20 Nursing College in Nepal

20 Nursing College in Nepal

To become a nurse in the future, many students complete the entrance exam to join the nursing college. The student who has good knowledge takes priority in nursing after scoring good marks in SLC. These colleges have purse the career of Nepali nurses in Europe, America, Australia, or other parts of countries.

demand is increasing for medically trained manpower in Nepal. Nursing colleges having their hospitals are only suitable for providing nursing education. Before CTEVT, college under TU and KU is teaching in this educational program. Some institutions which are run by CTEVT have less quality and they need proper management and monitoring.

Under TU there are Lalitpur Nursing Campus, Pokhara Nursing Campus, Maharajganj Nursing Campus, Nepalgunj Nursing Campus, and Biratnagar Nursing Campus. Bir Hospital and KU have operated PCL Nursing Program. There are many colleges under CTEVT that are providing staff nurse education. Here are some lists of nursing college which are providing staff nurse education in Nepal.

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1. Kathmandu University School of Medical Science

Nursing College

Kathmandu University (KU) is the second in the national ranking of Nepal. This university is a public higher education institution. KU is established in 1991. This university is located outside Kathmandu City.

The selection committee decides and enrollment of students to read here is based on previous performance and exam results. More than seventy percent of applicants successfully enter the university. This university also provides scholarships for distinguished students. The certificate of Nursing college consists of 3 years of education with 40 seats available for enrollment.

The students also have an opportunity to live in a dormitory on campus. This institution provides all the required facilities o the students including a library, conference, health care, wifi, internship, and scholarship.

2. B.P Koirala Institute of Health Science

20 Nursing College in Nepal

B.P Koirala Institute of Health Science (BPKIHS) is a higher education institution in Nepal. This institution is established in 1993 and the main building is located in Dharan Bazar. BPKIHS is ranked as the fifth-best university in national ranking and also the leading educational institutions. PCL nursing program is conducted for 3 years which will cost approximately 4 lakhs. The total seats for nursing in this college are 40.

This institution is accredited by Nepal Nursing Council. This college provides facilities like Library, Wi-Fi, dormitory, cafeteria, health care, bank services, and transport.

3. National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS), Bir Hospital

20 Nursing College in Nepal

NAMS is the best medical education to the students of various levels and was established in 2003. This college has its hospital named Bir Hospital in Kathmandu. It is an independent body operating in the field of medical science. This institution has PCL nursing that accepts only 40 best students who can pass entrance. BPKIHS institution is recognized by Nepal Nursing Council as well. The facility that students can enjoy Wi-Fi, library, transport, scholarship, banking service, auditorium, and multimedia rooms.

4. Karnali Academy of Health Science

20 Nursing College in Nepal

Karnali Academy of Health Science (KAHDS) was established in2003. KIDS institution is located in Military Sadak, Jumla, Karnali Pradesh of Nepal. It is qualified by Nepal Medical Council, Nepal Nursing Council, and the Nepal Health Professional Council. It was established with the function to promote health manpower in remote areas in an easy way. This college has 40 capacity and 3-year long or PCL nursing education is provided. The facilities provided to students re not less than any urban colleges.

This college has many facilities like Wi-Fi, library, internship, hostels, and, scholarship too. Counseling facilities are also given to students and also have their auditorium and conference hall.

5. Alka Institute of Medical Science

20 Nursing College in Nepal

This institution was built in another 2010 A.D. This institution aims to provide qualitative health workers to the national health system. It is located in Jawalakhel, Lalitpur. This institution is affiliated with the CTEVT and PU. Alka Institute of Medical Science conducting Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) in Nursing Education, CMLT, and Health Assistant (HA) with Post Basic Bachelor in Nursing (PBBN).

This institution has a capacity of 40 students every year and has its hospital named Alka Hospital. About four lakh is needed for the staff nurse in this institution. The education and training by institute fulfill the need of nurses as per criteria inside and outside the country. There is also different research and other educational activities in the different subject on a joint venture with other organizations.

