What To Do Before The Exam? 6 Best Tips

What To Do Before The Exam? 6 Best Tips
What To Do Before The Exam? 10 Best Tips

Best wishes to all the students who are taking the 12 board exam 2079!!!

How is your preparation going on?
Are you nervous or confident?
Or, or is your Examinophobia hitting you hard?

HAHA!! Questions aside. Lemme get straight to the point. You do not have to worry much about your exam. Unless you have not done enough preparation. If you are already prepared, have done all your self-study, and covered up all the important questions together with probable questions, then you are good to go. Have faith in yourself, be confident and give your papers. Your result will be better than expected.

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Now, now if you have not still started your preparation, not to lose hope. Do not be hopeless. There is still time. 12 board exam is starting from Jestha 16. So, there are still 12 days left or so. Don’t waste any minutes further and dedicate yourself towards study. Do smart study. Cover up important questions first. Then go to less important. Separate time for all the subjects and read accordingly. You will be able to secure good marks. There is still enough time.

Top Tips for Night Before The Exam and Exam Day You Should Follow

What To Do Before The Exam? 10 Best Tips

Every one of us wants to secure good marks in exams. But not everyone knows the tips and tricks on how to secure good marks. Follow these tips for the Night Before The Exam and Exam Day for good marks in your exam and Make your parents proud.

1. Utilize Your Before Exam Time Wisely

What To Do Before The Exam? 10 Best Tips

The few minutes before the exam is very important.

If you ask me what I do before an exam, my answer would be I close all my books and copy and cool my head and nerves down. I try making my brain relax and prepare myself mentally. Then, I go to the exam hall to take my exam. I don’t fall under the category, to try revising everything five minutes before the exam.

Now, find what works for yourself. If you are someone who needs quick revision before you enter the exam hall, then you should give your brain a short quick revision. But if you fall into the category that needs mental preparation then quick revision then, don’t go for revision. Trust me, doing so does worst. There is a high probability you will forget what you have mug up.

Also, prepare things you required in the exam hall like scale, pencil, pen e.t.c.

2. Have a Good Revision the Night Before the Exam

What To Do Before The Exam? 10 Best Tips

Good Sleep Is Important Either.

What most of us do is, start a new topic to read or mug up or practice even if we have the exam the next morning. This is a bad habit which will lead to a low score in the examination in spite of all your hard. work. Good marks require a good revision. A night before the exam is the best time to revise every topic we have already covered. So, give the night before the exam to revision. Revise every topic that you have already covered. Do enough revision. And sleep peacefully. Have a good sleep.

3. Wake up on Time

What To Do Before The Exam? 10 Best Tips

Imagine a case, when you wake up at 7.30 AM when you have an exam from 8 AM.
What could be worst than that? The worst thing that can happen to you during the exam.

Put an alarm of 5 AM or so according to your waking up routine. If possible try waking up early than your usual waking up routine. After you are awake, freshen up, drink water and if still some revision is left, carry out the revision. Reach the exam hall on time.

4. Eat a Great Meal

What To Do Before The Exam? 10 Best Tips

Good Food!!
Happy Mood!!

Have a brain-boosting food like blueberries, fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts, tea or coffee, anything that goes according to your preference. But anything that goes to your preference does not mean oily foods or heavy foods. You should avoid such food. Have light food that goes according to your taste. Make your mood cheerful and go to take your paper.

5. Don’t Drink Too Much Water

What To Do Before The Exam? 10 Best Tips

Just the heading itself is enough to make you understand, why not drink too much water during the examination, isn’t it? Drinking one or two sips is enough to make you hydrated. Dehydration is not going to be a problem during taking an exam but asking for a toilet break every five minutes is going to be. So, avoid drinking more water during the examination.

6. Use the Space

What To Do Before The Exam? 10 Best Tips

Use the Space here means be comfortable in your seated position. Try to sit comfortably on your chair, spread out, lean on, and make yourself comfortable as much as you can. It is proven by the study that when we make ourselves comfortable and physically larger by spreading our arms or legs, a hormone is released by our brain making us confident. You don’t believe us? You are free to try it yourself.


What To Do Before The Exam? 10 Best Tips

These all are the necessary tips you should follow the night before the exam and the day before the exam. Don’t be nervous. Have confidence in yourself. All above-mentioned tips are proven tips by studies and research. Do follow them. Give your exam with full confidence. Don’t freak out looking out question paper. Read all the questions thoroughly. And answer them.

We Tips Nepal Family wish you All the best and best of luck to all the student who is appearing 12 board exam 2079.


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