10 Solid Reasons Why Student Visas are Rejected in Australia

10 Solid Reasons Why Student Visas are Rejected in Australia

Students Visas Rejection is the full stop in your dreams of studying in Australia.

There is no if, but, please, let me, Once your visa is rejected you can do nothing about it. You can never go to Australia on a student visa because you can not apply for this visa twice.


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So, it is very necessary to be cautious while applying for Visa. You have to study and carry out the research for being updated on the reasons for student visa rejection.

In this article, we are going to give you 10 reasons why student visas are rejected in Australia. Read them carefully and avoid making the same mistakes when you are applying for a visa.

10 Reasons Student Visas are Rejected in Australia

10 Solid Reasons Why Student Visas are Rejected in Australia

Here, in this article, we will list the major 10 Reasons Why Student Visas are Rejected in Australia. Read them carefully and save yourself from doing the same mistakes.

1. Fail to Choose or Justify Appropriate Reason for Course Selection

You are applying to Australia for further studies. You should show how genuine and studious a student you are. As an applicant, you should prove to the Australian government that you want to come to Australia to study, to gain wisdom and knowledge.

So be knowledgeable and confident about the course you are planning to study over there. If you are choosing a course different from the specialization that you have studied in Nepal, give them a proper reason behind you choosing a different course to study in Australia.

If you fail to justify the appropriate reasons behind choosing a certain course, then there is a high chance of your student visa rejection.

Key points

  • Choose the course wisely
  • Justify your reason for wanting to study this course
  • Show your will to come to Australia for the purpose of further study.

2. Failure to meet Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement (GTE)

You are going to Australia as a student. Passing GTE should be your major focus. The Australian high commission evaluates your visa based on certain criteria tagged under the title GTE.

What is GTE?

Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement (GTE) is an integrity assessment or a test to check whether you are coming to Australia for study purposes or with some ulterior motives.

All the applicants for a student visa must provide substantiation stating clearly that they want to come and study in Australia for gaining knowledge and will return to their respective home country after the completion of the course. The Australian student visa is a temporary visa.

If you could not clarify why you want to come to Australia and fulfill GTE requirements, then you will fail in GTE and there is a very high chance of your student visa being rejected.

GTE Requirements checks the following:

  • Your circumstance in your home country and reason for not studying the course if available in your home country. So give a logical reason for choosing to come to Australia despite the course being available in your own country.
  • The level of study and course chosen and how it shapes up with your chosen career
  • Your immigration history i.e your past visa rejection history for either Australia or another country.

Australian High Commission asks you to provide a statement of purpose related to the application for a student visa. They will weigh the points mentioned in the Statement of Purpose with the GTE requirements either via a telephonic interview or by detailed self-assessment. If the statement of purpose does not align with the GTE requirements, your student visa application can be rejected.

3. Failure to Meet Academic Qualification

Your Visa approver checks if you are qualification fits the requirement to study in Australia. If you can cope with Australia’s education system. Know this, academic requirements will vary depending on the course, level of education, and university you have chosen.

So, you should know your ability and choose the uni accordingly. If your qualification does not align with the uni you have chosen, your student visa will be rejected.

4. Failure to meet English Requirements

 IELTS and TOEFL, you must be well-known about these words.

You have to be fluent in English scoring good scores either in IELTS OR TOEFL if you want to study in Australia. English proficiency is a must, for your visa approval.

You have to submit English language test results alongside your visa application. If your ILETS or TOEFL result is not satisfactory, your visa might get rejected.


Make sure you study hard while taking ILETS or TOEFL classes

5. Failure to Meet Health Requirements

You must have healthy medical records if you are applying for any kind of visa for Australia. You have to submit your medical records and your medical records should be clear with no sign of diseases like HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Hepatitis before the visas are issued.

If you have any sort of unhealthy medical records or past records with diseases, then your student visa won’t be approved.

6. Insufficient Funds

Only the Wealthy or Foolish says Money Doesn’t Matter.

It does. To buy food, house, car, clothes, and also to get your student visa approved for Australia.

If you want to study in Australia, you will have to meet certain financial requirements. You will have to show your bank deposit or available fund for an annual living expenditure of around AUD20,000 but it is always subject to change (usually in the upward direction). To get your visa approved, you must show evidence that shows you can support your studies and yourself during your stay in Australia.

If you cannot provide your property documents, then for sure your visa will be rejected.

If you are going to depend on your deposit, you gotta submit the evidence of it. And if you have someone living in Australia who are going to sponsor your studies, then you have to show the documents like your relationship with your sponsor, your sponsor’s written statement, or the identity documents of the person providing said funds.