This institution provides different facilities to students like Wi-Fi, lab, library, transport, cafeteria, hostel, auditorium, and scholarship.

6. B and B Medical Institute

20 Nursing College in Nepal

B and B Medical institutions are set up to deliver excellent Nursing training at a reasonable cost. It is found in Gwarko, Lalitpur. It is affiliated to CTEVT to deliver lengthy time of personnel nurse program. It conducts inspect in administrations as properly as an instruction to assure sound person, family, labor, and community on countrywide and global factors of view.

Apart from certificate nursing, it gives a Bachelor of Nursing and Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing with a connection below Purbanchal College. The college has its health facility named B and B clinic. The PCL nursing utility on this prepared prices you around Rs. 4 lakh wherein forty understudies are selected every yr for the application

7. Birat Health College

20 Nursing College in Nepal

Birat Health College abbreviated as BHC located in 2004 AD. It is located in Biratnagar – four, Morang district of Nepal. It is affiliated with Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) for PCL nursing. And Purbanchal University for different health and clinical training. It was based on the aid of using a collection of intellectuals, academicians, and relatively dedicated professionals. It makes a specialty of making its college students able to clinical technology and Health Technology. It for that reason imparts qualitative education to the nursing college students making them geared up for outside and inside of the nation.

Located in nonviolent surroundings at a reachable distance away from the noise and crowd of Biratnagar. It concentrates on the betterment of the college students. What makes this faculty one of a kind from different nursing college are the functions of this faculty. It owns the maximum modernized, properly geared up Laboratory withinside the whole eastern region.

Apart from PCL nursing, it additionally operates Bachelors Programs like BN, B.Sc. Nursing and BPH. It is likewise making plans for clinical college. forty seats are to be had for the 3 years of staff nurse course. about Rs four lakhs is wanted to be invited for the nursing education. Other centers that it affords to its college students are a hostel, cafeteria, wifi, transport, scholarship, auditorium, convention hall, etc. For the admission withinside the PCL nursing, college students ought to pass their SEE and front exam.

8. Devendra Medical College

20 Nursing College in Nepal

Devdaha Medical College became set up in 2009 A. D. And placed withinside the Western Region of Nepal at Butwal, Nepal. The purpose of the university is to help in generating professional medical manpower who can work in any surroundings and any nook of the world.

PCL nursing college comes below CTEVT and has to undergo a difficult front exam for enrollment withinside the university. Abbreviated as DMCRI, it is affiliated with Kathmandu University (KU), Purbanchal University (PU), and Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT). The three-yr nursing degree course might cost you around four lakh rupees. The infrastructure and amenities supplied through the university are its very own hostel, wifi, cafeteria, health care services, counseling, transportation, scholarship.

9. Green Tara College of Health Science

20 Nursing College in Nepal

Green Tara College of Health Science is installed in 2003 A. D. The university is positioned at Sainbu, Bhaisepati, Lalitpur, Nepal. It is based on the collaboration of the Council for Technical Educational and Vocational Training (CTEVT) and the Green Tara Education group. The purpose of this school is to deliver social recognition and offer fine clinical and technical education. Apart from nursing, it additionally gives a Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT), PCL in General Medicine-Health Assistant (HA), and PCL in Radiography.

PCL nursing college application might cost a little you around 475000 rupees. The university presents a safe, secure, and homely surroundings for their college students particularly being the female college students. And rolling withinside the nursing college the hostel is positioned withinside the close by locality. With their very own cafeteria in which they offer easy and hygienic nutrients to their college students and.

The university has its very own transportation facilities, Wi-Fi, auditorium, convention hall. The university often organizes the inducement application and counseling. It additionally presents healthcare offerings according to necessity. Like in different colleges, it additionally presents the scholarship to the deserving applicants on the idea of their deserves and achievements.

10. Iwamura College of Health Science

20 Nursing College in Nepal

Founded by Dr. Iwamura memorial medical institution and studies Centre withinside the yr 2008 A. D. It has been running and presenting the qualitative health technician and manpower to the kingdom since then.

