10 Best Tips to Engage the Audience While Hosting an Event

10 Best Tips to Engage the Audience While Hosting an Event
Engaging your audience is psychology. 

How to Engage the audience? Let them hear what they want to!!!!!!

What makes us happy? When we get the things that we want, Right? In the same way, to engage the audience, talk about the things that they are interested in. Or, make them interested and give them a reason to listen.

A good teacher, like a good entertainer, first must hold his audience’s attention, then he can teach his lesson.

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Before stepping onto the stage, remember you are going to conversate with your audience not lecture them. How do we make them feel this way?

Here are the 10 best tips and tricks. Let’s learn them together.

How to Engage the Audience While Hosting an Event?

1. Ask Questions

Asking questions is one of the best ways to engage the audience.

The human brain can only maintain true focus for about 45 minutes before it starts to lose steam. And asking random questions can bring attention back.

Ask your audience questions related to the content. Ask them what their thought is about it. Ask them their opinion. Doing so will make them more attentive and you can connect with your audience.

2. Poll the Audience

10 Best Tips to Engage the Audience While Hosting an Event

You must have seen the speaker use this technique. Our teacher does it either. They ask us to “Raise your hand if……, “Stand out and please read it loud……”, “Drop your opinion…..” and so on to keep us engaged in the lecture, don’t they? And every time they ask us a question, we get alert and our brain cells become active.

The same phenomenon happens when the speaker polls the audience. They become more active and interested in what the speaker is talking about. Polling an audience is one of the most common ways speakers engage their audiences, and for good reason! It works.

Poll the audience time and again to engage the audience.

3. Be Entertaining

10 Best Tips to Engage the Audience While Hosting an Event

To engage the audience, you must be entertaining.

If you host an event without any jokes, poems, or stories to share then the event for sure will get boring. You will not want to be part of such events, the same goes for your audience.

So, be entertaining. Try to entertain them by sharing interesting personal stories, cracking funny jokes, reciting pomes, doing caricatures and Et cetera. Making them listen to you and entertaining them should go side by side.

4. Use Get Loud Technique

This one is an interesting one and it works finely.

Whenever you have some important things to share and make your audience remember, Get loud. Speak loudly to grab the attention of your audience.

Or you can use phrases such as, “Okay everyone repeat after me” or “Now everyone listen to me very very carefully, have something spicy to say” and so on.

5. Get Moving

Get Moving. If you are standing straight and you are on the podium every time and you are talking, it gets really boring no matter how exciting, interesting and important your content is. When it gets boring, not everyone from the audience will give an ear to your words.

Move around. Cover the stage. Go near the audience. Walk around and share the information. To be able to do so, make sure you have a wireless mic.

Get Moving is one of the effective techniques you must follow if you want to engage the audience.

6. Invite a Volunteer

10 Best Tips to Engage the Audience While Hosting an Event

Engaging your audience is important, isn’t it? So, to engage the audience what you can also do is: Invite a Volunteer from among the audience.

Ask them to come up on the stage or platform and ask them to do something along with you. What happens when you call the audience up on the stage is that the others listener puts themselves in the volunteer place. They are much more likely to relate to it and they find it much more engaging and entertaining.

Popular TV host Kapil Sharma follows this technique. He invites a volunteer on the stage and keeps his audience engaged.

7. Share Stories

You can share an interesting story or your personal story, gossip or even the latest scandal that has taken place with your audience. Share that is relevant to the event you are hosting.

We love hearing interesting stories, and being part of gossip, don’t we? So, sharing stories is one of the best ways to engage the audience.

8. Match an Expression, Message and Tone

To reinforce an emotional connection with your audience be aware of your facial expression, your tone and physical moment. Are your expression, gesture and moment align with your story? Pay mind to it.

The way you express yourself can engage or distract your audience.

 9. Add Visuals to Your Content

Another way to engage the audience is through the addition of Visuals to your content.

Add visuals to your content as much as possible. Why? Because constant listening is boring. Adding visuals to your content will keep your audience engaged without letting them get bored. Create slides, charts or pictures to make your content more meaningful.

10. Avoid Giving Long Speeches

Nobody likes listening to long speeches. It makes our minds drowsy.

So, in order to avoid making your audience’s mind drowsy and dull, you must avoid giving a long speech. Make your speech short and sweet.


10 Best Tips to Engage the Audience While Hosting an Event

Engaging your audience is an important trait of a professional anchor.

So, make sure you follow all the mentioned-above tips and tricks for engaging your audience.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on the topic 10 Best Tips and Tricks: Engaging Your Audience.

Thank You!!! Have a good day!!

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