5 Best Wine Brands in Nepal

5 Best Wine Brands in Nepal
Best Wine Brands In Nepal

Red wine, Red Dress, and an ambient party!!
Girls.. Will you be up for it?

Here, I said Girls because it is estimated that the majority of wine lovers are indeed women compared to men. And I personally believe it is true. If I were to choose between any alcoholic beverage to wine, I will forever choose wine.

Why choose wine? Personally, I choose a wine because of its sweet taste and how enjoyable it gets with each sip. And the other reason is I like how the wine glass looks, elegantly shaped and I feel like holding wine in hand makes girls look sassy and classy haha Big LOL!! but the second reason is why I like drinking wine more than the first one.

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The reason why you like to drink wine is up to you but there is no denying it is one of the most famous drinks not only in Nepal but in the world. Due to its pleasant taste, nutritious properties, and intimidating effect, the popularity of wine is increasing day by day in Nepal as well.

Best Wine Brands in Nepal

Red wine, White wine, Rose wine, Sparkling wine, Fortified wine, and Dessert wine are the types of wine available in the Nepal market- both national and international. Here is the list of best wine brands in Nepal:

Wine surely helps to stop Whining over ex.
You don’t belive me? Then Go ahead and give it a try!!!

1. Dadaghare  The first wine of Nepal

Wine brands- Dadaghare
Image Credit: Nepal Tour and Travel Packages

If you like wine for its flavor, then Dadaghare is suitable for you. It’s the best quality wine made in Nepal. It is said to be the first wine of Nepal and is produced without using any chemical substances instead fruits, herbal fruits, and honey. It is popular among locals as well as foreigners.

Price- 360 to 500 Nepalese Rupees for 750 ml

2. Hinwa 

Wine Brands- Hinwa

If you are a wine lover, you must be familiar with the name Hinwa. Answer down in the comment section below…….isn’t the taste of Hinwa amazing? It is indeed. It is one of the finest wines you can find in the Nepali market. It is made by Makalu wine industry in a place known as Sankhuwasabha. It uses wild fruits like raspberries, saffron, and barberries as a base.

Price- 400 Nepalese rupees for 750 ml

3. Divine

Wine Brands- Divine

It is one of the great wine options in Nepal’s market. It is manufactured by Shree Mahakali Wine Pvt. Ltd. Like Dadaghare it is also made from grapes, fruits, and honey giving pleasant color to the wine. The taste of this wine is praise-worthy.

Price- 505 Nepalese rupees for 750 ml
Alcohol- 12.5%

4. Big Master

Wine Brands- Big Master

Big Master is another wine that falls on our list. It is one of the finest, best quality red wines which is affordable yet good in taste. It is a product from Royal Kathmandu Himalaya Beverage Pvt Ltd. It is made from orange blossom honey and Muscat Hamburg Grapes. Additionally, it also has a spicy, woody finish and is caramelized giving it a sweet subtle start as well.

Price- 800 Nepalese rupees for 750 ml

5. Grapple

Wine Brands- Grapple
Image Credit: Nepal Tour and Travel Packages

Grapple is one of the popular wine brands in Nepal made only from grapes. It is not only popular in Nepal but in the world either. Grapple is one of the most loved wine brands by people. Its taste is amazing.

Price- 400 to 600 Nepalese rupees


5 Best Wine Brands in Nepal

Welcome your guest with a glass of wine. I am sure they will love and enjoy your courtesy. Wine is used and is present in every auspicious event and celebration. A party? Wine is there…A feast? Wine is present…Marriage Ceremony?..Yes!!! Wine is there…A memorial? Yep!! Wine says hello. So, we can conclude that wine is used in every ceremony and party.

The above mention list is the best wine brands of Nepal that are loved by people living here. You can buy all these wines in the liquor shop near you or you can buy them online. Try all the above-listed wine and I am sure you will love how it tastes.

Thank You!!! for supporting us.


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