Top 5 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Guitar

Top 5 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Guitar

How long has it been since you pictured yourself with that shiny guitar? If you are here, then probably it’s been quite some time. So, what is it that brings you to this side of the internet? I’m guessing you have been following the music scene quite full-heartedly. Heard the beautiful notes by your favorite artist, ringing out through the stereo. Guess what? You are going to be that player soon enough if you ride along the journey with just a bit of patience and perseverance. Take that step as a beginner and begin the adventure.


The first thing that screams at you from every direction during this starting phase, is that shiny and beautifully crafted guitar that you long to hold. So, you venture out to that amazing shop that you have been looking at every time you pass through that way. You enter and look at all the lovely pieces. You want it all! And trying out a few, if the shop allows it, you are in confusion now. Which one is the one?

So here is a helping guide

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1. As your budget allows it

The first and foremost thing is the budget that you are going to invest in this lifelong experience. Let us make it clear for you here. You are not sure how the experience is going to be. So, keep it low. Don’t rush in at the highest bid for that shiny one. Try them out. Feel how it fits into your embrace. Connection with your convenience is the most important factor here. Don’t just feel the satisfaction from its looks. Cause’ throwing out all the money you got for the looks of it and later regretting the choice is most common for beginners. Save that penny for your next adventure.

Top 5 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Guitar

2. Take the process of selection slow

What this step means is to be patient until you know or to an extent get the connection with the one that makes you relaxed and ready. Getting anxious and starting to play and on the way making the experience bad and then giving it up due to the very reason. Well, that’s the long story short if it does not do you good. So take it slow, visit the shop and take the experience as smooth as it goes. Wait until it rings out to you. If you take this step with patience, then we won’t be complaining if you spend a bit more. It would do justice on this part.

3. Understand what you want and how you want it

You might have a certain taste of the sound that you want to make with your instrument. So take that seriously and look through the types of guitar. Recommended one would certainly be a good Acoustic one. Let’s not get into the brands here.

Top 5 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Guitar

Let’s skip the confusion with the brands of the instrument and your personal taste. It is a good thing to overlook but finding your suitability is the most important thing. And after that comes the electric ones or nylon-stringed classical ones, which is a good way to get the hang of it, but still hurting your fingertips to its roots is much more exciting of a sacrifice than taking it to a little less. Be wise and speak to it with your preference.

4. Research about the gears you need

With acoustic ones, you wouldn’t have to worry a lot about this branch of instruction. As you can just take your instrument home and ring it out to your neighborhood as loud as you can make it. Still, an amplifier could be helpful to make the sound resonating and it would also be helpful for you to learn the ring of it. Not a compulsion, just a tip if you want to take it. But for electrics, it’s a compulsion as you won’t be able to feel the music with the non-resonating guitar body.

Top 5 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Guitar

Again stay on that budget and choose the sound that you like. (No instruction about the brands here. Go out there and feel it!) And the last but not the least gear would be a guitar pedal for the experimenters who want it to be a magical and a whole lotta experience. Not quite recommend for beginners, but if you want and can make it exciting for you and your progress, why not?

5. Play, but remember to be patient

Now, you got all the things at your home. You have taken it smooth and loved every experience of getting it home. The same goes for the playing. Don’t be in a rush to start with the music that you hear through your favorite artists. I am not saying that you won’t learn guitar with this approach. It’s just a message that if you want to play with the sound and love and make it a part of you.


Learn the sounds and the workings of the strings and what the notes sound like. If someone calls you an idiot for just hearing and feeling the sound and not making the sound like other artists, ignore it. Take your time and be confident with yourself. It comes with the flow as you learn to take it with yourself.

Ending Thoughts!

Playing any instrument covers these phase of process with it. And guitar can be hurtful to begin with. But if you learn to stick with it with its highs and lows then it can give you a companionship of a lifetime. You are certain to love it. See you on the otherside of this screen. I promise it’s going to be an amazing experience. Remember, Just be patient.

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