6 Best Exercise For Parkinson’s Disease

6 Best Exercise For Parkinson’s Disease

Are you or your loved one suffering from Parkinson’s?

If yes, then you are well known about the incurable disease, Parkinson’s. The cause of Parkinson’s Disease is still unknown and the solution also remains unknown.

Researchers have concluded specific genes that may cause PD. Certain genetic mutations can increase the risk of PD. But these risks are smaller for each genetic maker because of their Personal Habit

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 Parkinson's Disease
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Exercise For Parkinson’s Disease

It is difficult to be independent in daily activities for Parkinson’s Patients. However, Self-exercise is one of the best ways to improve and train one’s body to reach a good level of independence in their daily life. Daily Exercise helps to increase your strength level and can also improve your muscles and bones. It can also help to maintain mental health. Here are some best exercises for individuals or individuals with Parkinson’s disease to control the effect of Parkinson’s disease.

1. Cycling

6 Best Exercise For Parkinson's Disease

Cycling is a healthy low impact exercise so it is one of the best exercises for any individual. Regular cycling help to protect you from serious diseases such as heart disease, cancer, mental illness, and also help to control PD. For PD patients Cycling helps to reduce tremors, bradykinesia, rigidity and improves aerobic capacity, cognitive function, joy, and social connection. Cycling helps to reduce UDPRS scores(Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale).

2. Walking

6 Best Exercise For Parkinson's Disease
walking exercise

Walking is an Aerobic exercise. The best exercise to improve walking for Parkinson’s Patients is toe up. Always walk briskly, with both arms helping to elevate the strides and to aid balance leg is always be further apart while walking. By making the lower leg active you can avoid commonly occurring calf cramps or freezing.

3. Strength Training

6 Best Exercise For Parkinson's Disease
Weight Lifting

Strength Training involves the performance of physical exercise using bodyweight or other training tools to build muscle mass and strength. PD decreases muscular strength, mostly in the back and extensors hips. That creates more difficult to balance or recover from perturbations. Starting with low weight and repetition, focusing on extensor muscles, or muscles in the back of the body can help in posture for Parkinson’s patients. Strength training is the best safe way to increase the strength and confidence of PD victims.

4. Flexibility Training

6 Best Exercise For Parkinson's Disease
Flexibility Training

Flexibility training is any training that creates joints and tendons more flexible over time. Parkinson’s Disease can affect the resting tone of muscles and increase muscles tightness, rigidity, and dystonia. Rigidity refers to the abnormal stiffness of muscles that can occur in the arms, legs, or trunks. Dystonia refers to the painful muscles contractions that cause movements and posture disorder.

PD decreases the muscular strength in the back and hips extensors which creates abnormal movements and posture. It is important for every Parkinson’s patient to focus on maintaining flexibility. Flexibility training has many benefits. It helps to improve muscles length and joint range of motion, upright posture, reduce pain, rigidity, dystonia, stress, and anxiety

5. Balancing Exercise

6 Best Exercise For Parkinson's Disease

Balancing exercise is the ability to maintain the vertical line from the center of mass of a body within the base of support with minimal postural. Balancing exercises help to maintain balance for body posture. PD creates Tremors or shaking in the arms and legs. So, maintaining body balance is one of the most difficult tasks for people who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Balancing exercise helps to maintain proper body posture and increase the self-confidence of the victim.

6. Meditation

6 Best Exercise For Parkinson's Disease

Meditation promotes positive thinking. Its practices improve the decision-making and brain’s problem-solving strategies, it can bring a desirable shift in our professional life. Parkinson’s Disease decreases the confidence level and thinking ability of patients. Due to poor confidence patients don’t want to talk like regular. Sometimes they may feel depression also. So Meditation is one of the best cures for PD.

Summing Up All

Parkinson’s is a progressive disorder of the nervous system, that affects an individual’s motor system and results in shaking, tremors, difficulty in walking, etc. Everyone with PD should do exercise to control their progressive nervous disorder. It’s important for general health and well-being and can ease motor and non-motor symptoms such as constipation and sleep problems.

There is no proper answer to the question “What is the best exercise for Parkinson’s Disease?”. The best exercise is one that is enjoyable, safe, and that pushes you. The researcher recommends a variety of exercises for PD but I support the exercise that comes under Aerobic, Strengthening, Balance, Balance, and Meditation.

Be active
Be healthy


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