5 Best Photography Tips That Make You Known As A Pro:

5 Best Photography Tips That Make You Known As A Pro:

The days when you need portable darkrooms or real cameras are long gone. With smartphones getting smarter each day, we have no option but to learn photography. You don’t need to be a professional photographer with a huge Camera box; all you need is a mobile phone. 

Photography can be fun and fascinating as you dive in and snap anything that captivates your interest. Good photography skills can be worth showing off to your friends as well. 

Here are some best Photography Tips for making you look like a pro. 

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Rule of balance in Photography

5 Best Photography Tips That Make You Known As A Pro:
Photo Balance

Composing a good photo means having a sense of simplicity and balance. Rule one– Don’t remove an important section of your subject with the device edge. Rule two– Keep your horizons level, try both horizontal and vertical look. If there are any distractions in your photo, adjust your composition to remove the distractions. Keep your phone/ camera in balance so that you don’t capture a shaky photo. Blue photos are the worst. Keep on trying a new angle until the photo looks good. 

The rule of light

The best photography tips include the proper balance of light. In photography, Good light is not about sunsets. It’s important to balance the intensity of light between the subject and the background. For eg, a completely silhouetted or dark foreground can ruin your sunset photography. Sometimes, you might need to remove the source of light or change the angle. Sometimes, when there’s no enough light, you can use flash. 

Keep moving:

5 Best Photography Tips That Make You Known As A Pro:
Best Photography tips

First, take the time to arrange all the settings. Then, try to click the picture from your original position. But the goal is to capture from a different position- move around the subject. You can either walk forward and backward or climb on top of things to adjust the height of your camera. If you take multiple clicks facing the same direction from the same height, all the photos will look the same. Zooming in and out can also do the work. 

Learn the Basics – Camera Settings

The camera has tons of essential elements that you can master. Exposure to these elements can make you a pro. Aperture, ISO, and shutter speed combine to build great exposure. They help to control the amount of light in the sensor. Learn to focus by practicing different autofocus modes. If you plan on editing a shoot afterward, click in RAW- JPEGs files having low latitude for post-processing. There’s no way you learn these tricks of combining camera elements in a day- take your time to learn. 

Other basic Photography tips

5 Best Photography Tips That Make You Known As A Pro:

Let’s add a few easy Photography tips to the list

· Always clean your camera lens before taking a photo

· Do not use flash until it’s compulsory

· Do not use cheap filters that make your photo blur

· Always keep a back-up for your photo


As people say, Practice makes a man (and woman) perfect. So practice until you feel the change. Cameras look easy, but getting a perfect click is always complicated. The more photos you take, the better your tastes get. It’s about both quality and quantity. 

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