Why Writers Must Have A Personal Website.

Why Writers Must Have A Personal Website.

Websites are pretty much the primary source of information today. You can find a website for businesses, stores, government, media, literally everything has a website. Especially over the recent years with the rise of easy-to-use platforms like Wix and WordPress, creating a website is easier than ever.

Having a personal website can hence seem like jumping on the bandwagon. I am not going to lie to you, it is. But that isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, everyone does something because it’s just that beneficial, this is one of those things. Writers who are hesitating to make a website, we have compiled reasons you must make one. Doing so will certainly help you boost your career forward, especially if you are a freelance writer.



Think of it this way: Having a website is one more way you can advertise yourself, for little to no cost. Everything is online nowadays. You will not find a single thing that does not advertise itself in the online space. Why would you want to miss out?

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Keep your identity out there, where everyone can know about you. Businesses will be able to interact with you anytime anywhere. Furthermore, businesses expect you to have a website since it is just so common.


Sending sample work to each and every one of your potential clients” can be exhausting. Why put in the effort you don’t have to for people who may not hire you anyway.

Instead, a great place to display your portfolio for clients to see is on your website. Create a page that displays your writing samples. Showcase your work with publications you’ve written for, samples of your writing, or links to websites for work you wrote online.

Another thing is, the website itself will be a testament to how well you write because it is your website. So make it professional and put in your best effort, you will surely be rewarded.

Why Writers Must Have A Personal Website.


Trust is a decisive factor in most freelancing jobs. Your client needs to think that you are what you say you are, especially if you work online. Having a website will boost your credibility and attract more clients.

Credibility can be established through your content, your expertise, the length of your online presence, and how serious you take your writing business. Authority comes from guest blogs that reference your website or publications you wrote for.

Why Writers Must Have A Personal Website.

Don’t forget to list companies you’ve worked with and link them so that clients know you are legit. Don’t hesitate to self-promote. Remember, this is your space.


A brand is essential in keeping customers as well as attracting new ones. A nameless writer will never get preference in front of an established brand. Even if it’s not established, simply having a brand can get you great lengths in the online or any kind of business world.

Why Writers Must Have A Personal Website.

Brands create a mental connection to you. If you have worked for someone, they are more likely to stay with you if you have a brand compared to not having one. Your website will be your primary branding tool and will help you establish it further.


Finally, your website can help make your business more effective and efficient. Instead of emailing clients or making phone calls, a website provides a place potential clients can visit to find out about your writing skills. Visitors can discover your freelance writing business thousands of times a day.

You can add in contact information and everything your potential clients would need to know about your Website will just streamline all this information into one space. This will save visitors the hassle of searching up everything, giving them a more pleasant experience. And obviously, the better experience that you can give your visitors, the better will be your career.

You can also collect payments through your website and dispatch your work through it. This will be a little more technical but the benefits of streamlining everything will probably outweigh the costs.

Why Writers Must Have A Personal Website.

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of why you need a personal website. In the end, it’s about expanding your network and attracting new clients. You can check out this article if you want to start a website for your business.

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