5 Animes That Will Make You Cry

5 Animes That Will Make You Cry

This article here is for all of you weebs out there who like to feel the feels and cry at night over fictional characters. As a weeb, I understand how it feels when your favorite waifu or husbando does or gets heavily wounded or just gets written off. But this list is not about that.
This list is instead about the anime, that will make you cry and not with just a few scenes. As I am making this list, I admit that these are not the saddest or the most tragic anime. But regardless, these fictional characters WILL make you cry – unless you have a heart of stone.

Now I understand that a lot of you don’t know where to watch anime for free. Since one of the most popular sites Kiss anime was banned, it has indeed become harder. So as your senpai I will be embedding the links of the anime from the site I watch it from.

Just be sure to enable adblocker if you don’t want that hentai ad’s on the background to ruin your wholesome. moment.

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1. AnoHana – The flower we saw that Day (Hepburn: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai)

5 Animes That Will Make You Cry
  • Released- April 2011
  • Runtime – 242 minutes/ 4.2 Hours
  • Episodes – 11

Yes, the first anime on this list is Anohana. The anime is infamous for making people cry.

5 Animes That Will Make You Cry

This anime revolves around Jintan (Yadomi Jinta), Menma (Meiko Honma), and his friends.
Menma appears suddenly in front of Jintan one day. Jintan, just lying in the house, sees her, gets confused, and then ignores her, thinking she is just a hallucination. Why? Because she had been dead for quite a long time now- 10 years to be exact.

Soon he realizes that Menma did actually come back as a ghost. She asks Jintan to fulfill her one request, so she can move on to the afterlife – to regroup with all of her childhood friends. This is where the plot begins as soon we realize that there is a reason why the group disbanded. Everyone has a dark secret in their heart that they are trying to hide in their own way.

This anime is filled with moments that will make you question yourself- as you relate with the characters and explore the darkest corner of their heart. 100% recommended, just be sure to have a box of tissue as you reach the end of this anime because that’s where the tearjerker moments start one after another.

If you want to cry right away, just click here.

2. Clannad + Clannad After Story

5 Animes That Will Make You Cry
  • Released – Oct 2007 
  • Runtime – 1176 min /19.6 Hours in total
  • Episodes – 25 (Clannad), 24 (Clannad After Story)

Imagine this, you are living a life of a delinquent, avoiding people and avoiding attachments. The world is cold and, you have accepted that long back. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a random girl comes and shows kindness to you and creates life around you before slowly departing, leaving nothing but pain. This is what the 2 seasons of Clannad are.

5 Animes That Will Make You Cry

At the start of this anime, we meet with Okazaki Tomoyo, a guy living a dull life with his best friend and an adorable ass Youhei Sonohara. Then you meet Furukawa Nagisa, the girl who brings sweetness to your heart from the first moment you see her.

This is a love story between Okazaki Tomoyo and Furukawa Nagisa where they love, laugh and cry. If I have to explain the plot without giving any spoilers, it will be very hard. However, you will fall in love with the journey of a guy transforming from a person who just wants to live into a man who can support his family. And you will fall in love more when you see him with the help of his friends, overcoming the pain that will make anyone want to die.

No spoilers but just a hint, the second season starts with a guy walking in the rain, ignoring everything around him, narrating about how bland the world feels without her.

This anime series is perfect for watching on a rainy day if you want to cry. Just grab a box of tissues and start binging on 19 hours of bittersweet melody from Clannad. Also, Ushio is sooo cuuute! > w <

Click here to watch Clannad for some wholesome moment and after that get crying with the after story here.

3. Your Lie in April (Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso)

5 Animes That Will Make You Cry
  • Released – 2016
  • Runtime – 528/min /8.8 Hours.
  • Episodes – 22
5 Animes That Will Make You Cry

About Bittersweet Melodies, the one anime that represents it best is -Your lie in April. If you are a weeb, then you already know how much of a tearjerker this anime is. This is the story of a guy who is way too tamed, meeting a wild wind just to watch it fade away.

We meet with Arima Kousei, the once so-called Genius Pianist who has become a shadow of his past. Along with Kousei, we are also introduced to Watary Ryo and Sawabe Tsubaki – two long-time besties of Arima, who watched him grow and know all about him. Then comes Miyazono Kaori, the one who is supposedly interested in Watari. These characters and a few others show us the beauty of love, the beauty of music, and the tragedy of being left alone.

