7 Best Whiskey Brands Of Nepal

7 Best Whiskey Brands Of Nepal

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Whiskey which was also called the old man’s drink is no more only limited to men nowadays. Either man or woman everybody loves to drink whisky. Whisky is timeless. It has been loved by people since it was invented in the 15th century. And I don’t think it is going anywhere.

Scotland is the largest producer of whiskey in the world

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Nepal also loves whiskey just like any other country. There is a lot of international and local whiskey brand in Nepal. So in this article, we will be talking about the most loved whisky brands in Nepal.

List of whiskey brands

1. Old Durbar

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Old Durbar is probably one of the best whiskey brands from Nepal and also the only one to make it to the list. It is popular among Nepalese people. It has two products Old Durbar Continental and Old Durbar Black Chimney and contains alcohol of around 40%.

2. McDowell’s no 1

7 Best Whiskey Brands Of Nepal
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Another most loved whiskey brand in Nepal is McDowell’s no 1. It was created in India in 1898 AD and has been able to create a unique bond with its consumers till now. It has different variants of products to choose from containing 42% alcohol.

3. Johnie Walker

7 Best Whiskey Brands Of Nepal

Johnie Walker is originally from Scotland and is very popular in the international market no wonder it is popular in Nepal too. There is a variety of products depending on the color label. These labels are made based on their taste, age, distillation, and overall quality. It contains 40% of alcohol.

4. Jack Daniel

7 Best Whiskey Brands Of Nepal

Jack Daniel is a brand produced in the USA by Tennessee whiskey. What makes it stand out from others is limestone spring water which is only found in the depths of a two-mile deep cave. It has a light taste with a lot of sweetness and contains about 40% alcohol.

5. Antiquity

7 Best Whiskey Brands Of Nepal
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It was produced in 1992 by India. Being the largest manufacturing company of whiskey it has two variants called Antiquity Blue and Antiquity Rare which are subsidiaries of the United Breweries Group. This whisky tastes like a flavor ranging from peat, wood, malt, smoke, caramel, honey, and fruit containing 40% alcohol.

6. Chivas Regal

7 Best Whiskey Brands Of Nepal

Chivas Regal is another whiskey brand founded in 1786 by the Chivas brothers. It is kept for aging for at least 10 years with other ingredients like finest malt and grain.  It tastes like ripe, honeyed apples with notes of vanilla containing 40% alcohol.

7. Signature

7 Best Whiskey Brands Of Nepal
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A list will be incomplete without the Signature. It is probably the best whiskey brand in Nepal. It was made in 1994 in India. It has two variants called  Signature Rare Aged and Signature Premier Grain. It tastes a little smoky and light with hints of honey and leather containing around 42% alcohol.


7 Best Whiskey Brands Of Nepal

These were some of the most loved whiskey brand in Nepal. Did your favorite make it to the list?
Hope this article was fun to read. Have a good day!


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