6 Best Private Places For Couples

6 Best Private Places For Couples

Isn’t it frustrating task to find a personal space around the city?

All those scornful expressions, the judgmental eyes following you. God! its frustrating.

Result? Just a bunch of headaches! 

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Well! the least we can do is give you some tips and relieve your stress.

No worries! Here we have come up with the lists of best private places suggested especially for lovebirds, and you guys gonna love it for sure. So, let’s dive right into it. 

1. Fresh Farm

best private places
  • Location: Bhangal 
  • Track it down: Map
  • Meals available: Lunch & Dinner 
  • Opening & Closing Hour: 11:00 A.M – 8:00 P.M 

With its name, you might have guessed about foods that are served fresh from their farm. Yeah, you are right! Foods here are prepared and presented at their best which I will be talking about later on. But for now, let’s jump straight into the topic. 

The ambience here at Fresh Farm is fresh and soothing. You will feel like walking amid a garden with small fountains and cute little ponds. Further, you will see a lot of cozy cottages and cabins in the premise.

Fresh Farm is one of the best private place where couples’ privacy and their food choices are prioritized. So, Good mood, good food, and a lover by your side. What else do you need?

Go and check this place out!

2. Jessy Penny

6 Best Private Places For Couples
  • Location: Basantapur
  • Track it down: Map 
  • Meals available: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 
  • Opening & Closing Hour: 7:00 A.M – 7:30 P.M 

This is a well-known place and again the best private place in Basantapur where mostly youngsters like to hang out and spend quality time. It can be called a restaurant cum cafe. 

The entrance outlooks a panoramic view of Basantapur where few tables are placed outside so you can enjoy the ambiance. Further, the balcony adds up to the location as you will be seeing Basantapur from a higher perspective. What else do you need? With the coffee on the table and your loved one facing you and the vibe of the Bashantapur street with its people roaming around. Truly the ambiance of the heart of Kathmandu; it’s breathtaking.

3. Ranibari Community Forest

6 Best Private Places For Couples
  • Location: Ranibari 
  • Track it down: Map 
  • Entry Fee: Rs.10 per person 
  • Meals: Only tea and coffee 
    (You can take your preferred snacks inside) 
  • Opening & Closing Hour: 9:00 A.M – 9:00 P.M
    (From 5 A.M to 8 A.M you can enter for free)

If you are a nature-lover, then this is the place for you. For a moment, keeping the dating stuff aside, couples can also make this place their go-to fitness spot where they can exercise and refresh.  

Well! if you are bored with the city lights, the constant cacophony that surrounds the streets, and need a certain place to calm your senses; Ranibari might be the perfect spot. The park consists of the perfect walking path traversing the jungle which gives you personal space and a tranquil environment.

If you are tired of walking, there are sitting spots available to rest. Further inside you can visit the temple which is led by the steps. Now, just imagine you being surrounded by the trees, birds chirping, ringing of temple bells. Fun! Isn’t it?

The other fascinating thing is that you can carry your desired snacks or even foods with you. As the place is pretty clean, don’t forget to put your rubbish in the dustbin; if you don’t find one in your vicinity, try carrying it till you find one.

4. A1 Cafe

6 Best Private Places For Couples
  • Location: Anamnagar
  • Track it down: Map 
  • Meals available: Lunch & Dinner 
  • Opening & Closing Hour: 9:00 A.M – 9:00 P.M 

A-One Cafe is true to its name. It provides good food and a great atmosphere to hang out. You will not like it if you are in search of a peaceful environment, the reason is this place is quite busy. But compartments and cabins like structures are available where you can spend your private time.

In spite of the traffic, the cafe has managed to grant good space to every customer along with a friendly environment. So, I would definitely recommend A-One cafe for the urban setting.

5. Tumden Sekuwa 

  • Location: Bhatkekopul
  • Track it down: Map 
  • Meals available: Lunch & Dinner 
  • Opening & Closing Hour: 12:00 A.M – 10:30 P.M 

This one is popular for its food and hygienic environment. Here, we can also find private compartmentalized spacing as well as outer areas. Space is made available according to customer’s demand.

The food here is finger-licking good. If your partner is a foodie; you should try Tumden Sekuwa as the foods here are top-notch. Along with that, you will love the hospitality of the staff around and the foods arrive really fast; which is great especially if you are impatient. Well! who isn’t?

6. Green View Family Khaja Ghar

6 Best Private Places For Couples
  • Location: Gokarneshwor
  • Track it down: Map 
  • Meals available: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 
  • Opening & Closing Hour: 7:00 A.M – 9:00 P.M

Green View Family Khaja Ghar is at the heart of nature where you feel at home and at the same time connected to mother nature. This place visually pleasing, calm, serene, and isolated from the bustling noise of the city. What more do we expect? This place itself tends to set our mood naturally due to all these factors.

You will see cottages everywhere around the place with perfect spacing between every other. This has made the place look more organized and has contributed to keeping couples privacy. Talking about cottages, you can choose your preferred one. What a private space and time to be in, isn’t it? So, go there and enjoy your private time with your loved one.


Besides all these best private places listed above, which are urban places to go; you can explore more with mild adventures surrounding the Kathmandu valley. If you love to hike, you must try out the hills surrounding Kathmandu valley. I recommend Shivapuri National Park, Chandragiri, Champadevi, and Phulchowki.

The hills with mesmerizing scenic views outlooks Kathmandu valley from the top and mountains on the horizons. Nature, religious sites, Scenery, mild adventure; you name it what takes you to tranquil your soul? You will find all the answers in these hills.

6 Best Private Places For Couples

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Well, we hope these places will help you find the appropriate place and get a private moment with your love. Cheers to life and all the lovers out there!

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