30 best online business in Nepal you can start right now

30 best online business in Nepal you can start right now

After the Corona Crisis of 2020, the need for online business in Nepal has been felt like never before. The months of lockdown and collapse of physical business can be a game-changer for the digital market in Nepal.

If you are thinking to start an online business in Nepal, the time is more than perfect. But the question “Which business to start?” remains unanswered.

Here are some ideas in no particular order:

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1. Social Media Influencer

You can make your social media account and collect followers. Then, you can take ads from companies and make some income. 

2. Online Course Creator

It’s mostly the writing that is based on a particular subject. 

3. Start a Listicle Blog

30 best online business in Nepal you can start right now

This might be a classic tip, for yet an effective one. A blog would take only a couple of hours in a week and an investment of less than $20. Overtime (after some years) it makes you quite a bit of money.

4. E-commerce business

You might set off a online store and start selling your own products. There are many e-commerce stores in Nepal, but poor marketing and low investment are making them collapse.

5. Search Engine Optimizer

SEO specialists for websites make a good sum of money. 

6. Business Coach

If you have great business ideas and no investment, better make some money by sharing such ideas

7. Handmade Business Owner

30 best online business in Nepal you can start right now

Use your crafting skills to make handmade products and sell them online. 

8. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is growing like never before in history. Maybe, it’s time for you to start working as a digital marketer. 

9. Build Apps

30 best online business in Nepal you can start right now
Build your mobile Apps

Similar to making a blog, building your own mobile app is always a “low-investment” yet successful business plan. 

10. Buy and Sell Domains

There are some people who purchase a domain at a cheap price and then resell them for a profit. Since many Nepalese investors don’t have access to the international payment system, you can be a mediator. 

11. Website Developer

If you have knowledge of website development, you can make good money from it. 

12. Video Ad Creator

If you have a good camera and some photographic skills, use it to create some awesome video ads. 

13. Web/ graphics designer 

Use your Photoshop skills and work as a web designer for an ad company. 

14. Proofreader

If you are not so good a writer, you can also start working as a proof-reader. 

15. Start Trading Stock

The stock market always has tons of money. Being an online dealer of stock can make you a successful businessman. 

16. Sell your products

With a well- planned vision and investment in the advertisement, your own store will soon get market. 

17. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketer receives a commission to make a sale of products for other companies. You can use various sites to find the products and impress the online users to make them buy the product. 

18. Social Media Consultant

Do you know that you can handle the social-media content of big firms and make a good amount of money? Basically, you will be paid to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

19. Start the Youtube channel

30 best online business in Nepal you can start right now
Start Youtube channel

Do I need to say more about how you can make informative/ entertaining videos and make good money from Youtube? I don’t think I need to. 

20. Make WordPress Themes

There are millions of people working online who are looking for a perfect WordPress theme for their sites. Maybe, you can create one for them. 

21. Stock Photographer

The collection of free photos from various places will make you a good stock photographer. 

22. Contract Customer Service

You might help people to deal with clients, writer’s business paper, MOU and so on to make good money. 

23. Researcher

A company for market research, survey, or scientific research will be helpful. 

24. Marketing Consultant

Some newly forming business could really use the help of a Marketing Consultant

25. Website Critique Service

Doesn’t sound like a dream job but you can give as Website Critique Service to make good money. 

26. Virtual assistance

After Covid pandemic, the demand for virtual assistance has increased greatly. 

27. Ebook author

Express your writing skills as an ebook author and make a good amount of money. 

30 best online business in Nepal you can start right now
Best online business in Nepal

 28. Remote Tutor

A remote tutor can be a cheap substitute for home tuition for small kids. You can share your knowledge and make some money out of it. 

29. Travel Consultant

This is a very exciting job if you have knowledge about different places in the world. You can plan the travel of other people and make money. 

30. Meal Plan Service

Planning the nutrition of people who are in diet can also online business. 

The list can go on forever. Choose the one the fits your knowledge and personality. Plan well and start making money from your own business

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