How To Make E-Passport In Nepal-2022

How To Make E-Passport In Nepal-2022

A passport is an official travelled document issued by a government that contains a person’s identity. Today, e-passports are replacing a traditional passport. An epassport with chips is much more effective against passport fraud than traditional passports. An epassport enables its holder to travel- to and from foreign countries.

Benefits of E-Passport

How To Make E-Passport In Nepal-2022

Time-saving: People having an e-passport do not need to wait in the queue because it may be examined in a matter of seconds.

Easy-tracking: It keeps track of people’s biometric data which are stored in high-security computers. As a result, data theft and the creation of duplicate passports will be prevented.

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Authenticity: The chip passport authentication will fail if it interferes again and again. An epassport process has numerous layers of protection security to prevent data redundancy.

Safer: It is difficult to erase data from it which increases the factor of safety. The action will also aid in the reduction of duplication passports on the market.

Government Procedure:

  • Needed Citizenship.
  • Approval letter from ward.
  • Visit the official website.
  • Fill up the form through online including personal and qualification details.
  • Verify all the details carefully and submit.
  • Payment is made through via bank or online mode.


The e-passport is leading to establishing a strong security culture in every state of the nation. An e-passport must necessarily be the result of efficient and fail-safe organizational arrangements. It should be tested by trained professionals. It helps to maintain safety in any state of the nation or outside the nation.


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