9 Best Gift Ideas For a Book lover

9 Best Gift Ideas For a Book lover

Once open a time there was a person who wanted to give a book lover a gift so that person came to read this article. The end!

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Do you have a friend that is a book lover? If you don’t know what to give them? then you have come to the right place. We have made a list of gifts to give to a book lover.

Just because someone is a book lover doesn’t mean you have to give them books as a gift. There are a lot of other things you can give to a person who loves to read books. It’s not bad to give the book as gifts, but there is a high chance they already have the book or they have already read them.

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So now lets see what gifts you can give it to a book lover

1. Book light

Book lamp for a book lover

The book light is a great gift to a person who is a bookworm. It will be best for a person who is a night reader and loves to read on a bed. They can easily read books without disturbing others at night if they live with someone.

2. Headphones

9 Best Gift Ideas For a Book lover

Many people love to read books while listening to soothing music. And headphones will help them to keep focused. If a person likes to read books in a pin drop silence you can give them noise-canceling headphones. It will make their reading experience far better.

3. Mug

9 Best Gift Ideas For a Book lover

Nothing is greater than reading a book while taking a sip of coffee or tea. So a book lover will love a mug as a gift. Make sure the mug is special. You can do custom-made mugs which has a special meaning for a book lover.

4. Blanket

9 Best Gift Ideas For a Book lover

Reading a book while you are cozy and warm is the best feeling. So, you can gift a blanket to a book lover. That way they can read a book wherever they want either on a chair or a sofa while being cozy. It will also make them feel they are not alone while reading a book.

5. Bookshelf

9 Best Gift Ideas For a Book lover

A bookshelf is the best gift for a book lover. The bookshelf doesn’t have too big or expensive. You can give them a small but beautiful bookshelf where they can put their favorite book. If you want to give them a whole big bookshelf then that’s even better.

6. Scented Candle

9 Best Gift Ideas For a Book lover

Scented candle and books? There is no better duo than this. They are the perfect combination for a Booklover. Especially if candle the candle has a smell of old books or rainy days. Make sure the scented candles have this kind of smell. Your book lover person will love them.

7. Book Marker

9 Best Gift Ideas For a Book lover

Another great gift for a Book worm is a book marker. Bookmarkers are important for a person who loves to read books. So you can give them bookmarkers as a gift.

8. Highlighter

9 Best Gift Ideas For a Book lover

Book lovers love to highlight the quotes they loved while reading a book. So it will be great to give them a highlighter. This way their books will also look aesthetically pleasing.

9. Books

9 Best Gift Ideas For a Book lover

I know I said that you don’t have to give books as a gift. But nothing will make happier a book lover get a book. But you have to make sure that they haven’t read that book already. You can also give them a book signed by their favorite author. So that it will be special. Vintage old books will have great meaning to giving as a gift.


9 Best Gift Ideas For a Book lover

Thank you for reading this article till the end. Hope this article was informative to you. Have a good day!


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