Typing the Nepali language – Best tips

Typing the Nepali language – Best tips

Typing the Nepali language can be a real struggle. Sometimes, I feel bad to realize that Nepali is my first language. Since a very young age, we have been taught to read and write in English. In fact, most of us are from the generation where schools make students pay fine for speaking in Nepali. And after all these years of learning English, we are expected to be writing in Nepal. 

Come on, that’s a little unfair. 

Nevertheless, learning Nepali typing is essential once you enter the real world. The rules of the school are not applicable anymore and got to face your fears. Let’s learn some easy tricks on Typing the Nepali language.

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Learn Typing the Nepali language in real

Might sound impossible at first, but it isn’t. If you have some weeks to learn typing in Nepali, I suggest that you do the real typing. You can use Typeshala or Nepali keyboard to learn Nepali typing. You can use a screen keyboard on your desktop to learn to type. 

If you feel it’s too hard to learn on your own, there are some tuitions center that can guide in the learning process. 

Nepali Typing
Nepali keyboard

Use Nepali as default

Once you learn the typing, you can install and use Nepali language packs in your Microsoft Windows. You need to enable the Nepali language pack from “Time & language” in the Settings. Your PC will then download a few files and now you can start typing in Nepali or Devanagari. You won’t need any additional software and can switch back to English any time you want. 

If such a facility to choose the Nepali language is not available on your phone, you will find plenty of them in the play store. Apps like Hamro keyboard will allow using the Nepali keyboard as default. 

Translate English to Nepali

Nepali Typing

If you need to complete a one time job and don’t have enough time to learn Nepali typing. Translation can be a good option. There is some online platform that allows you to convert each English word to Nepali. 

Also, there are advanced sites that change an entire paragraph from English to Nepali. It might not be totally accurate but does a pretty good job. Once the paragraph is converted, you might need to do some editing.

Sites like ToolsNepal, ToolsNepali,  are available online to complete the work for you. If you need an offline software for Nepali typing, you can download Lipikar. 

Romanized typing

Learning to type in Devnagiri can be very difficult. So, you can type the text in English spelling and the phone/ desktop converts it into Nepali worlds. For example, you can type “sundar” in your keyboard to get सुन्दर in your screen. This is perfect for anyone who knows English typing only. Such typing can be done by Nepali Unicode or Hamro keyboard application.


We explored easy tricks on how to type in the Nepali language. This online and offline software allows you to write in Nepali easily. But learning the actual typing is never out of the fashion.


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