Go Viral – 5 Simple Tips and Tricks

Go Viral – 5 Simple Tips and Tricks

“Can you go viral?”

“Do you want to go viral?”

Well a lot of us probably do want to go viral. There is also a question of why did one become viral or how do you want to become viral? Is it by comedy, an skill, through news, or through some good deeds? If you go viral, you sure will be a popular figure. If you went viral because of a good deed or your positive qualities, you may even get multiple offers that may very well change your life for good.

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But that being said, being viral has its own set of issues as well. Unless you have got the skill to stay relevant, being viral will be nothing but a short flash fire. We have plenty of examples of both those who have stayed relevant like Sajin Maharjan and Bishal Gautam and those who came and went like a flash fire, for instance, Kusum Shrestha, popularly known as Tarkariwali.

So if you have considered all of these and still want to become viral, then you can these methods. Do note that the following tips and tricks to go viral are just a general concept and not a confirmed way – you will always need some luck for that. 

1) Post Across Multiple Platforms

Go Viral - 5 Simple Tips and Tricks

We probably don’t have to say this but the logic behind this is rather simple  – the more platforms you post your content in, the more your chances of being viral. You have to understand that there is a wide range of people using a wide range of social platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok are well-known platforms for going viral in Nepal.

But if you push your content to the right people you can even go viral on a rather unknown social platform in Nepal – Reddit which is internationally known as the source of the Memes. The sub-R/Nepal of Reddit has 73 thousand active members and it is made from Nepalis. So it is rather easy to go viral there. 

2) Know Your Audience

Go Viral - 5 Simple Tips and Tricks

Before posting or even making your content, you first have to know your audience and know their needs and wants. This goes without saying that good content goes viral anywhere but at the same time, it has to start from somewhere. And your target audience is where your road to viral content starts from.

Research well within your targeted audience and figure out what they lack. If you are into making cringe content, take a look at the youths of Nepal and try to find out what type of content is missing in the current meta, once you find that out, you can proceed to make viral content. Who knows you may just be the next Sajin Maharjan.

This is of course just an example as the needs of any group of targeted audience changes over time. 

3) Tell a Story

Go Viral - 5 Simple Tips and Tricks

Regardless of what type of content you want to go viral, there needs to be a story within. If you want to go viral through a dance, tell a story through it via the use of music, if you want to go viral through art, make art that tells a story. Or maybe you just want to go viral through comedy, tell a story within that comedy. For instance, Jhapalish went viral because of the random stories within his rants. At the same time, Bishal and Pranesh Gautam also went viral because of the way they told their stories.

Things without any form of the story have a relatively less chance of going viral. People love stories, even if the story is just a pure bunch of nonsense  – make use of this and touch their emotions through your story. The emotions can be in any type – disgust, dark, happy, sadness, appreciation, or just cringe.

4) Make Your Content Relatable and Relevant or Make Complete Nonsense

Go Viral - 5 Simple Tips and Tricks

So as a Nepali you may have noticed the two types of content that go viral buy now – the relevant one and the nonsense one.

On one hand, we have people who went viral from relevant and relatable content like Bishal Gautam, Pranesh Gautam, and Sajan Shrestha – they made fun of the right thing at the right time. On the other hand, we have people who went viral because their content was complete nonsense kind of like Sajin Maharjan and Guras Nani – their content were so bad that it was actually good and entertaining to watch. 

If your intention is to go viral, then it is a good idea to follow these two trends. Either make it exceptionally good or make them exceptionally bad.

On a side note, we also have people who accidentally went viral as well such as Kusum Shrestha as well but that is something that she had no control over and was unintentional. 

5) Approach your Content like an Extension of Yourself

Go Viral - 5 Simple Tips and Tricks

What we mean by this is “don’t fake your personality “when you create or publish content with the intention of going viral. When people fake their personalities, it is easily noticeable. Just be true to yourself and don’t try to be someone who you are not.

A good example of this is Sajin Maharjan. He was a bad singer and he stayed true to himself – he never pretended to be a good singer and it is through his bad singing that he went viral and is still relevant to this day – let’s admit it, we listen to each and every one of his songs even if it grates our ears.

Another one of this example is Sapana Rokka. While we do admit that she was just doing what her heart desired, when approached by the media, she didn’t change her personality or do any other things like this. She just plainly expressed why she does things and how she does things. 

You can take Bishal Gautam as an example as well – he is just doing things and seeking humor in mundane stuff in life. This is not his fake personality, this is just who he is. When people like these go viral, there is a certain feeling of authenticity within them.


Go Viral - 5 Simple Tips and Tricks

The gist of this entire article is that going viral is all about finding the right audience and giving them what they need and desire at the right time while maintaining your true personality. That is of course if you want to go viral in the first place. As we have mentioned before, not everyone can handle the sudden rise to fame and not everyone expects a sudden rise to fame.

If you want to, however, you can follow these tips here. Of course, there is a certain element of luck as well but as long as you are consistent in your content, your luck will follow sooner or later.

Hope you found this interesting, If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know them in the comments. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 

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