8 Most Dangerous TikTok Challenges

8 Most Dangerous TikTok Challenges

Who remembers “Youtube Vs Tiktok?”

Tiktok is a video-sharing social media platform that is relatively new but has seen massive growth over the past few years. With over 1 billion users worldwide it is safe to say that this platform won’t go anywhere. . 

One specialty of TikTok is its wide range of Challenges. It has set a trend among video-sharing platforms. 

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If you are unaware of what TikTok challenges are, it is a set of difficult tasks that one has to accomplish during the video limitation of a TikTok. We all have heard about the ice bucket challenge. While it was uncomfortable to do, it was also for a good cause and if you did it in summer, it was quite refreshing. However, TikTok challenges are not all fun and games. 

There are quite a few challenges that started as a harmless prank but later turned dark. Heck, a lot of people suffer from injuries and a few have even died while attempting some of these challenges. Here is a list of TikTok challenges you should not attempt.

1. Kiki Challenge

8 Most Dangerous TikTok Challenges

This is one of those viral challenges in TikTok. You all have seen or at the very least heard of this challenge. The car is driven slowly and while it is being driven, a person opens the door, jumps out from the car, and dances to the tune of “Kiki Do you love me” sung by the famous Canadian rapper Drake. As soon as the few-second clip of the song runs out, you jump back in the running car while the camera is running. Seems harmless enough right? Nope!

The very act of jumping out from a running car and jumping back in is very dangerous. There are a lot of people failing in this video and getting injured if you just look enough. 

The trend was started by American comedian Shiggy

2. Blackout Challenge

8 Most Dangerous TikTok Challenges

This is not a viral TikTok challenge but this challenge has existed for a long time even before TikTok was invented. The gust of this challenge is, holding your breath till you pass out. 

This challenge is a big nope for all those who have common sense. Holding a breath is not a necessary thing and not a thing you should do unless you are in a situation where you need to do it as well. While training your breathing capacity is a good thing and is useful for diving and swimming, you should never hold your breath until you pass out. This challenge is so dangerous that an Amherst Regional Middle School student Nate Squires died while attempting this challenge. The sad part is that this is not the first or only death. Unsurprisingly, this challenge has now been banned from every social media platform.

3. Silhouette challenge

8 Most Dangerous TikTok Challenges

This is one of those cringe TikTok challenges that belongs to the subreddit Tik Thots. In this challenge, a person, mostly females, stands in a doorway, and then the lights turn dark in a way that only shows the shadow-like appearances (silhouette) of the said female. Then she dances sensually and shows off her body curves and lines. 

This is the very essence of this challenge. It sounds like a creation of a perverted mind, we don’t doubt it. This also seems harmless enough right? Well, what if someone with a more perverted mind edits the video and turns it into literal pornography?

It is rather easy to do since you have the body curves of the female and the face and there are tons of people who are good at photoshop. Admittedly this challenge does not possess any physical danger but it does have a danger of damaging the reputation and possibly causing severe mental distress to the said female. It has been done before and who can guarantee that it won’t be done again?

4. Penny Challenge

8 Most Dangerous TikTok Challenges

This is the TikTok challenge that can very well kill you in seconds. The whole challenge is sliding a coin behind a partially plugged phone charger. IT may seem harmless but this is the best way to damage your charger and win the darwin awards as well. 

For those who don’t know what a darwin award is, it is an award given to those who die in a dumb way. This is a challenge that no one with common sense would try. Not only is the coin a metal meaning that it can pass electricity very well, but you are putting it in a socket. Although it is rather indirect, it doesn’t matter as the electricity will still pass through the coin.

5. Beer-basketball Challenge

8 Most Dangerous TikTok Challenges

This is a TikTok challenge that if done safely and properly can result in a great video but can end badly if you mess it up. The gist of this challenge is you grab a can or bottle of beer, a basketball, drop the beer on top of a basketball and try to grab it. 

This needs a lot of skill or luck to do it properly and if you fail to do this, then embarrassment is the least of your worries. A common accident is a beer on the face. While this is relatively safe if it is a can of beer if you use a beer bottle then get ready for some glass shards. Cans are relatively safe, except for the nut shot that occurs often for males.

Glass beer bottles on the other hand have danger written all over it. If you miss it in any way, the least that can happen is glass shards all over the place along with the beer. If you mess it further, you can slip on beer and fall into the glass shards or just get smacked on the face with a heavy glass bottle of beer. 

6. Cha Cha slide Challenge (driving version)

8 Most Dangerous TikTok Challenges

A TikTok challenge that only those with no common sense would attempt. In this challenge, the cha-cha slide by DJ Casper is played while driving a vehicle. When the song says “slide to the left” the driver swerves left and when the song says “slide to the right” the driver swerves to the right.

It doesn’t matter where the driver is, as long as they complete these two steps, this TikTok challenge is said to be completed. While this may be fine at open fields with no one around, if this is done while driving on a road with any amount of traffic or people, then you are seeking for accidents. This may not kill you but it very well can.

7. Tooth Filing Challenge

8 Most Dangerous TikTok Challenges

This is the very type of TikTok Challenge that brings the cringe to us. In this challenge, all you have to do is grab your nail file and file your teeth a bit. 

Sounds simple enough right? But what danger is there? Well, have you ever gotten your tooth broke and got that hypersensitivity in there for a long while? If yes, then imagine that but intentional.

Filling your teeth is a very uncomfortable thing to do as our teeth are rather sensitive. Not only does teeth filing expose the nerves but it also makes it prone to infection. Now that is the cause of a lot of toothaches. 

8. Throw it in the air- Challenge

8 Most Dangerous TikTok Challenges

Someone throws stuff in the air and you dodge it without knowing what it is. Seems simple enough and seems doable enough right? Well if you are seeking head injuries then sure. Remember that you don’t know what is being thrown. It can be a baseball or it can be a bowling ball. 

For you to react properly to something coming at you at speed, vision is your best way to escape the danger. In this TikTok challenge, you can see what is being thrown, so if you misjudge the speed of the object or react slowly, then voila, you get a head injury. The worst part is that people have thrown dangerous things such as knives and steel baseball bats. Now this is just pure idiocracy

Before we go,

8 Most Dangerous TikTok Challenges

We acknowledge we do sound a bit sarcastic here. However in our defense, these TikTok challenges are dangerous ones and besides a few like the Silhouette challenge and Beer-BasketBall challenge, the dangers are not hidden as well. Anyone with common sense should be able to tell that getting off from a running car or putting a coin in a live electrical socket is something you should not do.

In TikTok’s defense, however, these are not all there is to this video-sharing platform. There are a lot of entertaining posts and the meme game in this platform is rather good as well, along with this, the posts that provide information do them indigestible short packages. So what TikTok shows is what you choose to see. 

And as always, thank you for reading till the end. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments down below. 

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