10 Fun Things To Do At Home On A Rainy Day

10 Fun Things To Do At Home On A Rainy Day
Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day!

The sound of raindrops falling on the roof___Pitter-Patter!!! Pitter-Patter!!!Pitter-Patter!!!

Cuddle on your Bed and watch your favorite TV series?
Cuddle with your pillow and sleep?
Watch the soft drizzle falling on the surface of your window with a cup of tea?
Working on your assignment by listening to your favorite music?
Chatting with your favorite person?

What is it you enjoy doing usually on the Rainy days?? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below my lovely friends.

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For some of you, rainy days might be boring making you feel sad and grounded in your home. Studies show around 9% of people fall into the “Rain Haters”. Which category do you fall into? Rain Lover? or Rain Hater? But to some of you, rainy days might be the best days to have time for yourself- sitting in your home, doing stuff you love doing, being yourself. Personally speaking, I like rainy days a lot. I love spending time on my bed, listening to my favorite music, talking to my favorite person enjoying the ambient sound of raindrops hitting the cemented ground.

Interesting Fact:

Rainy days can make you feel down and sleepy!!

10 Fun Things To Do At Home On A Rainy Day

10 Fun Things To Do At Home On A Rainy Day

Sunday, Monday, Sunny Day, Rainy Day, every day is a Funday when you are in high spirit. Don’t blame rainy days if you feel gloomy. Better check out what interesting things you can do when you are indoors. Here is the list of 10 fun activities you can carry out at home on a Rainy Day:

1. Watch new TV series or Dramas

Fun things to do on rainy days

Rainy days are the best days to start a new series or dramas or movies, anything you like. Watching your favorite shows alone or with friends on rainy days really feels awesome. It gives an amazing vibe. Be warm on your bed or couch, play your favorite show on your laptop or television and watch it alone or with your friends. You will feel enjoy doing so very much. By the end of a show, all you will feel is relaxed, calm, and filled with new energy.

2. Cook yourself your favorite foods

Fun Things To Do At Home On A Rainy Day

Most of the time we are busy with our school or college or office. We barely get time to spend quality time in our homes. So, a rainy day is an opportunity for all of us busy people to spend a good time inside our house. Cook yourself a healthy food that is your favorite. How about a cup of coffee or tea? with some snacks? Sit warm on a couch and enjoy every sip of your coffee with the soothing sound of the rain.

Interesting Fact:

Rain doesn’t always make the ground wet

3. Take a Warm Shower

Fun Things To Do At Home On A Rainy Day

Rainy days are humid. It makes us feel lazy.

Reason: Decrease Oxygen in the air. Oxygen makes our brain feel refreshed. But during the rainy days, there is more water vapor in the air resulting in low air pressure leading to a decrease in oxygen content. In such conditions, our brains slack off and we feel drowsy and sleepy.

So, take a warm or cold shower according to your preference. After a good shower, you will feel fresh and energetic. And you can spend your day doing productive things.

4. Play a game you like

Fun Things To Do At Home On A Rainy Day

If you don’t know how to spend time in your home when you cannot go out and play outdoor games with your mates, how about playing video games or online games? They are always a good choice and a good way to send a time.

There are many online games nowadays like PUBg, Mobile Legends, and League of Legends. You can play any of them. Trust me guys, they are really fun games. Or you can play your favorite video games or you can play Ludo with your sibling. I am sure you will have fun trying them. So, give it a try.

Interesting Fact:

Rain Has a Smell

5. Host a “Tea” Party

Fun Things To Do At Home On A Rainy Day

One of the classic things you can do on rainy days is to host a tea party. Dress in formal attire, and prepare tea for all the family members. Bake some cookies and pastries. Play classic music in the background and now enjoy your tea with your family members. And, Do Not Forget To Take Pictures. Post it on your social media later on. You will love your small Tea party. Thank me in the comment section below.

6. Clean your Bedroom and Closet

Fun Things To Do At Home On A Rainy Day

The surrounding around you affects your mood. Clean your bedroom. Organize your bed, and change your bed sheet and curtains of your room. Manage your closet. Make everything lively and clean. And now you will be in good mood. And everything is going to feel good and lively.

Interesting Fact:

Not all raindrops are made of water

7. Learn Something new

You can learn something new when you are at home. You can learn cooking from your mom or from YouTube. You can learn baking, making cold coffee. You can learn dancing or practice singing. Learn something new. Learn something you have always wanted to but never had time to learn. Now is the opportunity.

8. Create a Scrapbook

Fun Things To Do At Home On A Rainy Day

I like making Scrapbook, what about you guys?

Creating a Scrapbook is a fun thing to do when you are at home. You can use sticky notes, photos, tickets, pressed flowers, dried leaves, stickers anything that you want to look after 10 years from the present. Creating a scrapbook is actually an awesome idea. You can later reminisce and re-live all the moment every time you open your scrapbook. If you can invite and involve your family in your beautiful project, it will be more fun and memorable.

Interesting Fact:

There’s a reason you love the smell of rain

9. Mend Old Clothes

Do you have a stack of old clothes in your cupboard that you could never throw away? A day spent indoors is a perfect day to explore the cupboard and mend all the old clothes that require some touch-ups and stitching. Make a sewing kit ready and start working on old clothes that once upon a time were your favorite.

10. Create the Perfect Rainy Day Song Playlist

Fun Things To Do At Home On A Rainy Day

Listening to music always clam our mind and make us feel good. And on a day like a rainy day, what could be better than playing your songs from your playlist? And if you don’t have a playlist, Spotify is there. You can choose the songs you like and play them. Or you can play your favorite songs from your collection either. The choice is yours.

Interesting Fact:

The least rainy place on earth isn’t in the desert


Rain, Rain, Rain
Remove the pain
Bring Happiness
With Your Tiny Droplets

We hope you enjoy reading our article. Thank You!! for your Love and Support. Have a good day. Don’t forget to carry an umbrella with you during Monsoon. See you in our next article guys!!


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