Some FAQ's About BCIS

Nobel College is an extension of Nobel Acadamy. When this BCIS college was first started Nobel Acadamy had already built a reputable reputation. Due to this, there was a risk of this college being just another one of those which siphoned off the reputation of an established institution. 

However, all of the worries were for naught as Nobel College soon became a name of its own. Due to its commitment and successful implementation of several programs in bachelors such as BBA, BCHM, BBA- Bi, and B.Sc Nursing, this college has become a well-known name among students of many different fields. It is not just a BCIS college but rather a college that people of many different fields can study in.

Along with this, it also has excellent education as shown by the excellent results that it has managed to produce during examinations.

So if you want to join this college or require further information, you can contact them at:
977 01-4110525 / 4110590 
Fax No. : 4110880 
Fax: 977 01- 411 08 80 
[email protected]

Now that you know what the top 4 colleges are, why not plan one more step further?

What to do after BCIS?

After completing the curriculum of BCIS in a reputable college, you will have a wide range of career options. Not only is it a good field for study but these BCIS colleges also train their students in a variety of skills that are rising in demand. Those who undergo this curriculum will gain the professional skills to analyze, design, and implement their information systems to grow and get leads in the growing competitive environment of modern times After graduating from this curriculum, you have the option of choosing the career as:

  • System Analyst
  • Information Analyst
  • Database Managers
  • Network Administrators
  • Trainer Cum Instructors
  • Salespersons In the field of Software and Hardware

All of these are jobs that earn well and are well respected. So it may be a bit hard to learn and graduate from, once you get through it, you will have good career prospects. Due to this, BCIS is one of those fields of study that is getting popular day by day.

Although it is indeed a somewhat tough curriculum to choose from, once you graduate, you will have virtually endless prospects for a career. As long as there are business and IT, you will have a career to turn to.

Hope that this was helpful to you. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know them down in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 

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