Top 7 Best Psychological Thriller Anime

Top 7 Best Psychological Thriller Anime

A psychological thriller is a genre that is loved by most people. And you can’t deny that Psychological Thriller anime sends chills down your spine. As anime is now one of the most popular contents in the world that people love watching, here we will be talking about anime based on a psychological thriller genre so you can binge-watch it.

Here is the list of 7 psychological thriller anime series which contains the well-known classics and latest series.

What is the best psychological thriller anime ever?

1. Death Note

Death Note

Death note is probably one of the classic anime ever. All Fans that are into psychological thriller anime have watched it. This anime is about the protagonist light Yagami who finds a death note which has the power to kill anyone by just writing someone’s name. In the series light Yagami and another main character, L plays mind games with the highest intelligence.

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2. Promised Neverland

Promised Neverland

Promised neverland surprised everyone with its mind-blowing season 1. It is an anime about three orphaned children who live together at grace field orphanage along with mama and other children. Their story starts when they uncover a harsh truth about the orphanage they have been living in.

3. Erased


When a Satoru Fujinuma possesses the ability to go back in time he tries every way to stop any life-threatening to happen and tries to save his mother from getting murdered. It is a super underrated psychological thriller anime and has the potential to be the best time traveling anime.

4. Another


Another is another psychological thriller anime that is loved by many people. This anime is based in a town where a student named Misaki has passed away but still the students of her class pretend in such a way that she exists between them. It might be confusing for some viewers but they will get to it. It is a good watch psychological thriller anime for the fans.

5. Parasyte the maxim

Parasyte the maxim

Parasyte the maxim is one of most the constructed psychological thrillers. It is a story about a high school student known as Shinichi Izumi who gets attacked by a parasite migi but was lucky to stop it from spreading into his body thus by infecting only the right hand. And from there they start to fight other monsters for their survival.

6. Code Geass

Code Geass

Code Geass is another psychological thriller anime that promises the viewer an interesting plat and doesn’t disappoint it. This anime keeps getting good after each episode and left with viewers wanting more. This anime is about the Lelouch and his ability to control with his sighted power who is supposed to trove the world from the cruel leaders.

7. Moriarty the patriot

Moriarty the patriot

If you are a sherlock fan then this anime is for you. It is the anime adaption of Sherlock Holmes but from the perspective of James Moriarty. The story revolves around William James Moriarty who is a regular noble that helps people to solve their problems on the surface but deep down he has the desire to destroy the current structure that dominates British society.


 Psychological Thriller Anime

Are you a fan of a psychological thriller anime? If yes then you should not miss out on these anime. As an anime lover who is a fan of the psychological thriller genre, I would 100% recommend these to you. Thank you for reading till the end. Hope this blog was helpful to you. Have a good day!


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