10 Short Cycling Destination in Kathmandu-2022

10 Short Cycling Destination in Kathmandu-2022

From the perspective of a non-cyclist, cycling appears to be as simple as pedalling from left to right, and it is, but we’re confident that once you take your first ride, you’ll be captivated by the sensation of freedom, adventure, and delight. It’s more easy to get started than it appears.

Cycling to boost your fitness, health or an environmental choice could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Some places to enjoy your ride

Here, we have mentioned some of the interesting and short trip destinations in Kathmandu for cycling. Some parts of Kathmandu are famous for their wide-open spaces, while others take pride in their mountains views.

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1. Nagarkot


Nagarkot is an excellent location for panoramic views and a spectacular dawn. Cycling begins just outside of Kathmandu and continues to Chisapani, Nagarkot, and back down via local temples. In Nepal, it’s a simple riding destination. You’ll need a good degree of fitness even if you’re not a seasoned rider. The woodland and rural views are spectacular among the various roadside sights.

2. Kakani


Kakani is another fantastic location close to Kathmandu. After a short drive to Kaule’s Kakani Bus Park, your experience begins. This is where your cycling adventure begins. The 2-hour bike journey brings you through a variety of pine trees, with a crisp Himalayan breeze flowing over your hair. The hike to Kakani Hilltop is strenuous, but the breathtaking view of the mountains at the summit is well worth the effort.

3. Champdevi

The Chandragiri Champadevi Hike is for you, and it consists of a trail with breathtaking vistas set among the green woodlands. In the Kathmandu valley, the Chandragiri and Champadevi hills are ideal trekking spots. It’s better to use it on the downhill than on the uphill. With a height of 2,561 meters, the Champadevi hill is the highest point in the area.On the other hand, the Chandragiri hill is situated at an altitude of 2,278 meters.

4. Lakuri Banjhyang


Lakuri hiking is a great option for individuals who want to get close to nature and breathe fresh mountain air while passing through pine woods and towns on their way to the hillstation. Gwarko Chowk, just outside of Patan, is the southeast point of the Kathmandu Valley’s major ring road. You’ll quickly arrive at Lubhu if you stay on the asphalt-covered Gwarko-Lamatar route. After another 1.0km of pedaling, you’ll come to another detour. To go to Lakuri Bhanjyang, turn left. As you get closer to the summit, the route narrows and the trees get thicker. The entire journey to Bhanjyang is a hard 5.0km ascent.

5. Sundarijal


Sundarijal is well-known for its valley cycling tours and trekking trails, which attract both local and international visitors. We may begin our journey at jorpati. Sundarijal is 17 kilometers northeast of Kathmandu. The little town serves as a gateway to the Shivapuri National Park and the Kathmandu Valley. After a couple of hours of steep hiking, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Kathmandu valley and the lovely Tamang town of Murkharka. Sundarijal is the starting point for the journey to Chisapani, which will take you via Nagarkot and then to Chisapani.


Trails should be planned to allow for the safe passage of one traveler by another, as well as sufficient sight to prevent collisions. Variable travel speeds should be factored into the design. To provide appropriate visibility, existing paths must be evaluated for the requirement for vegetation clearance or rerouting. Garbage should be gathered and disposed of properly when bicycling.


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