Pasni – Lenient Gifts

Pasni – Lenient Gifts

Gift a man a bottle of drink, he is your best friend. Throw a party for a young adult, they WILL be happy. Gift a woman anything, …ummmm no comments. Gift a baby whatever they need, they will cry. Gift a baby whatever they want, they will cry. No matter what you gift, they WILL cry.

Ever wondered what gifts to give a baby for their rice feeding ceremony? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. We understand that giving a suitable gift for a baby for their Pasni can be a tough decision to make. So we have come up with a list of gifts that can be given to a baby for their Pasni.

1. Diaper

Baby Diapers

Diapers are the most useful gift you can give to a baby. As a parent, you can never have enough diapers for your child. Diapers should be frequently changed otherwise there is a risk of skin rashes, infection and many other poor health outcomes. It is necessary to change a baby’s diapers every 2 to 3 hours. That is 8 – 12 diapers in a day. A single pack of diapers has 40 pieces in it. So you can imagine how many diapers a baby needs.

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2. Jewellery


This is an ancient traditional round shaped hollow bracelet which has its unique design and always comes in a pair. Bala is an ornament that is worn on wrists and Kaali on ankles. Bala or Kalli is usually given to replace the black thread that is worn by the baby at their Nwaran.

Silver Bala is gifted as it is believed to be anti-bacterial and cleanse the baby. Silver is the purest material which is why it is believed that all the negativity is deflected by the ornament. Silver Bala or Kalli is gifted as it has a reasonable price in the current market context. But you can always go for the gold ornaments if you are willing to spend a bit more. In the current market context, a silver Bala or Kalli will cost you around Rs 10000 whereas the gold one will cost you Rs 75000. If you are also wondering where to buy these ornaments, you can check out Shubha mangal jewellers situated at Sankhamul.

You are not obliged to give only Kaali or Bala. Rings, Chain, and bangles of gold or silver can be given as well. Silver Bowl and Spoon are also gifted as it has its own significant purpose. Silver products are the purest form of metal. It is also believed that silver products cleanse the soul and blesses the child with a bright future.

3. Clothes

Baby Clothes

Clothes are one of the most gifted items for babies, especially bhoto in their pasni. Bhotos are basically clothes that are made with Nepali Dhaka on the outside and cotton on the inside. Cotton is used in this particular clothing as it has a soft texture and is smooth for the baby’s skin and Nepali Dhaka to keep the baby warm. 

Other than Bhotos, Trousers, and Sweaters are gifted to the babies as it makes the baby warm. Clothes with fleece inside are much preferred as they are soft and smooth on the inside which is good for the baby’s skin.


4. Toys

Toys for babies

The mental development of toys plays a huge influencing role. Toys can help grow the baby’s mentality and can learn a lot from them. Toy cars, motorbikes, legos, and robots are for the boys whereas girls are gifted dolls and bhada kutis.

Toys are simple objects that children use to entertain themselves while simultaneously exploring the world around them, role-playing, educating themselves and learning how to communicate their feelings. Also, educational toys can help in developing problem-solving skills, teach about conflict resolution. It also teaches the children about sharing, nurtures their creativity and imagination, and help develop their fine and gross motor skills.

5. Cot

baby cots

Cots are basically portable camp bed or infant bed where babies can be kept so that they can sleep while you are travelling or are away from your home. Babies are kept in the cot and the cot is pushed making it move forward and backwards, which can help the babies in sleeping.

6. Baby Skincare products

Baby skincare products

Since the skin of babies is very sensitive, soft and fragile, it is necessary to take care of them. Normal skin products can be too much for the baby’s skin so skin products specifically for babies can be gifted. These products include baby powder, cream, tissues and many more.

7. Baby Food

Pasni - Lenient Gifts

Similar to diaper, baby food is something that a baby can never get enough of. Baby food is a need that is required every day for a baby as it gives babies the nutrients they need for their developing body. Since babies depend on foods such as Lactogen, Cerelec, Slurrp Farm Cereal and Farex, you can gift them any amount you want. It costs from Rs 700 – 1000 for baby food depending on the product.

8. Money

Pasni - Lenient Gifts

Rather than thinking too much about what to give, simply give the baby money. The parents can use the money to buy all the necessities the baby needs. Although giving money is an easy way out, it is the most useful gift that you can give.

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