Why Everyone Must Have A Personal Website?

Why Everyone Must Have A Personal Website?

In this era, almost everyone has access to the internet. If we need some information, we google them. If you are a person with particular skills, you need a website to promote yourself. There are other online platforms to promote yourself but, you need to follow their rules and patterns to sign up. Since they are public, many people use them which makes it hectic for those people who are in need of your types of skills and that’s where a personal website comes into play. A website is something that caters just to you.

Benefits Of Having A Website

Why Everyone Must Have A Personal Website?
  1. Own Choice Of Design: Other available online platforms have their own layout fixed by them. Having your own website means you can design any way you like. You can choose colors and photos of your choice.
  2. Caters Only To You: Since you get to choose what you want to have on your website, it caters to you only unless you want your website to provide information about other people. Other online platforms cater to anyone who signs up which makes it difficult for other people to locate you if you don’t provide the specific information about your profile or page.
  3. Increases Viewers: Better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can get you more views of your website if it is done properly. You can choose a certain keyword to optimize your website. Those keywords bring your website on top lists of search engines when the keywords are typed in to search. You can also target your viewer geographically.
  4. Easier For Others To Find You: If people need you, all they need to do is type in your website address ( also known as the Domain Name) on a browser which makes it easier for you to be found.
  5. Viewers Can Get Up-To-Date Information: People can subscribe to your services with their email ids to get every new update you post to your website so the viewer will never miss out on anything about you.
  6. Earns Money From Advertisements: If your websites get more traffic of viewers, famous brands might want to post their advertisement on your website which can get you better earning opportunities.
  7. Gives A Full Analytic Report: A personal website can you full personal insights into how well it is doing in the market. You can make development and improvement plans based on those insights.

Registering A Domain Name

Why Everyone Must Have A Personal Website?

A domain name is your website address ( www.your name.com/com.np). It is a unique address that servers only you. You can check if the domain name you want to have is available or not. If it is available, then you can register it for yourself. If you want to have a domain name that ends in .com, you need to have a credit card to register it. If you don’t have a credit card that works internationally, you can resort to other domain registration companies to have your domain registered.

There are many domain registration companies and they have different price rates for domain registration. The famous domain registration company is Godaddy.com. If you want to have a domain name for Nepal that ends in .com.np, Mercantile lets you register it for free. You can check their website to see if the domain name you want to have is available or not.

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Types Of Websites & Costs

Why Everyone Must Have A Personal Website?

Mainly there are 3 types of websites. The cost of a website depends on its programming languages (HTML, Java, PHP, SQL, Python,) types of website, device compatibility ( Mobile, PC, Tabs, and Ipads) and its features. There several websites that sell templates for website design. You can buy a template and get it customized or there are other websites that help you create websites on your own even if you don’t have much knowledge about website designing.

  1. Static Website: A static website is a basic website. Its contents are fixed. It is designed using HTML. It costs depends on the number of pages you want to have and the looking of the design. If you just want to highlight your simple personal information, this type of website will be suitable for you. Generally, Its costs start from Rs 10,000
  2. Dynamic Website: A dynamic website highlights different information or content when it is viewed. Usually, It has banners on the top that display contents you have highlighted. They change or move after a certain time to show the preview of the contents the website has. It has its Content Management System which enables the owner or an administrator to log on to this kind of website to change the content. If you frequently update your website with photos, videos, or any other information, this is the type of website you need. the designing cost of this website largely depends on your requirements. Generally, it starts from Rs. 25000.
  3. E-Commerce: This is a business website that allows its users to buy the product and services they sell. This type of website has multiple pages and highlights what you want to highlight on the front page, viewers can sign up and log on to such websites to create their own profile to buy the products. This is truly a business website so it is recommended only to those who want to sell items online. Its costs start from Rs. 50000.

What To Highlight On Your Website

Why Everyone Must Have A Personal Website?

The content of your website depends on what you specialize in. If you are an artist, you can highlight some of your best pieces of arts with details. If you are a musician, you can upload videos of your best performances so that people could book you if they are in need of your kind of services.

Do not forget to give a clear description of who you are and what are your skills on the front page. Sticking to simple layout and matching colors give perfection. Try to make it navigation friendly.


Why Everyone Must Have A Personal Website?

Hosting simply means keeping your website 24 hours online. All the websites that we find on the internet today are being hosted by a dedicated web hosting server. If your website is not being hosted, people will not find your website online after typing in your website address in a browser.

Generally, the company you designed your website will host your website with a certain fee. But, you can buy our own hosting server if you want to host your website. The cost of the hosting depends on the hosting company and your payment installment. It might cost you less if you pay annually.

Website Developing & Hosting Companies In Nepal

Why Everyone Must Have A Personal Website?

There are many website development companies in Nepal. You can find a convenient one in your local area. All you need to do is google them typing in our local address. They provide full services from domain registration to design and hosting. Costs depend on your requirement.