Tips On How To Buy Bicycles

Tips On How To Buy Bicycles

Selecting the best bicycles might be a fuzzy and daunting thing to do, particularly when someone is a rookie. No matter how hard you try to figure out your best match, you’ll still find it difficult to choose the best bicycle that suits you perfectly. In fact, there are plenty of bicycle types and brands out there to confuse you and if you google more about it, then the choice will become more puzzling. However, before buying your bicycle there are several tips you need to consider. First, you have to be clear about why you need a bicycle?

Perhaps, you need a bicycle just for a morning ride to maintain good health, maybe you need a bicycle for mountaineering, to explore new places or maybe you want to have one, for speed or race. Just ask yourselves, for what purpose you want to have your own ride and after figuring out your purpose, it will be totally easy for you to select the best one. Furthermore, you might wanna take the following tips into account while buying your dream bicycle.

Brainstorming about where and how you will ride?

As we discussed earlier, before buying the bicycle, you have to be specific about your ride use and purpose. There is a variety of bicycles such as Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Hybrid bikes, and Cruisers. Each of these bicycles has it’s own features and importance. Basically, Mountain bikes are for off roads. However, you can use it on the pavement as well. Road bikes are generally for the riding around your locality or town, these bikes are a little bit faster than others.

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Tips On How To Buy Bicycles

Hybrid bikes are for two purposes i.e you can ride it on off roads or you can use it as casual ride. Moreover, Cruisers bikes are the ones you see on boardwalks. So, first, decide what types of bicycles you need.

Analyze Every Bike Parts

While buying the bicycle you have to know what kind of parts are equipped in your ride. Suppose you want to ride off-road, so you have to look at your suspension. Front and the hydraulic suspension are needed for off roads rides so that it will ease your bumps and joints. Then analyze the wheel, rim, and hub. Most importantly is breaks, basically, there are three types of breaks, Coaster hub breaks, rim breaks, and disc breaks.

Tips On How To Buy Bicycles

Nowadays everyone’s favorite is disc breaks because it has an exceptional mechanism for stopping your ride immediately with less force. Then make sure to have the right gear. Gear makes pedaling more smooth and comfortable so based on your types of bicycle, select the gear.

Know About Bikes Frames

Frame of your bike determines your ride strength. There are several frames of bikes available in the market. The classic and traditional is metal frames. For instance, the modern one which also considered the best is Almunium frames because they are durable. Another two are Carbon and Titanium frame which are expensive but it confines with durability, lightweight, and high tech style.

Buy Your Ride In Accordance To Your Height

While buying a bicycle you have to focus that your heigh and the height of your ride correlate with each other. Your ride height or frame needs to be well adjusted with the size of the legs as well as your torso. So make sure to select the best size of bicycle which is comfortable in accordance with your height.

Tips On How To Buy Bicycles


The most crucial part is budgeting. As per now, the price of bicycles varies depending upon its brads and features. However, the bicycle whose frames are metal is the cheaper one. The aluminum frame bikes are a bit expensive. But there are also high ends bikes which are made of titanium and carbon.

Important thing is, you have to be specific about your choice. Remember expensive things are not always better, so don’t buy the stuff which looks fancy, buy the ride which perfectly matches with your interest and needs.

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