10 Best Nepali Novels/Books Worth Reading

10 Best Nepali Novels/Books Worth Reading

Give more love and support to our Nepali Literature!!

Nepali Novels have a lot to offer to its reader. It has the best stories in it which are very heart-touching. Most Nepali novels are based on the true reality of our society. It depicts the reality of society and the people living it in through each word, making these novels masterpieces. There are a lot of Nepali books that have been able to win awards.

Our generation has been so influenced by western, Korean, and Japanese culture that now they have forgotten about the existence of Nepali Literature. They are interested to read different country novels and literature never giving an eye to our own. So, this article is for the younger generation like us who have long been distant from Nepali literature.

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Let’s share and raise our love for Nepali literature.

10 Best Nepali Novels/Books Worth Reading

Here is the list of 10 best selling Nepali Novels and Books which are worth your time:

1. Palpasa Cafe – Narayan Wagle

The very name of the Novel is attractive and soothing to the ear in itself, and so is the story of the Novel. It is one of the best-selling and successful novels in Nepali literature written by Narayan Wagle.

Nepali Novel- palpasa cafe
Image Credit: Deepak’s Diary

Awarded Madan Purashkar in 2005
Written by: Narayan Wagle
Story-based on the civil war declared by the Maoists.
Main characters, Drishya and Palpasa

Even though the Palpasa Cafe was the first novel by Narayan Wagle, the writer did a great job being able to win the heart of thousands of readers. It portrays the time period during the time of the Maoist war. This is the life story of the artist Drishya and his love story with a girl named Palpasa who has just returned to Nepal from America. Throughout the novel, we can see the ideology of Drishya toward the ongoing war, the hardship faced by common people due to war, and the ups and downs in his love life.

Due to its amazing portrayal of the story of the time during the Maoist war, its little small details makes on everything make this novel worth winning a lot of honorary awards. It is also translated into different languages.

2. Walli Ko Diary – Manisha Gauchan

Walli ko Diary is one of my favorite Nepali Novels that I have read out of many. The reason why I like this novel is how it has depicted the story that happens in our society. The writer has tried her best to give every girl and family a good moral.

Nepali Novel- Walli ko diary
Image Credit: Good reads

Written by: Manisha Gauchan
Story-based on a girl named Valli who travels to America in search of her husband
Main character: Valli

The novel is based on the story of a girl named Valli, our main female character representing all general Nepali women. A young village girl who dreams of living a city life gets married to a boy who lives in Kathmandu. After some years of her marriage is when each dream of her comes crashing before her eyes. Her husband goes to America never to return to Nepal.

The novel is about a married woman who reached to America to find her husband and ended to find her husband as a sexual worker. It is the story of Valli who goes through hardship in another nation and through her story a writer warns her reader not to be the next Valli.

3. Pagal Basti Saru Bhaktaa

Pagal Basti is a fictional novel. It has love, romance, affection, and belief with the ever-changing mental states of the two main characters of the novel. It is one of the blessings of Nepali Literature.

Nepali Novel- pagal basti
Image Credit: Good reads

Won Nepal’s foremost literary award, the Madan Puraskar.
Written by: Saru Bhaktaa
Main characters: Prashant (Adiguru) and Martha (Adimata

The story starts with the narrator’s journey to Grandruk. Prashant and Martha are the main characters who are in love with each other but due to their always-changing mind and mental state, they invite bad happening to their love life. You should read this novel to know the story.

4. Summer Love – Subin Bhattarai

Summer Love is one of the best romance genre Nepali novels you must read in your free time. The love story between a Brahmin boy and a Newari girl also portrays a long-distance relationship.

Nepali Novel- Summer Love
Image Credit: Sakar Sharma

Written by: Subin Bhattrai
Main character: Atit and Saya
Story: A curious Atit sees the name of the entrance topper on the notice board and is now fascinated by the name of topper Saya.
Best selling book in Nepal with in excess of 20,000 copies sold
Sequal: Saya

The plot of the novel is: A college student at the Central Department of Environmental Science (CDES) at Tribhuvan University falls in love. Our main character, Atit sees a name of a topper Saya and gets curious about her which becomes the main reason for him falling for her. Later, Saya goes to Norway for her further study while Atit returns to his hometown Dhangadi. This is when their relationships start suffering.

