Asar15: 15 Best Ways to Share a Good Will

Asar15: 15 Best Ways to Share a Good Will

Dahi Chiura khanu Vayota?

Happy Dahi Chiura Day Everyone!!!!

Asar15, a day to eat Dahi and Chiura together with family and friends. A day when every Nepali eats Dahi and Chiura. It’s a special day indeed.

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A day that feels a little special and different than others.

A day when our inbox fills with messages such as Did you have Dahi Chiura? Happy Dahi Chiura day!! and many more.

Let’s learn with us to wish our loved ones in a more rom-com way. Let’s make our wishes a little spicy and sweet. So, our wishes will make the receiver end feel special.

Asar15: 15 Ways to Share Good Will

Nepal celebrates Dahi Chiura Day and Rastriya Dhan Diwas in Asar15. It is an auspicious day for all of us.

So, let’s learn how to make our friends and family feel special through sweet wishes.

My friend, let's make a tradition starting from this day. It will be our tradition. Let's be together on this day and have Dahi Chiura together reminiscing the old times we spent together as a friend. 

Dahi Chura khani ani ramauni
Happy Dahi Chiura Day!!!

Dahi Chiura Khanu tara Dahi Chiura chahi nabannu hai ta 
Happy Asar 15!!! Dahi Chiura Khani Din ko Suvakamana

East and West Dahi Chiura, is the favorite.
Happy Dahi Chiura Day!!!

Dahi Chiura Khau ani Pariwar sanga Ramau
Happy Asar15!!! Dahi Chiura khani Din ko dherai dheria Suvakamana

Asar15: Rastriya Dhan Diwas ko Suvakamana!!!

Sangai Dhan ropna Jamla. Preya timi Dahi Khanu mah chai Chiura chapaula :)
Happy Dahi Chiura Day my Love!!

Happy Asar 15: May the sweetness of Yogurt last on the tip of your tongue and life throughout the year. Happy Dahi Chiura Day!!! my friend.

Asar ko Pandra Dani Chiura Khani
Sauney Pandra Kheer
Happy Dahi Chiura Day to everyone!!

Ae Peyare ahelae ko pali aafnai maita mah Dahi Chiura Khauli 
Aarko pali mero ghar mah aauli ani merai hat bata Dahi Chiura Khauli
Happy Asar15!!!! Dahi Chiura Khani Din ko suvakamana mero maya timilai :)

Asar15 mah Dahi Chiura khau
Barsau dekhi chali aayeko ko parampara lai jogau

Happy Dahi Chiura Day to my lovely friend!!

Have a happy day eating Dahi Chiura Everyone!!!

Mitho Dahi Chiura Kham ani Ramro Mood Banam
Happy Asar 15!!!b Happy Dani Chiura Day!!

Asar15 aayo, Khaula Piula, K khaula?
Dahi Chiura Khaula 🙂

Dhan Ropula, Maya Satau la
Happy Asar 15: Dhan Ropni Din to you my friend!!!


Asar15: 15 Ways to Share a Good Will

We hope you will spend this day happily with your family and have mitho Dahi Chiura.

You can wish your friend and family on Asar 15 to make them feel special and loved. Make your Dahi Chiura Day special by making special wishes to your friends and families.

And I hope you will have a good time planting rice either.

We wish you a Happy Asar 15!! Happy Dahi Chiura Day!!! And also Happy Rastriya Dhan Diwas!!

Thank You!!! for reading our article till the end.

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