Work From Home: 5 Easy Tips To Make Your Work Time Effective

Work From Home: 5 Easy Tips To Make Your Work Time Effective

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With the Invasion of the COVID-19-a global pandemic, the concept of Work From Home(WFH) has been popular and accepted worldwide. To counterpart the effect of Covid-19, the work from home concept was introduced which made working from home routine for millions, increasing numbers of people saying Bye-Bye to their in-person work.

All thanks to the ever-evolving technologies like Zoom, Google classroom, Skype, Slack, cloud computing and for sure texting and email is forever our best friend-It is no longer required to be in an office full time, to be efficient and productive members of the team. This is what magnificent and interesting thing about Work From Home. Many kinds of work can be performed as effectively and efficiently as from the office. All we need is the right practice with a working mindset and work environment.

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The work from home or Work from anywhere concept would have never come to practice or it would have never been accepted worldwide if the employee didn’t recognize the benefits from their side of the desk. There are lots of benefits for either side. Companies with work from anywhere policy can save money that they invest for office space, office infrastructure, employee free lunches and indeed can invest thus saved money in other aspects such as for increasing the productivity of their employee, or increasing their employee salary for motivating them to be more dedicated to their work. They can adopt business strategies for their self-benefit.

How to Work From Home Efficiently?

Work From Home- a girl working from home.

You might have your own reason for the question Why Work From Home?-be it due to your poor health condition or due to your self-preference, your reason is up to you. What matter the most here is your productivity, your efficiency and your dedication to being the best at what work you do. To ensure this, you should have a designated workplace or separate space where you can work without any disturbance with technologies required for your work. Here are five easy tips to make your work time effective during Work From Home:

1. Know the ground rule or business rule

It is the first and basic requirement that you should know before starting work from home. You should know what new rule has been set up for you by your organization. Is it the usual 10-6 schedule you have to follow or there is flexibility in the time schedule? Which apps and technology are required for you to communicate with your team members-is it Microsoft teams or else? 

Before starting your work from home job, it is a must that your employer make ground rules clear and ensure that you have required technologies such as laptop, as well as network access, passcode, login information including two-factor authentication. It is important for you to know all this basic information for you to start your work.

2. Set up Functional Workspace

Work form home- work place

It is very important to have a workspace where you can freely carry out your work without any disturbance. So for this purpose, you should make a separate space that can be used during your work time where you can work freely. Not everyone can manage a designated workspace but at the least, we can make ourselves alone in a palace where we can do our work smoothly which is very important for our productivity at work.

3Get a Good Internet speed 

Work From Home- wifi image

For Work from home is totally based on the internet technologies, you should get the internet speed that is required. It’s no fun if you keep being disconnected by and then during your work time. So beforehand you should avoid this problem. 

4. Minimize distraction

Image yourself trying to solve critical problems, but there is a constant noise coming out of your window or imagine the dog you owe is barking non-stop or your sibling is fighting for a candy… Can you work in such an environment? That is why a designated workplace is important. You should minimize all the distractions that can hamper your work.

5. Refreshment and short break

Work From Home- a coffee and snack for refreshment

After committing ourselves to the same projects for long hours or weeks, we get bored or our mind can even stop functioning in the worst scenario. We may start feeling a little claustrophobic after a few weeks at home alone, staring at the same project for long hours. It can get lonely. So, have a way for refreshing yourself time and again. Give yourself a short break. Make yourself a coffee or drinks you prefer to refresh your brain cell and again start your work.

Working from home can really be exciting, empowering even profitable. At the same time, it might be tough to maintain a proper regular work schedule due to the lack of a strict office environment. Sticking to our regular work schedule is very important to be efficient at work. We should always be on our regular time which will help to maintain our good impression at work together with increasing our work efficiency and productivity.

Work From Home Jobs

After having an idea of how to make work from home efficient, you might be wondering where can we find such jobs and how to find avoiding scams. Here are some of the most common, and fastest-growing, work from home options that might be suitable for you:

1. Freelancing

We hear lots of YouTubers talking about how they earned money through free-lancing making us more curious about it. A freelancer is a self-employed person who earns money after they complete and submit the projects they are assigned, to that specific client. A freelancer works on various projects but different clients. It is one of the popular work from home jobs.

2. Translator

A translator is a multi-lingual professional who translates one language to another. And for translating they are paid. They may translate files and documents, or transcribe and translate conversation and conference calls. It is one of the on-demand jobs for international companies have a high demand for translators.

3. Data entry

Data entry refers to entering the facts or data in computer software for the purpose of keeping records. It is one of the easiest jobs if you have the required technologies to carry out this job. Though some might find this job monotonous yet if you are looking for an easy one, you can consider it.

4. Typing Jobs

Work From Home- online typing job

If you happen to like the page-Job vacancy Nepal then your newsfeed will be invaded by Typing jobs vacancy. Many of them might be scams. For detecting scams or not, you gotta be wiser and avoid them, yet many of them are fair companies that provide typing jobs for interested candidates with good salaries. If you have a good typing speed, then you are good to go.

Avoid the Scam

Work from Home- scam alert message

Anybody interested to earn a living without leaving home must be careful about scams. Before making a decision to start a job at any company, you must do your own inquiry. You should check if they are a real established company or not, if they have their physical address or not-if they do not have any records of selling products or employee records then it is best if you avoid such company.

And If they ask certain money out of your pocket before hiring you, then yes they are a scam– a con artist trying to make money from you instead of providing you with the job. It is better if you report them to the police so they cannot make fool of any others.


Work From Home- with laptop

It is very important to carry out your work with full enthusiasm, dedication and efficiency-be it works from home or work from the office. It is not to show your boss or your company rather it is for yourselves, for your own satisfaction. To make yourself a better person in your eye than to others.

So, this article is for you to be a better employee, a better worker and a better person. We hope in this ongoing pandemic you will remain safe and continue doing work from home. We wish you a Happy time during your work from home!!

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