6 Best Bakery in the Kathmandu Valley

6 Best Bakery in the Kathmandu Valley

Are you the one that wants killer taste of bakery items ? Do you churn out-to-die for donuts?

Who doesn’t enjoy a sweet meal that refreshes their palate and satisfies their sweet tooth? Everyone does, right?

The world is known to be made up of differences. Different cultures, aspirations, and beliefs exist among us. But there is one thing on which we can all agree: desserts are fantastic. Some have even gone over and above by combining delectable meals with beautiful surroundings.

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List of bakeries that serves most delicious and fresh confectioneries inside valley

1. Krishna Pauroti

Customers buy baked items at Krishna Pauroti, Kamal Pokhari on Monday. POST PHOTO: AASHRUTI TRIPATH

The greatest bakery in the country, according to our list, is Krishna Pauroti bhandar in KamalPokharai. You might be shocked to learn that this bakery was founded in 1949. Muffins, Chocolate Crossiants, Apple Tarts, Marble Cookies, and other pastries are available in Nepal’s first bakery.

The bakery’s offerings are all noted for their traditional design. These goods haven’t changed in a long time. As a result, it makes no difference what year you are living in because all of the food tastes the same.

Address: Kamalpokhari & Bhaisipati Lalitpur

2. Pumpernickel Bakery


Every morning, Nepalese and visitors come here for fresh croissants, high-quality breads, and revitalizing espresso in the peaceful garden area at the back. It provides a wide range of bread rolls, excellent sandwiches, and pastries that all taste authentically German. Pumpernickel has been established for about 30 years and has no ties to Germany: all ingredients are organic and all employees are Nepalese.

Address: Thamel

3. Fine Grains Bakery


Fine Grains offers a variety of sweets, including cake, pastries, burgers, and rolls.

The bakery is unique in that the prices are quite reasonable; both upper-class and lower-class people can purchase all of the food products, and it is vegetarian friendly. Furthermore, the bakery is well-known for not using any preservative chemicals and for keeping all of their products fresh.

Address: Swayambhu

4. Nanglo Bakery Cafe


Cake, muffins, and pastries are some of the must-try products on the menu at one of Nepal’s oldest bakeries. The Bakery Cafe, which first opened in 1973, was the cafe’s original name. The restaurant, on the other hand, is not a typical one for a common Nepali because the cuisine here does not always suit to their tastes, and the price is high owing to added VAT and tax, which are not included in most modest restaurants in Nepal.

Address:  Boudha, Bhatbhateni, Dharahara, Jawalakhel, Maharajgunj, New Baneswor, Pulchowk, Teendhara and Teku

5. Fuji Bakery


Fuji Baking is well-known for its handcrafted bread. They create banana breads, cinnamon breads, garlic breads, gingerbreads, and other breads.

It just melts in your mouth as you put it in your mouth. They also create croissants, Nutella brioche, Danish, and other pastries. Furthermore, the bakery is well-known for not using any preservative chemicals and for keeping all of their products fresh.

Address: Patan

6. Lady Bonbon Bakery


It feels like you’ve been transported to another time and place as soon as you walk into Lady Bonbon. Enjoy a taste of the bakery’s famed cake, muffins, and whipped cream coffee. There’s also the greatest croissant in Kathmandu, as well as every escargot flavor imaginable. If you’re not in the mood for something to eat, the bakery’s fresh fragrances may persuade you otherwise.

Address: Jhamsikhel road, Patan


bakery items

Better-for-you baked goods and crustier bread are becoming more popular, thanks to a growing health and wellness trend and producers’ efforts to increase demand.

More nutritious bread, cakes, and pastries, such as low-carbohydrate items made with bran or soy instead of white flour, have seen active new product development as the healthy-living trend among consumers continues to grow.


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