Located withinside the homely and nonviolent surroundings of Sallaghari Bhaktapur. It is affiliated under the Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT)for supplying the PCL nursing schooling of three years. It is likewise diagnosed with the aid of using the National Health Professional Council (NHPC), Nepal Nursing Council, and Nepal Pharmacy Council. It additionally operates different technical packages like Certificate in Diagnostic Radiography, Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT).

It adopts the innovative coaching practices to satisfy the educational and expert to the college students. It gives diverse possibilities to all college students even after the commencement of their selected faculty. Like different personal colleges, it additionally has restrained seats of best 40. For which college students must undergo a competitive entrance examination. The price of nursing education is less costly at about Rs. four lakh.

11. Nepal Institute of Health Science

20 Nursing College in Nepal

Nepal Institute of Health Science was installed in the yr 2001 A. D. It is positioned withinside the peaceful surroundings of Boudha Kathmandu. It is affiliated below CTEVT for strolling skill ability certificates labels in nursing school, standard medicine (HA), Diploma in Pharmacy, and Lab Technician application. Likewise, it’s also affiliated with Purbanchal University to run B. Sc. Nursing, PBBN, BPH. The main attention of this school is to supply the medium label and the better degree of nursing specialists who’ve good enough information withinside the theoretical and realistic background. The university additionally produces different fitness school participants as noted above to satisfy the qualitative health manpower necessity of the nation.

The major goal of this school on account that its status quo has been to supply a competent, self-reliant, responsible citizen. So that they can make a contribution to society with nice health care offerings as in line with the want of the country. The sources that the university gives for better education in their college students is unlimited. The proficiency certificates degree nursing is a 3-yr application whose predominant attention is to supply the middle level, technical nursing staff.

The standards for enrolling withinside the PCL nursing application of this school is that the scholars should gain 50% in SLC or SEE with 50% marks to be eligible. This nursing college student additionally should go through the selective front examination. The university now no longer best specializes in the curriculum set through CTEVT. But it additionally specializes in growing their management and personality. Other sports that the university make their college students observe are instructional tours, excursion, and sports activities sports. Extra training is supplied to the one’s college students who’re in need for their better performance.

12. Nepalese Army Institution of Health Science College of Nursing

20 Nursing College in Nepal

THE commonly-called NAIHS university of nursing was constructed in 2010 A. D. It is placed in the peaceful and calm surroundings of Bhandarkhal of Sanobharyang Swayambhu. The university has separate 4 floored constructing for nursing faculty. The constructing includes an educational and control branch concerning nursing. The university has its very own hospital named Shree Birendra Teaching Hospital which is set and 1/2 of km away.

Three-year nursing program includes only forty seats for which thousand of college students compete. The college students like in some other faculties are shortlisted on the premise of their deserves in SEE. And the outcomes they gain in the front examination.

It is placed withinside the serene surroundings with a lovely view of Swayambhunath Stupa. And lust green flora of Halchowk, Ichangu Narayan, and Nagarjun Hill. The university additionally has different centers inclusive of Library, Sports, WiFi, Transportation. Auditorium, Science Lab and Medical Facilities, Health Care, Conference, Banking Services. Multimedia, Parking, Counselling, and Scholarship for the deserving nursing college students.

13. Om Health Campus

20 Nursing College in Nepal

Om Hospital and Research Center is the famous hospital positioned in Chabhil of Kathmandu. The health facility opened its sister organization withinside the form of Om health campus in 1998. Initially, it ran an ANM training program of 18 months below CTEVT and Purbanchal University. Now it’s miles running a Certificate Nursing program, Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM), and Bachelor degree application in Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing (PBBN). B.Sc. nursing, and BPH (Bachelor of Public Health).

The university is mounted in a multi-storied construction with a fine-searching garden, and playground. This nursing college has its canteen for presenting scholars with a nutritious diet. They have their well-ready technology laboratory, transportation, multimedia, high-pace internet, scholarship centers for deserving students. The three-year degree direction in nursing prices you approximately four lakhs rupees. forty seats are opened for the opposition among the students for studying nursing.

