Top 5 Popular Digital Wallet In Nepal

Top 5 Popular Digital Wallet In Nepal

Digital wallet has been popular in Nepal as it is one of the easiest ways for payment. Nowadays people prefer cashless payment as it is more convenient to use. You don’t have to carry cash with you anywhere you can just pay it with your mobile. Due to its popularity among Nepali people 

In Nepal, Nabil bank first introduced credit cards in Nepal in 1990. It was one of the first digital payment systems in Nepal. As for online banking, Kumari bank was the one who started it. Even though it took some time for Nepal to get used to digital payment nowadays it is popular among Nepali people.


Digital wallet

eSewa is one of the most popular digital wallets in Nepal. It is one of the most trusted and most used digital services in Nepal. It was first established in 2009 and licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank as a payment service provider.

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eSewa is one of the easiest services for any kind of payments. You can pay your bills, exam fee and many other utility payment through eSewa. eSewa has cooperated with many popular online shopping merchants to make easy life for the customer. eSewa has partnered with the popular remittance service called western union.

You can fill up the KYC form in order to get the unlimited transaction. Without filling up the KYC form you can still do the transaction of up to 5000.

eSewa has launched its own online shopping store called eSewa pasal where you can find different items at a price that is lower than normal.


Top 5 Popular Digital Wallet In Nepal

Khalti was first launched in Nepal in January 2017. It is an emerging online payment solution in Nepal. It is also one of the popular wallets after use. They provide payment solutions to hundreds of merchants across Nepal and provide seamless payments using e-banking, smart banking, cards, and wallet.

Khalti has partnered with oyo hotels so you can book oyo hotels easily from khalti.

Khalti wallet is not just limited to mobile app users as khalti has more than 8000 pos and Agent Network providing Khalti services to end-users.


Top 5 Popular Digital Wallet In Nepal

IME-pay is first introduced by IME digital. IME digital is the popular remittance provider in nepal. 

The users can use IME Pay for remittance service where the sender and receiver can use this wallet to send and receive money. 

It offers a wide range of payment gateway for its users. The services available from this app include airline ticketing, bus ticketing, utility payment, remittance, ISB payment, Telephone bill payment, etc.

There is very little option for loading the wallet using online banking. Once they get more banks on board with them this app has the potential to grow further.


Top 5 Popular Digital Wallet In Nepal

Fone pay is a part of F1 soft group which has been providing its services since 2004. It is an eco system of digital product and services that facilitates Nepali consumers’ access to financial services and enables their inclusion in the formal digital economy, in simple, affordable and secure ways.

Fone pay connects over 50+ banks to provide services to its consumers More than 14 million consumers pay digitally and directly from their bank accounts using fone pay. It is one of the easiest digital payment method in nepal that connects more than 50+ banks in nepal.

Prabhu pay

Top 5 Popular Digital Wallet In Nepal

Prabhu pay owned by Prabhu bank is one of the latest digital wallet payment providers in Nepal.  You can make fund transfers to your wallet from 20 different banks. It is one of the secure digital wallets in Nepal. You can do top up’s for mobile, bill payment, internet, movie ticket, and any more through Prabhu pay. With so many digital wallets in the market, Prabhu pay was able to make its place in the market.


So do you use any of these digital wallets for payments? Some other digital wallets that were launched in Nepal are I pay, Digipay, Qpay, and many more. But these aren’t much popular as above listed digital wallets. Digital wallet has been a global trend for a long time because of how convenient it is to use.

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