This is the story of a pianist gone tone-deaf because of past trauma, falling in love with a violinist hanging on just to see him face his fears. Although both of them know their feelings, they never confess while time runs out. This anime doesn’t even give us the satisfaction of that final fading kiss.

The story that begins with a silent cry for hope ends with another silent cry for love. The ending is a sad one- heck, the whole second half is a sad one but, all is not lost. There is still Nagi, Watari, and Tsubaki. In the Chapter 3 coda version of Manga, we see that Nagi – the one Arima takes as a Student, has a really good relationship with Arima.

As with every anime above, you will need many boxes of tissues. I can barely watch this anime without crying myself.

Start your musical cryfest here desu!

4. Akame Ga Kill

5 Animes That Will Make You Cry
  • Released – March 2010
  • Runtime – 576min / 9.6 Hours
  • Episodes – 24

Before Isayama Hajime hurt us with -Attack on Titan, Takahiro did it first with this anime. If you know anything about why “Attack on Titan” hurts us, you already know where this is going.

In a nation filled with magic and magical beasts, there is our guy Tatsumi. A young, naive villager who wants to join the military – not because of patriotism but because he wants to earn money. But things don’t always go as we plan, do they?

5 Animes That Will Make You Cry

He is greeted by the death and torture of his best friend on his first day in the capital. This is just the first episode of the anime. The next thing you know, Tatsumi joins an assassination group called -Night Raid.

This is where we start to fall in love with the characters- The Glutton Akame, the Caring Sheele, the Reliable Homo Bulla, the tsundere Mine, along with Pervert Lubbock and Scary Leone. It is all fun and games – and lots of killing. After all, they are assassins and rebels in an empire that is filled with corruption.

Then comes Jaegers. This is the time to grab whatever comfort food you can and sit back. Not to give you spoilers but, the first one to go is the one with who we fall in love the hardest. Not to mention the ending is not happy at all. You will be left with an empty feeling by the end of this anime.

Before I move on to the next one, I do have to remind you that there are lots and lots of killing in this anime, so you should be ready for some gore as well. If you cannot handle scenes of blood, guts, and burns, then this is not the anime for you.

P.S Esdeath is hot as hell.

Join the night raid by following this link here.

5. Angel Beats

5 Animes That Will Make You Cry
  • Released – April 2010
  • Runtime – 312min / 5.2 Hours
  • Episodes – 13

What happens after you die? Some people think we go to heaven and some think we go to hell. No one thinks that you will be stuck with a group of gun-firing immortal idiots, will they? Welcome to the first episode of Angel beats.

After dying for unknown reasons, Yuzuru Otonashi wakes up in a school, at the very least, it looks like a school. As soon as he wakes he is approached by a girl who looks just like an angel only to get stabbed again. But he doesn’t die… after all, he is already dead.

5 Animes That Will Make You Cry

You will hear this joke a lot in this anime. Along with a bunch of idiots under the leadership of Nakamura Yuri or “Yurippe”, as she is called. They fight against an angel – Tachibana Kanade, who is here to make them disappear. It is all fun and games in this school where no one really dies, even if they are stabbed a million times or sliced right in half.
Otonashi and Kanade fall in love- even in this afterlife, where besides a few, everyone is like an NPC of a video game. But why are they here? Is this purgatory, and does the angel – Kanade really wants them to disappear? Who is Tachibana Kanade?

When these questions start to come into your mind after all the idiotic missions from these quirky teams of gunslingers and blade wielders, love and tears start. Whatever Akame Ga Kill did with blood and gore, Angel Beats will do the same with backstories, emotions, and gags.
Although this anime may seem all comedy and fun, hidden beneath the gags are people, afraid to move on, holding on to what they cannot let go of.

Now you must be wondering what their back stories are right? Daijoubu senpai has the link right here.

Final Words

This is neither the list of the saddest anime nor is it the one that is the most tragic. This is, however, the list of animes that WILL make you cry. These animes will touch your heartstrings and make your eyes wet without any notice. So, my advice for you before watching any of these animes is to have prepare stacks and stacks of tissues and get ready for an emotional whirlpool.

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