Pasni Dress for Babies and their Parents

Pasni Dress for Babies and their Parents

Considering how important dressing up has become, we have come up with some outfit tips according to the current trend for one such family function, Pasni.

Modern society has shown us how necessary it is for us to look good. Whether it be a casual party, an annual celebration, or some family functions, you want to stand out. Visually.

Pasni dress for babies goes parallel with the pasni dress for the family. Let’s lookout for tips on how to make that connection.

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Dresses for Pasni

Pasni Dress For Babies.

On this day, babies wear red or blue dresses because we believe these colours symbolize confidence and prosperity. Though, wearing red colour is preferred more, as traditionally red is considered the favourite colour of God.

Red hats, red dress(frocks), red suruwal(pant), and red shoes are the basic outfits for baby girls. 

Blue hats, Daura Suruwal, and shoes are the basic outfits for baby boys.

While stereotypically “red is for girls and blue is for boys” the current trend for fashion depends only on how cute and doll-up a baby can look.

Keeping traditions aside, the colour and the design of the dress plays an important role in making the baby and the parents attractive for the day.

Nowadays, there is also the trend of customizing the dress from its texture, colour to the thread and ornaments to use with it. 

Another factor that parents focus on is also the comfort of the baby.

Since babies have sensitive and delicate skin, they should wear something that has a soft texture. Clothes with a smooth and light touch, such as cotton, silk, or fleece, prevent the baby’s skin from getting any infection, rashes, and other irritation. 

From a basic outfit to a customized dress the price range may vary from a minimum of Rs. 3000- to a maximum price depending upon the requirements of the customer.

For Parents

Yes, it is in the trend. Not only the baby but the parents should look at their best as well. 

(Before)the mother used to wear a red sari, Kurthas or Chaubandhi. But today, various trends and fashions are rising. The trending outfit for mother and daughter is to ‘twin’. That is, they wear the same coloured and designed clothes.

Fathers mostly wear Daura Suruwal, Tuxedo, or are formally suited. There is an upcoming trend for men to wear Kurthas. The type of suits they wear is usually influenced by the weather. If it is winter then men usually wear suits and tuxedo made up of velvet and for summer they have normal clothing. The ‘twinning’ trend is applied to the father as well.

If you are looking for a fashionable dress, it might cost you up to or above Rs. 15,000. But if you are looking for a personally designed garment, the price can cross that limit. Sure, it might look good for that big family portrait.

There are many boutiques in Kathmandu that offer you all the colour coding and dress combinations. And if you are living abroad and wondering how to get these dresses, you can order by giving the necessary information such as the baby size, preferred colour, texture, and suitability. The boutiques have arranged for the courier to hand it to you at your doorstep. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

However, it is necessary to celebrate your baby’s pasni according to your budget. You should not try to overdo it, just to impress others or to stay with the trend. So, it is important to stay within a budget and celebrate with rejoicing rather than showing off on your outfits or party.

Others Tips

1. Following Cultural Patterns/Using Fabrics of one’s own culture

Tamang Family
Tamang family

2. Using Red and Blue Velvet Fabric

Blue Color Pasni Dress

3. Lace and Satin Fabric Frock

Pasni dress for girls
Pasni Dress for boys
Topi and shoes for babies
Shoes for baby girls
Pasni shoes
Girl Pasni dress
Pasni dress shoes for girls
Pasni Dress
Family combination pasni dress
Mother and son pasni dress
Mother and Daughter pasni dress
Shoes and dress pasni boys
red colour Hat and gloves for babies
topi for babies
Pasni Dress for Babies and their Parents
Pasni Dress for Babies and their Parents
Pasni Dress for Babies and their Parents
Pasni Dress for Babies and their Parents
Pasni Dress for Babies and their Parents
Pasni Dress for Babies and their Parents
Pasni Dress for Babies and their Parents
Pasni Dress for Babies and their Parents
Pasni Dress for Babies and their Parents

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