14. Sushma Koirala Memorial Nursing Campus

20 Nursing College in Nepal

Established in 2000 A. D., This university of Nursing education has all started its educational operations since 2057/58. Better known as SKMNC, this faculty is operated below the supervision and tracking of Sushma Koirala Memorial Trust. it is affiliated with Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT). The educational achievements of this nursing college were diagnosed by numerous authorities and non-authorities bodies. The new construction is built withinside the Sankhu location with aid from the Indian Embassy.

Three-years nursing software is tremendously diagnosed nationally. It avails forty seats for the enrollment each yr. Students have to have SEE merit along with entrance results to benefit admission to this school. The university is likewise below the association of Purbanchal University for the B. Sc. Nursing software.

The modern medically geared up centers to be had withinside the university has been supporting the university in attaining its goal. Such as it’s very own accommodation, cafeteria, library, transportation, auditorium. Highly equipped science lab, healthcare convention room, parking facilities. The contemporary-day medically geared up facilities available in the university has been supporting the university in attaining its goal. Such as it’s very own accommodation, cafeteria, library, transportation, auditorium. Highly equipped science lab, healthcare convention room, parking centers.

15. Tsho Rolpa Nursing College

20 Nursing College in Nepal

These reputed nursing college are placed in Charikot Bazar of Dolakha. It was set up in the year 2008 A. D. With the only predominant goal of imparting nearby girls of this district with the opportunity of acquiring identified ranges in Nursing. It has its clinic Tsho Rolpa General Hospital that’s the determine company of this university. It has now no longer simplest been producing ready and professional expert nurses. It is also offering the possibility to the ladies of this faraway village to earn their residing via way of means of themselves.

Not simplest withinside the district however additionally in any a part of Nepal in addition to outside the nation. Like another private school, it additionally avails forty seats for the PCL nursing direction and might cost a little about rupees four lakhs. Since the overall clinic is positioned withinside the remote area. So the scholars won’t get the adequate possibility to show themselves in realistic skills. So they despatched the second year to Madhyapur Hospital Thimi, a baby-friendly hospital of Panipokhari and Bhaktapur Hospital. The third-year nursing college students are despatched to Bhaktapur Hospital, Dhading District clinic, Dolakha PHC clinic to the advantage of realistic knowledge.

Though the university is withinside the remotest village of Nepal. But it doesn’t imply that the university isn’t always nicely geared up with modernized amenities. Like numerous different city nursing college, this nursing college additionally has its hostel with a green hostel warden. It additionally includes nicely-geared up science labs which specific demonstration lessons for the students

16. Amda Institute of Health Science

20 Nursing College in Nepal

Amda Institute of Health Science was established in 1996. It is placed in Saman of Jhapa, Nepal. Since it’s the establishment, it’s been providing the three-year route of PCL nursing program below the association of CTEVT. Apart from a degree in Nursing, it additionally gives different courses along with ANM, CMA, Lab Assistant, and Health Assistant. forty college students are given the possibility of each year to study nursing at this famed institute. For which they should pass SEE with proper grades and additionally should stable an amazing score withinside the entrance examination.

Apart from nursing, each year it additionally gives admission for forty college students for Community Medical Assistant (CMA), forty college students for Laboratory Assistant, and forty college students for Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANM) schooling program. It additionally has commenced PCL.in general medicine from the year 2018 A. D.

The institute from its formation has the purpose to provide such fitness manpower withinside the country who will have the management skills. One who can adapt to any surroundings and paintings efficiently. The institute additionally conducts public health activities through its college students. It additionally seeks collaboration with countrywide and global ventures to conduct health and scientific programs in the country. Unlike different fitness institutes, AMDA Institute is decided to provide in a position paramedical manpower. Those who’re capable of work in NGO, INGO, hospital, and personal sectors. It has its very own academic building with a well-ready library and laboratory set-up. Infrastructure has been constructed with current facilities to fulfill the global standard.

