10 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast at Home

10 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast at Home

Once you put on some pounds, it is difficult to lose weight. Many people are willing to cut off some weight that they have put on in this quarantined due to an inactive lifestyle, and for some people, their obesity was always a reason for unsatisfied life. So, here are simple tips and tricks to easily cut off your extra pounds in a few months at home:

Home Exercise

Exercising regularly will help you to get the desired body. For doing exercise, you neither need heavy equipment nor instructor; what you actually need is will and mindset to be fit. Your body is enough for doing any kind of exercise. For example, you can do home workouts like:
– Squats
– Push-ups
– Crunches
– Lunges
– Stretching
– Plank etc…
If you feel these exercise boring, then you can also add some fun in your exercise routine like skipping, playing badminton, go for a walk (if not impossible, you can walk on a staircase), cycling, swimming (if possible), dancing, or even Yoga (like Surya Namaskar) can help you to tone and cut off extra fat from your body.
However, if you are a beginner, and have no idea about an exercise routine, then for the guidance you can also download free apps to workout at home.

Track Your Food Intake

Tracking every day what you ate in a day helps you to know what you are eating unhealthy and how much calories you have burned and intake. Also, this will help you to have a balanced diet with more proteins, fewer carbs, and fats to lose weight.10 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast at Home

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Drink lot of Water

Sometimes you overeat feeling that you are hungry, but every time it is not the same case. Feeling thirsty makes you feel hungry, so drink some water. Also, drink a glass of water before lunch so that you can avoid yourself from overeating. Drinking water helps to flush toxin out of your body and also help you to cut fat. At least drink 3 litres of water everyday to loose weight.front-view-sporty-woman-drinking-water

Include Fat Burning Food in Your Diet

Lemon, Green Tea, Chia Seeds, Apple Cider Vinegar, Eggs, Fish, Coffee, Coconut oil, Bananas, Almonds, Oatmeal, Watermelon, etc. should be in your diet. These food are low in calories and helps you to fill full and burn fat. And you should avoid food like refined sugar, salt, carbs, junk food, packet food, sodas, ice cream, sweets, alcohol, etc.10 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast at Home

Have an Active Lifestyle

Having an active lifestyle, like doing your work by yourself, using a staircase instead of the lift, traveling on foot, etc. will help your body to move and does not store extra fat in your body, this will automatically make you fit and healthy.two-female-runner-jogging-staircase-winter

Eat in Small dishes

Eating in small bowl or plate will avoid you from overeating. So, its better to select small dishes for lunch and dinner if you want to loose weight.10 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast at Home

Properly Chew your Food

It is said that you should chew 32 times every bite, so that your food can easily digest at your mouth. Chewing properly help you to concentrate on food. While eating food, you must avoid all distractions like watching TV, talking or overthinking. Instead just focus on food and have proper chew, so that after 15 minutes your mind will give you sign of being full. If you don’t chew your food properly then you will not feel satisfied even after overeating.10 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast at Home

Think Positively and Prepare Mentally

You are the result of your own thought. So, if you desire to be slim and fit, give your mind such signal. Like think positively, visualizing yourself in the desired shape you want to be, feel yourself slim and fit… then definitely your body will work according to your subconscious mind.10 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast at Home

Stress less, Sleep More

Having a proper goodnight’s sleep will help you to lose weight because sleep deprivation causes changes to hormones that regulate hunger and appetite. If you are stress, then your stress hormone signals your body to conserve energy to fuel your waking hours which is stored as fat in your body.10 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast at Home

Make it your Lifestyle

Losing weight is not a few days thing. It is a change in your lifestyle. You must change your old habits and follow new healthy habits. The change should be from your timetable, daily activities, shopping style, groceries in the kitchen, eating habit, sleeping habit, working habit, utensils, cooking habit, writing journal, rewarding yourself, dressing style (say goodbye to your boring baggy clothes, and try to get fit in fitted clothes), tracking your progress, etc. These changes in small behavior can help you to bring a big change in your life.10 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast at Home

Losing weight should not only be your ultimate goal. Instead, focus on a fit and healthy body and feel the change not only in your body, but also in your confidence level, energy, thinking habit, behavior, and many more. You will definitely find the best in you. Also, love yourself, no matter what size or shape you are in, if you don’t accept and love the way you are, you can’t expect the second person to shower love and adore you. So, be the better version of you accepting the way you are and loving yourself.

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