5. Urgen ko GhodaYog Pathak

Urgen ko Ghoda is a fictional story written by Yog Pathak about the Maoist civil war. The story contains about the Nepalese society during the civil war from the perspective of the Tamang community.

Nepali Novel- urgen ko ghoda
Image Credit: Kinniho

It is one of the best novels that talk about the time during the civil war and the problems faced by the commoners.

6. Sirish Ko PhoolBishnu Kumari Waiba

Sirish ko Phool’s ” The Blue Mimosa” is one of the best novels finest novels written by Parijat. It is the gem of Nepali Literature. Parijat was the first woman to win Madan Puruskar.

Nepali Novel- sirish ko phool
Image Credit: Choicemandu

Awarded with Madan Puraskar in 1965
Written by: Parijat

Among all of her creations, Sirish Ko Phool is one of her successful creations in literature. It is a male narrative story from the point of the character Suyog Bir Singh who is a middle-aged male. Suyog, when meets Sakambari and her two sisters have lustful emotion toward them. The novel explains the happening from a male perspective. Read the novel to know more. I am sure you will fall in love with Parijit’s masterpiece.

7. Jiwan Kada ki Phool – Jhamak Kumari Ghimire

When you feel like giving up on your dreams and life, is when you should read this book- Jiwan Kada ki Phool. It is an inspirational book that explains the struggle of Jhamak Ghimire to read and write.

Nepali Novel- Jiban kada ki phool
Image Credit: Goodreads

Won awards like Madan Puraskar, Padmshreee Sahitya Puraskar
Also been translated in English as “A flower in the midst of thorns”
Written by: Jhamak Kumari Ghimire
Best selling Biographic Book

It is a very inspirational, heart-touching novel written by Ghimire herself. It motivates readers to never give up in life and teaches the value of education. You should surely read this novel to feel her pain and hardship.

8. Jhola – Krishna Dharabasi

I have shed tears reading this novel- so heartbreaking and touching novel that I have ever read. It is written by Krishna Dharabasi. The story of the novel is based on the Sati system that once was rooted in Nepalese society.

Nepali Novel- jhola
Image Credit: Good reads

Jhola is one of the best Nepali novels that did a great job depicting Sati Prathi in a very wonderful way winning the hearts of readers. The novel Jhola is about the Sati Pratha that was prevalent in Nepalese society until 1920 AD. In a novel, a writer beautifully shows how women were brainwashed to go Sati with her dead husband and if she raise her voice against it, she was forced to go Sati. It also beautifully portrays the eternal love between mother and son. Thanks to Chandra Shumsher who ended such cruel pratha. A movie with the same name has been made based on the novel.

9. Phool Ko Aakhama – Ani Choying Dolma

Nepali Novel- phool ko aakha mah
Image Credit: Gyapu.com

Phool ko Aakhama is an autobiography written by Ani Choying Dolma who is a singer, writer, and a Buddhist nun.

10. Seto Dharti – Amar Neupane

Nepali Novel- seta dharti
Image Credit: Good reads

Seto Dharti is a best-selling novel that won Madan Puruskar for its excellent storyline. It depicts the life story of a child widow. Child marriage was a serious social problem in the past. So this novel is based on child marriage. A child who becomes a widow after her husband dies. The story beautifully shows the innocence of a child, and the life she has to spend due to child marriage.


Nepali novels never fail to touch the string of emotions of the readers with their excellent plot, storyline, and realistic characters. The above-listed novels are the best-selling novel with a great stories in them. You should surely dive into it and explore it on your own to taste the sweetness of Nepali literature. It has a lot to offer to its reader. Hurry up!! and read one of the above-listed novels in your free time. I am sure you will love it. Thank You!!


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