6 Types of Humor that All of Us Should Know about!

6 Types of Humor that All of Us Should Know about!

, humor often talks about having humor when we write tips for dating or impressing other people. But what is humor? Well, it is basically a speech or anything that is made comical. This is the strict definition but in the general loose terms, it is making fun of things. It has been a few years since rumors have been under attack. This is mostly due to people being offended. That is understandable but one has to know that there are some that are meant to be offensive. With that being said we come to today’s topic- the types of humor. 


Not everybody has the same taste. Some may get offended by a certain type while others enjoy it. It is important to understand what type of humor the other person likes. The only exception here is the offensive kind. It is made to be offensive and the people who seek offensive humor and then get offended are just dumb. Anyway, enough of the introduction here, and let’s jump into our list now, shall we?

Type 1: Puns


We all know what a pun is. It is basically a wordplay where a word is related to similar words and then made fun of. One of the classic and cheesy types of humor, it is also widely popular as well. Along with that, it is fairly easy to make. To make a pun, all you need to know is a word that has a different meaning and uses it at the right time. Maybe it is because we all like cheesy jokes but we often take this lightly. That is exactly what a pun is meant for- light cheesy jokes to kill time. There is no deep meaning behind a pun for the most part. 

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The thing is if you mistime a pun or use it too much, it can be really cringy. Making puns is easy but the difficulty is to keep on updating them. You can’t use the same pun again and again or it will get cringy. If you are with someone who is hungry for the pun, you have to keep feeding your vocabulary. This sentence in itself was an overused pun. Not a funny one but still a pun. That is what we meant by the sentence itself. 

Type 2: Everyday humor


This goes hand in hand with Puns. It is fair to say that puns are used quite often as a filler when making everyday humor. In this type of humor, you make fun of the mundanity of life. If you are into series, you might know the genre called “slice of life”. This type of humor is the slice of life in the world of humor. Casually poking fun about everyday boring things like washing dishes, doing homeworks, and typing. A lot of us have been typing so much in our boring life that it feels like even the key to our keyboard is bored of us. 

These humor are basic and light but it can be made almost anytime and anywhere. If you want to make this type of humor, all you have to do is find another function of the thing that you are doing and think a bit comically. There is no need for wordplay like in the pun, just a bit comical mind. That should be fairly easy to do for most of us as long as our last brain cell is still working instead of lazing out like our body. 

Type 3: Dark-Humor


If we have estimated correctly, this is probably not expected to be this early on the list. Well, the reason for this being so early in this list is because the next three on this list have some form of dark humor on them one way or another. We just wanted to lay a good groundwork for the next types. If you are into humor, you already know what this is. You may not like it though. In Fact, a lot of people don’t like dark humor. 

The only people who like it are the ones who enjoy gore, horror, and tragedy genres.  It can be said that this is a coping mechanism for them. What this type of humor deals with are the gritty and dark aspects like the darkness of the society, like racism, violence, child abuse, mental disorders, the dark side of politics, abusive relationships, deaths, etc. You get the gist. 


The ones who like or use this humor make fun of those things, either because they want to accept them but not be badly affected by them or have been a victim of them at some point in their lives. As we mentioned earlier at this point, a lot of people don’t like this so if you are about to make dark humor, be sure to do it in front of people who either like it or are not offended by it. This can easily offend a lot of people. 

Type 4: Offensive Humor


Now, this is something that was mentioned in the introduction as a precaution thingy. You can even say that this is a branch of dark humor as every offensive humor is dark. This pokes fun at a certain caste, religion, region, or group of people. This even makes fun of a certain work or a habit. 

The difference here is that there is very little censorship here. You see, you have to keep a lot of the words PG while making humor unless they are dark, offensive, or perverse ones. Since you mean to offend people but in a non-harmful and acceptable way in this type, you don’t have to censor at all. 

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Why does this exist you may ask if it is so offensive? Well, the main purpose of offensive humor is to educate rather than offend. Let’s be honest here, we all have flaws with the rules and how the world works. We have flaws within our own race, customs, and work, and even some behaviors. We just don’t accept them as accepting them means we accept the flaws that we have. 

It can be disturbing and heartbreaking. Through offensive humor, we can point out the flaws and make fun of them. Anyone who gets offended is clearly not meant for this. As with the dark humor, you have to choose your audience right for this one as well. 

Be careful here as there is a fine line between making humor and being straight offensive. Making an offensive joke is okay but being offensive and calling it a joke is not.

Type 5: Self-deprecating humor. 


We all do this one. It is dark, rude, and funny at the same time. In Nepali, we simply call it a Billa afar Hannu (आफ्नो बिल्ला आफै हान्नु). What do we do? You know why don’t you? Psychologically speaking it is to admit our own flaws and make it a joke so that other people see it and accept it as well.

This is an effective way to admit your mistakes of the past and how you messed up as well. While this may feel disgraceful, which it is, it is still better than someone else pointing this out. Besides, if you do this, your image will go up in other eyes as well. Just be sure to not do this a lot as it can get cringy. Along with this, you have to pick the right time and place as well. 

Type 6: Perverse Humor


This is what some of you might have been waiting for as soon as you saw this from the list right? We know what this is. It is basically sex jokes. Every group has a guy who makes these. In Fact, there can even be groups which form because of this common interest. If you are anyone who is above 14 years of age, you have done this. That is unless you are one of those people who are too shy. That is a rare gem in this day and age so if you are that person, don’t hurry and take your time. As for the rest of you, well there is nothing much to say besides enjoy them. 

A bit of education here. This type of humor includes jokes about height, size, and the reaction of people to them. If you are a weeb then flat jokes are something you see a lot. If you are not a weeb, then you see this in every time in series like “Two and a Half men” “How I met your Mother” and “The big bang theory”. 

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