5 Tasty And Delicious Food To Eat In Boudha

5 Tasty And Delicious Food To Eat In Boudha

If you are interested to go on a mouth-watering ride through the corners of Boudhanath, then this list of special items is just for you.

Food to eat in Boudha

The food itself reflects the culture and tradition of our country.
One– It tastes marvellous. Two– It attracts people of all backgrounds.
It’s a win-win situation.

Tasty and hygienic food has physical and mental health benefits and might be a long-term investment in future well-being. By filling your plate with delicious, quality protein sources and other whole foods, you’ll have colorful, versatile, and good meals for you. So for all of this, where are you going to go?

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There are many places in Kathmandu to visit and to eat delicious food, but I suggest you visit Boudha. That’s where taste is happening right now. So, about the list of items that you can hunt for this article will cover the 5 tasty food to eat in Boudha.

5 Tasty And Delicious Food To Eat In Boudha

Food to Eat in Boudha

Boudhanath Stupa is known for its beautiful and peaceful environment. Thousands of people visit it every day for different purposes. Even though a lot of locals visit the place, It is normally crowded with tourists as well. The place is widely known for its cool environment and some of the best local goodies in the Tibetan regions. 

Boudhanath is one of my favorite places to hang out in Kathmandu. The Stupa of Boudha is special for the blessings it holds, for its vital role in the spread of the Buddhadharma to Tibet, for its monumental structure and design, and also to find local Tibetian and Sherpa food arena.

1. Boba Tea

Boba Tea at Boudha

It’s a hot day, and you feel thirsty and you want to drink something that keeps your throat cool other than water. Sitting at your desk is boring, especially when the AC is also working but feels isn’t doing anything to battle the heat. You’re thirsty and you want something tasty and will suppress your thirst. Famous beverage places around but I recommend trying Boba at Bubbles and Beans cafe at Boudha. Many people around Boudha all over from Kathmandu starting to like Boba more and more. As a result, Boba shops are growing up in malls and outdoor shopping centers. 

Location: Boudha Rd, Kathmandu 44602

Price: NPR 300

2. Keema Noodles

Food to eat in boudha Keema Noodles

If you ever find yourself figuring out keema noodles around the Boudha area, you might visit ‘Khawa Karpo Tasty Noodle Factory’, which is very famous for its noodles. They are known for making delicious keema noodles in all of Kathmandu. Depending on your hungriness you can choose the amount you can eat full plate or half plate. The taste is awesome when you try it with chili sauces if you are a chili lover.

Location: 44600, Kathmandu

Price: Veg full(NPR 100), Buff full(NPR 170)

3. Laphing

Laphing at Boudha

The best summer snack to have in Boudha? Probably, I recommend you to taste Laphing. I must suggest you visit Boudha laphing center. Laphing was introduced to Kathmandu by Tibetans but it originally came from China. Especially there are two varieties of laphings( i.e dry laphing and soup laphing). Both taste good but I have a preference for dry laphing. If you don’t like spicy and hot food or cannot stand it, you can ask to not put many spices sauces. 

4. Thulo MOMO(Pojay)

Pojay Momo at Boudha

They were yummy, If you feel hungry and u don’t have any idea what to eat, then visit Boudha to eat pojay momo at Shambala Cafe in Boudha. They serve 5 pieces of big Pojay momo per plate which is enough for one person. Pojay momo is just amazing. Though it is quite different than the momo we eat daily. Pojay momo is quite big and thicker to compare with similar momo. So you must try it to upgrade your taste and choice.

Location: 44600, Kathmandu

Price: NPR 220

“To the people who haven’t eaten momos, how do you live?”

5. Thukpa

Thukpa at Boudha

Nischal my friend and I have been eating thukpas for years now and we’ve tried it in many places such as Dhankuta, Bhedetar, Ilam, Taplejung, etc. But I will suggest you try at ‘Khawa Karpo Tasty Noodle Factory’ which lies in Boudha. Especially, this goes well in the cold weather of the Northeastern part, however, soup can be enjoyed in any season.

Location: 44600, Kathmandu

Price: NPR 170

Which Food Would You Like To Eat?

Food land

In my taste, Pojay momo is the best of the best. Eating healthy can be fun. A few days ago I ate pojay momo at Baudha which is an awesome feeling for me. For lunch, dinner, or simply starter: this Pojay Momo dish is par excellence. You can get this dish throughout Kathmandu, but it’s special if it’s especially from Baudha. As you have noticed, the Nepalese kitchen combines a range of ingredients, techniques, and characteristics of its neighboring countries with its cooking history.

See you around the corners of the Boudanath with that delicious plate!


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