Providing evidence of your financial stability is the most. You have to provide the following bank documents:

  • Availability of sufficient funds to pay the tuition fee for the first year
  • Travel expenses required for coming to Australia and to travel within Australia
  • Cost of living in Australia for a year and
  • Cost of your Overseas Student Health Cover

7. Incomplete or Counterfeit Documents

Now, Now, Now!!!! You must be a really stupid or overconfident brat if you think you can fly to Australia submitting counterfeit Documents.

Never do this because you might never ever get to visit Australia on any sort of visa if you are found in an act of submitting counterfeit documents.

Submitting incomplete or unmanaged documents is one of the main reasons, why the visa gets rejected. Each document in your visa application process plays a vital role in your visa approval. You cannot afford to miss any of them unless you don’t care about a slap on your face through visa rejection. You have to submit the following documents according to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Checklist:

  • Birth Certificate.
  • Passport identity page and each page having a visa label and immigration stamps for any country.
  • National Identity Card which identifies your nationality.
  • All pages of the Household Registration Book.
  • A CV certified by local authorities.
  • Electronic Certificate of Enrolment (CoE) for courses being undertaken.
  • Your genuine will the study in Australia convinces your visa approver you are a studious student and that you do not have any ulterior motives.
  • Evidence of qualifications and associated transcripts.
  • Evidence of any scholarship(s) awarded for your studies in Australia.
  • Valid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the proposed duration of the student visa.
  • If under 18: Parent consent letters, signed and witnessed.
  • Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare Arrangements (CAAW), linked with your CoE.
  • Documents showing your financial stability.
  • Your score of IELTS OR TOEFL.

8. Past Crime Records

Say no to Crime, if you want to go to any country, not only Australia.

If the smell of crime is detected from you, then there is no chance for your visa to be approved. So you must not have any criminal records. Even if you have a minor criminal record, it might pave the path for your visa rejection.

If you have any such crime history, it will be best if you state the truth. It will show your sincerity and save your visa from being rejected.

9. Your Intention to Fly to Australia

The visa officers are strict about checking your intention for why you want to come to Australia. So, it is important to clear out your goal to come to Australia for a student visa to study the course you want to. You must convince them. Give no sign of ulterior motives.

If you want to do a part-time job during your study tenure to support yourself, then you should mention it in your application.

If the visa officers become skeptical about your goal and ambition to come to Australia, then your student visa will be rejected.

10. Rejection during Interview

10 Solid Reasons Why Student Visas are Rejected in Australia

How you present yourself during the interview is important. Your answers, your confidence, and your honesty determine your visa selection.

If you fail to answer the asked question properly or if you lack sincerity in your answers, you will fail the interview session.

Hence, the interview session with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection also results in visa refusal. 

It is essential to answer all the questions honestly and accurately meeting the requirements during the interview.

What to Do if Your Australian Student Visa application gets Rejected?

If your Visa is rejected, then you can appeal for it to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for a review of their decision. Follow these steps and tips.

  • Apply at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)
  • Pay the Appeal Fee

Apply at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

You can send an appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) online within 28 days of your Visa rejection’s notice.

The respective visa Officer will send a written decision regarding your visa and within the notice, you will have all the information regarding the deadline for appeal on how to appeal a visa refusal.

You can either send a paper application or apply online at the official website of the AAT.

The appeal time depends on the reason for your visa rejection. The appeal time period is limited. So you have to appeal within 28 days after the notice of your visa rejection.

If you miss the last date, neither the Immigration Office nor AAT can help you with the extension of the time limit. 

Appeal Fee

Appeal Fee: Approximately A$1,826 (1,58,000 Nepali Rupee)

You have to pay the appeal fee before the 28-day deadline ends.

Chances of getting an Australia Student Visa after Refusal

Now, the chances of getting an Australia Student Visa again totally depend on why your visa was rejected in the first place.

If your visa was rejected due to criminal records or insufficient funds or health issues, then there is a high chance your visa will not be approved.

But if your Visa was rejected due to technical errors i.e. you applied incorrectly or in the wrong category, then there is a chance that your visa might get approved.

Hope for the Best!!

Summing Up

10 Solid Reasons Why Student Visas are Rejected in Australia

If your dream is to study abroad, then you have an amazing dream. And getting your Student visa approved makes your dream to study abroad come true.

Unless your visa is approved, you can never study in the country you have applied for.

So, make sure you fulfill every requirement, attach every necessary document & certificate, and get every clearance needed to get your application approved. And save yourself from trouble for Visa appeal after visa rejection.

It is very necessary, you save yourself from doing mistakes that can assist in visa rejection. So, carry out enough research before you apply and submit documents.

We wish you all the best for your future!!!

We hope you hade gained information and knowledge reading our article.

Thank You!! for reading till the end.

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