6 Simple Home Based Cure for Luto (Scabies)

6 Simple Home Based Cure for Luto (Scabies)

Regardless of who you are, you have heard of this disease named Luto. More often than not, we hear this in relation to Dogs in terms such as Luto Lageko Kukur. While it may sound like a derogatory term for a lot of us, it is not. It is in fact a skin disease caused by mites.

You remember those dogs who have wounds all over their skin and whose hair has fallen off? Yea that is caused by luto aka Scabies. Looks scary right? Want to get scared even more?

It can transfer to Humans as well. It is a skin infection caused by mites after all and all they need is nutrients from your and a warm environment to survive after. As long as these conditions are met, depending on species, any living being will do.

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How do you get Luto (Scabies)?

Simple Home Based Cure for Luto

As we mentioned earlier, Luto or scabies are caused by a skin mite or, more specifically, mites called Sarcoptes scabiei. The name sounds scary and it is one annoying and scary skin infection to be honest.

This means that as long as you get infested with this type of bug, then you can get a skin infection. That is why you need to stay clean. These bugs can live on your skin for months and just reproduce taking nutrients from you.

Luto Scabies home remedy

Even more, they can easily get transferred from one person to another as well. What’s even scarier is that it doesn’t need to be direct contact. They can just as easily transfer from infested clothing or bedding. In fact, it is so infectious that when one person in a group gets infected, a lot of doctors suggest the whole group get cured of Scabies.

But what if you need to cure it at home? Well, there are few homemade remedies to cure luto. Some of them are proven to cure rabies or at the very least relieve us of the symptoms. Some of them do seem to work but lacks the scientific data to back them up.

6 Home remedies for Luto (Scabies)

One thing to be noted is that there are quite a lot of herbs around your home that have been proven to be effective against some simple diseases. Due to their innate chemical properties, they can relieve one from the disease or at the very least symptoms of the disease.

Along with that, everyday chemicals that we come across can also help us during times of dire need. So it should be noted that not every home remedy is traditional, and not all of them rely on herbs. Following are the 7 home remedies for this skin infection.

1. Neem

Simple Home Based Cure for Luto

Neem is one of those herbs that are both religious and scientifically important. It has been well known that Neem has some anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. This is one of the popular remedies and one of the scientifically sound ones as well. A study done in 2008 has proven its effectiveness against skin rash and mites.

Although this study was done on dogs, it can be applied to humans regardless of whether it is dogs or humans, since the cause is the same as the remedies.

2. Aloe Vera

Simple Home Based Cure for Luto

Aloe Vera commonly known as Ghiu Kumari on Nepali is a rather common plant. It is a well-known plant that has healing properties in the skin and is usually used for sunburns and itches. Along with this, it can soothe skins cure the symptoms of scabies.

This is one of those household remedies that is known to be effective but due to the lack of large data, is still anecdotal in the terms of science. However since this cure mostly the symptoms, you still need to take secondary measures to kill the mites.

3. Cayenne Pepper (Rato Marich)

Simple Home Based Cure for Luto

Similar to Aloe Vera, this is one of those cures that is known to be effective but lacks scientific evidence. While it does contain some amounts of capsaicin, that temporarily desensitizes our neurons, the true effects still have to be explored further.

This can cure the symptoms i.e the pain and itching from Luto but is less likely to cure the cause of this infection.

4. Clove Oil

Simple Home Based Cure for Luto

Now clove oil is one of those herbal oils that is a bit controversial. On one hand, it does contains some trace amounts of antimicrobial, anesthetic, and antioxidant properties. On the other, it is never proven that these properties can cure scabies.

It can definitely help with the pain and itchiness and it might cure scabies, but it is still recommended to take some extra measures along with this oil.

5. Bleach

Simple Home Based Cure for Luto

Bleach is a rather common household material nowadays. It will definitely kill all the mites however this is not recommended to use on skin as it is a bit too effective to be used on the skin. On the other hand, if you need to get rid of Scabies infection from the house and the previous methods, bleaching all the clothes in your house is recommended.

Also, bleach is a danger to your skin so Do Not Apply Directly On Skin.

6. Maintain a Good Hygiene

Simple Home Based Cure for Luto

Mites are dependent on human skin for survival. So washing up every now and then along with maintaining good hygiene in general is a good way to get rid of Luto. This applies not only to this type of rash but is a good practice in general.

Along with this, changing and washing your clothes every now and then is also a good practice to prevent Luto as well.

How to prevent Luto?

This might not be a surprise to you but the best way to prevent Scabies is to stay clean. Along with this, since this is a disease that can transfer easily from animals to humans, if you see an animal with a skin rash, touching them might not be a good idea.

Along with this- good news for introverts- avoiding mass gathering if you have sensitive skin is also a good idea. Taking a shower and washing your clothes every 3 to 4 days can prevent this rash ala Luto very effectively as well.

To Summarize,

Simple Home Based Cure for Luto

It is estimated that over 300 million people get infected with Luto every year worldwide. That is around 37% of the total human population each year. Now that is scary. The good news however is that it can be cured fairly easily. There are many medicines that can effectively kill the mites and mite eggs and save you from this annoying and sometimes deadly skin rash.

We have to remind you that scabies mites do not live for more than 2 to 3 days off the skin so if just one of the family has this rash, curing that person and washing their clothes might just be enough to prevent the spread.

Along with this, it has to be noted that homemade remedies are not an official cure for Luto. They can help ease the itches and pain for a short time but besides a few, most of these remedies are unproven or semi-proven at best. So contact a doctor as soon as you can if you see any signs of Scabies.

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