Why You Should Watch Better Call Saul?

Why You Should Watch Better Call Saul?


“Better Call Saul”, Do you remember this catchphrase from breaking bad’s Saul Goodman? A lawyer who is also a criminal making him ‘criminal lawyer’. Better Call Saul is a drama series that was created as a prequel Of breaking bad. Saul was one of the most popular characters on the show. Speculating that the audience likes the character because he is “the program’s least hypocritical figure”. And “is good at his job”. Saul Goodman is famous for his insane ability to find loopholes in the law and help criminals get the best deal they can get. Goodman’s character is one of the best characters of breaking bad and well-liked by the audience so that makes him a good choice for a prequel spin-off.

1. Saul’s Real name is actually “Jimmy”.

Saul Goodman didn’t mention his real name in breaking bad. His family relations like his brother chuck and his girlfriend Kim hasn’t been mentioned either in the series. Breaking Bad was all about Walter White. However, this show is all about how a man who was actually fraud passes the bar examination and becomes a lawyer. Neither he went to university or college. He passes it studying online and yet people don’t respect him. All his struggle from working 450$ per case to 50,000$, from a 500$ car to a Cadillac has been beautifully mentioned.

Why You Should Watch Better Call Saul?

2. Resemblance to Breaking bad

If you loved breaking bad guess what this series is for you. Better call saul to have all the con characters that present in breaking bad. Wanna know who was Tuco? , How did Hector suffered paralysis? how Gustavo met Mike Ehrmantraut? Well, this series is an answer to all of them. The writers have carefully placed all the characters and linked them. You can see Gustavo, Hank, Gomie, Mike and about their life.
Moreover, new characters are introduced that have previously mentioned in breaking bad like Lalo and Ignacio Varga.

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Why You Should Watch Better Call Saul?

3. Storytelling is amazing.

You will be flabbergasted by how much effort the production team put here to make it look like an independent series. You won’t feel that it is a prequel to Breaking Bad. It feels like a different series. The struggle of Jimmy M.Mcgill has been shown pleasingly. We can have a small peek towards the life of Mike and Gustavo as well.

The production team has tried a new storytelling technique and has great establishing shots. The direction is pitch-perfect and undeniably unique. Also, the dialogues are not catchy yet amazing. A lot of symbolism is used in reference to breaking bad.

Why You Should Watch Better Call Saul?

4. The callback references are exceptional.

Back in breaking bad when he is first abducted by Walter and Jesse; and both point a gun at his head in a desert and threatens to work for them he says to them” it was Nacho(Ignacio Varga)”. Six years later we get to see the same character in better call Saul; a member of Salamanca.
Also, in breaking bad he tells Walt that he once convinced a woman that he was Kevin Costner. And in the Better call, Saul Jimmy does the same.
Moreover, he gives a reference to where he is going to end up to Walt when both decide to run from New Mexico.\

5. Mike is back….

Watching Mike die was the saddest thing in Breaking Bad. Mike has a very strong relationship with his granddaughter. We get to see a revival of Mike. Although, we know his fate and where he is going to end up but it’s amazing to see how he lost his son and how he became corrupted.

Why You Should Watch Better Call Saul?

6. Walter White was a monster.

Watching Breaking Bad the makers tried to prove to us that what Walt did was just to protect his own family. he poisoned a kid, he left Jane to die. And he did act that shouldn’t have been done. Watching Better Call Saul it makes us think that it was Walter White who spoiled the life of all the other people. It was all because of him.

Why You Should Watch Better Call Saul?

And we still call Skyler a Bitc*. I mean really. Think once again!!

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