17. Sailaja Acharya Memorial Polytechnic

20 Nursing College in Nepal

Sailaja Acharya Memorial Polytechnic was hooked up in the year 1997 A. D. In Siswani Jahada -3 Morang district of Nepal. It has been affiliated beneath neath CTEVT for supplying the program of PCL nursing to the college students. forty seats are opened each year for admission withinside the staff nurse course for which college students need to make investments around four lakhs rupees. Students are selected on the idea in their grades in SEE and front exam results.

Apart from the group of workers nurse program, it additionally gives VJTA, TSLC Ayurved, PJTA, and ANM program. It has been approved through the Nepal Nursing council and Nepal Health professional council. It has been generating both mid and higher degree of technically green employees so we can earn their living and work for society. It has set the goal to offer efficient health care offerings to remote villages where others hesitate to go. It has been supplying Academic Technical Education, Skill Based Vocational Trainings.

It has been conducting research, surveys, monitoring & evaluations. It has been operating towards Gender advocacy & girls empowerment. It has been stirring the society to take part in rural improvement and Livelihood improvement. The centers that it’s been offering its college students areas in keeping with the global standards and the need of the college students. Such because the group has its very own Hostel, Cafeteria, Library, Science Lab, Conference, and Multimedia. It also gives the scholarship to the needy and deserving college students.

18. Chhinnamasta Educational Academy

20 Nursing College in Nepal

Chhinnamasta Educational Academy is installed in the year 1997 A. D. It is constructed at Rajbiraj of Saptari. It’s a private university that has been based on groups of intellectuals, professionals, and professionals of associated fields. The one vital aim is to help the country to fulfill the demand for efficient and professional manpower. The university has truly regarded that education is incomplete with just the theoretical expertise given inside the classroom. Therefore, the institute has been supplying training programs, workshops, seminars, subject works, and practice.

It is affiliated below CTEVT for supplying the technical and vocational education to the students. Every year, it opens admission for a three-year course of PCL nursing with forty seats. Apart from nursing, it additionally runs a Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT), Diploma in Pharmacy, PCL in General Medicine-Health Assistant (HA). TSLC in Civil Engineering (Civil Sub-Overseer), TSLC in Electrical Engineering (Electrical Sub-overseer), and TSLC in Survey Engineering (AMIN).

19. Farwest Technical College

20 Nursing College in Nepal

Farwest Technical College was set up in the year 2010 A. D and Located at Nainadevi Road of Dhanbad. It is below the association of CTEVT, it’s been presenting three-year degree nursing and 15 months of full-time Civil Sub-overseer application. forty seats are availed for the nursing application and forty-eight seats are availed for the Civil sub overseer program. Around four lakhs of funding is needed for the nursing course. The nursing department of this school, because it’s the formation, has been targeted on generating professional and educated nursing professionals. It takes energetic participation withinside the community to refer the efficient health care services.

It has been making use of current and scientific techniques to allow their college students to make vital choices about the health of people. The university has constructed a good enough and comfortable infrastructure with modern amenities. Such as Hostel, Cafeteria, library, Sports, Science Lab, Counselling, and Scholarship.

20. Deural Janata Prabidik Shikshyalaya

20 Nursing College in Nepal

Deurali Janata Prabidik Shikshyalaya university becomes established withinside the year 2064 B. S located in Butwal. It is considered one of the fine academic establishments of province 5. It is approved through Nepal Nursing Council and therefore has been presenting a three-year course of PCL nursing.

Those who’ve attained proper grades on their SEE and an excellent rating in the entrance exam are capable of gaining admission to the university. Apart from the Nursing program, it additionally runs JTA-Agriculture and Veterinary JTA programs. It not only specializes in generating the manpower who can work on their respective fields with capable leadership skills. But it also makes the scholars able to being the activity creators. The instructors of the university also are qualified, experienced, and rather dedicated. 90% production of this faculty has been getting the activity of their respective fields.

The nursing college has its very own accommodation for the scholars with the hygienic cafeteria. The scholarship is likewise given to the underprivileged and deserving college students for higher opportunities.


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